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Destination Wedding in Jodhpur: Top Venues for Your Dream Wedding

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Jodhpur, coloured in hues of blue, is what one would call the perfect wedding destination in India. From budget hotels to lavish resorts to breathtaking forts; Jodhpur has all the makings of being the ideal witness to the institution of marriage. From mesmerizing views during sunset to the endless canvas of golden sand, Jodhpur is replete with a lot of palaces that have now been turned into hotels to host lavishing wedding ceremonies.

If you are planning for a destination wedding in Jodhpur, you’ve made a great choice. There is a myriad of destination wedding venues in Jodhpur that cater to different budgets and preferences. Let’s check out some of the best venues within the city that you can choose from for a destination wedding: -

1.  Umaid Bhawan

Umaid Bhavan is the world’s sixth-largest private residence that hosts a lot of destination wedding ceremonies throughout the year. This edifice is located in the middle of 26 acres of lush gardens, making it one of the most perfect wedding destinations in the Sun City. A large part of the palace has now become a heritage property of The Taj Group. This heritage hotel offers 70 art deco-style lavishing rooms and suites to the visitors to make their stay wonderful. So, if you choose this venue for your fat Indian wedding, you would definitely get a chance to experience luxury as all the royals did.

2. Mihirgarh

The Mihirgarh Fortress is another venue that can perfectly serve as one of the best destination wedding venues in Jodhpur owing to its location, ambience, and architecture. Situated in the middle of nowhere, Mihirgarh is one of the odes in the Thar Desert. Right from having a wonderful pre-wedding photo-shoot to the main event, you have a lot of spots inside the vicinity of the fortress that would make each and every picture of yours simply memorable. The adorned tents, courtyards, and nine magnificently made and decorated suites in the fortress add up to the romantic escapade. On top of it, the guests here can enjoy activities such as bird watching, village safari and much more in their leisure time. All these elements in Mihirgarh make this wedding destination in Jodhpur a superb one!


Planning on having an exotic destination wedding in Jodhpur? RAAS Jodhpur is the place you should head to. With all the luxuries ensured within the hotel’s vicinity, you just have to speak with the destination wedding planner in Jodhpur to get everything settled. The variety of rooms and suites in the hotel would definitely give every guest a comfortable stay during the entire marriage. From all the other in-house activities, one can also enjoy clicking some great pictures from the top of the hotel which is about 1740m high. For all these reasons, this is a hotspot for people looking for a royal wedding.

4. Ajit Bhawan

Ajit Bhawan is the first-ever royal house of India which was converted into a heritage hotel. The palace showcases the charm of ancient architecture and hospitality, catering to enthusiastic couples who are on the lookout for perfect wedding destinations. Right from the architecture of the building to the furniture, everything in this place reminds you of the Rajput Era. Even the hue of the tents and interiors are left untouched to provide an entirely different look during your wedding. Check the Jodhpur destination wedding cost in accordance with your budget. After that, you can organize your destination wedding with complete clarity of the finances at hand.

5. Samsara Luxury Resort & Camp

If you are looking for a resort that embraces the grace of the golden sand and the beauty of the city, then Samsara Luxury Resort and Camp is where you should be planning on ringing your wedding bells. Amidst the dunes of the shimmering desert, this luxurious property has a tranquillizing aura that would undoubtedly make your wedding a memorable event for every guest. Just as luxurious as a Jodhpur palace for the wedding, Samsara has 21 luxury tents for the guests to have a time that they would never forget. In that sense, it will be wise to check what Jodhpur tour packages have on offer.

6. Ranbanka Palace

Destination weddings, in one way or the other, are special and lavish. When it comes to having a wedding, one of the best destination wedding venues in Jodhpur is the Ranbanka Palace.

Speak with your destination wedding planner in Jodhpur to get it all organized on time. With 70 luxurious rooms and suites in the palace, the ambience of the place, the beauty of the surrounding and an option of organizing a cultural entertainment program during the events – all of this make Ranbanka Palace an ideal place for your destination wedding.

The best time to plan your destination wedding in Jodhpur

Jodhpur experiences high temperature from April to October end, so it is a no-go during this period. The time between November and March is when you can plan your destination wedding here.

With venues galore for having a destination wedding in Jodhpur, expect an electric atmosphere, scenic locales, traditional culture, and a sense of royalty when your wedding day arrives.

November 03, 2019


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