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Explore the Gorgeous Cities of Greece

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Belonging to the southernmost tip of the countries in the Balkan Peninsula, Greece has a history starting from the Stone Age to modern times. With more than 2000 islands and a multicultural diaspora, Greece is one country that has a rich and multi-coloured fabric in terms of its history and geography. Therefore, with more than one city in Greece, it is a good idea to explore each city and gain a better understanding of why Greece is a place you need to visit.

Important Facts about Greece

As a part of the European subcontinent, Greece has a large varied history belonging to different cultures and ethnicities. This diversity is observed not only in its history but also in its culture and cuisine. With more than one famous city in Greece, there are many reasons why you need to travel to Greece and explore its famous towns in Greece. Some of the most interesting facts that make famous cities in Greece a must-see for any travellers are as follows:

1. Although Greece has a large coastline, it also has many mountains that make it one of the most mountainous countries in the world. The most well-known mountain is Mount Olympus which is considered home to the Olympian Gods who ruled over the earth. Due to the beautiful views and amazing sights, it is one of the most well-known destinations for hiking enthusiasts.

2. The country of Greece is the largest producer of olive oil in the world. The first olive plant is said to be planted by Athena the Goddess of War, Handicraft and practical reason.

3. Another extremely important fact about the city-states of Greece is the language. Due to its extremely long history, each city in Greece has been speaking Greek for a very long time. It has been recorded for more than 3400 years. Therefore, anyone travelling to Greece will hear the Greek language.

4. A very interesting fact about Greece is that it is home to around 18 different UNESCO-certified world heritage sites. Sixteen of the world heritage sites are based on cultural significance. The remaining two world heritage sites are based on their cultural and natural significance.

5. Apart from talking about each city in Greece, the wildlife in Greece is the most diverse and unique. Animals like the Beech Marten, Mediterranean Monk Seal and the Cypriot Mouflon are found on the islands of Greece specifically. Additionally, the wetlands of Greece are home to more than 100,000 migratory species of birds.

The unique and diverse ecosystem and the unique geographical makeup of the country are among the main reasons to visit Greece.

Cities to Visit in Greece

Greece is comprised of 2000 islands out of which only 170 are inhabited. However, it is important to note that all of the islands provide travellers with breathtaking views.  With so many places to visit in Greece, the best way to explore each city of Greece is to book Greece holiday packages. The following points are a great help in getting to know a little more about the famous cities in Greece that should be explored as well as the towns in Greece:

1. Athens


Filled to the brim with a rich history, Athens should be one of the cities that you visit when travelling to Greece. It is reputed for its fame as the birthplace of democracy and known as the foundation of western civilization. The city is also extremely rich in terms of culture and historical locations like the Parthenon and the Temple of Zeus. The district of Plaka in Athens is the oldest neighbourhood with buildings in the neoclassical architecture style. The multitude of authentic Greek food is one of the many reasons that make it one of the places to visit in Greece.

2. Thessaloniki

As Greece’s second-largest city, this northern part of Greece is the best location to explore Roman and Byzantine history. The multiple festivals and events occurring throughout the year, Thessaloniki has a spirited cultural scene. There are many Roman ruins, impressive Byzantine churches and ancient Ottoman buildings to explore. Due to the high number of student bodies, the city of Thessaloniki has a vibrant and multicultural feel. Due to this, the city is another one of the must-go places to visit in Greece.

3. Mycenae

Featured in tales like Fall of Troy and once ruled by the powerful King Agamemnon, Mycenae is a city in Greece that should not be missed. As one of the significant archaeological sites of Greece, the engineering skills of the ancient residents of Greece are impressive. With over 3500 years of history awaiting to be explored, the scenery, history and culture are the most important factors that make it one of the places to explore as a part of Greece holiday packages that you can choose.

4. Santorini


Another exquisite place to visit in Greece is the archipelago of Santorini which is also known as the diamond of the Aegean Sea. Due to its immense picturesque beauty, Santorini has volcanic beaches topped with whitewashed houses looking out to breathtaking sunsets. Explore the islands and finish off with a meal on the catamaran sail having an open bar.

5. Piraeus

At a distance of ten kilometres from Athens, Piraeus is the ancient port of the capital city. Although it is a separate entity in the current times, the port city is one place to visit in Greece due to its proximity to the innumerable islands of Greece as well as the location of the harbour of Zea Marina Mikrolimano.

6. Corfu Town

For anyone looking to explore picturesque locations in Greece, Corfu Town is one of the places to visit in Greece. A pleasing historic town center along with ancient churches and Venetian architecture make it one of the most famous cities in Greece that you must visit. Located along the Ionian Sea, Corfu Town is one of those towns in Greece that has craggy mountains contrasted with the best beaches in all of Greece.  In addition, due to its cultural heritage, several historic landmarks are created in neoclassical architecture and style. It is important to note that the town of Corfu has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

There are many historical attractions like The Achilleion Palace, Palace of St. Michael and St. George and a building known as Liston to explore. Also, remember to take a walk in the traditional villages and the ethereal beaches that are among the best in the entire country of Greece.

7. Kastoria

Travellers looking to explore Greece in relative peace may find Kastoria, a calming city in Greece, quite favourable. Bordered by the beautiful Orestiada Lake and surrounded by the mountains of Grammos and Vitsi, Kastoria is small but beautiful. The Byzantine Chapels and Churches, long promenades and trails and waterfalls in the surroundings are the reason why Kastoria should be included in the places to visit in Greece.

Each city in Greece has a rich history in its existence, therefore the best way to explore the country is through Greece holiday packages. With the help and assistance of travel experts at Veena World, you can choose the best suitable holiday package to explore all of the historically famous cities in Greece. Make precious memories that last a lifetime!

March 24, 2023


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