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New Year Celebration Tours

Time is running out, select your destination before the tours go houseful

Choose from a wide range of tours across India and World

  • Value For Money
    Even a New Year celebration is not expensive with Veena World
  • Veena World Guarantee
    All inclusive price with Tour Manager at your service
  • Variety of Options
    4 to 15 days tours within ₹ 28000 to ₹ 161000
  • Customized Packages also available
    Let our travel experts design your personalised New Year holiday

Great Places to Bring in the New Year

Did you know
New Year traditions around the world


In Spain, eating 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight brings luck

Lucky Yellow

In Brazil, wearing a yellow underwear at midnight will bring you love and wealth


In Japan, ringing temple bells 108 times will get you rid of your worldly sins

Suitcase Walk

In Peru, it’s believed that a walk with an empty suitcase will fulfil your travel adventures

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