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11 Best Places to Visit in India During Monsoon

8 mins. read

You know you love monsoon more than any time of the year, when the sweet scent of wet earth fills up your senses; when you can listen to the rhythm of the falling rain; and when you find joy and peace in the greyest of the skies. Some people like the brighter days of summers while some like the cosy warmth of winters, and then there are people, who like it when it rains. Sitting by the window, watching the rainwater streak down the glass, having the urge to play in the puddles, monsoon has its own charm for some people, people who are also called pluviophiles.

India is majorly an agro-based country and witnesses its summer rainfall in variation from June to September. Apart from being a favourable time for agriculture, monsoon season brings peace to many. And the best part is, India is home to some of the most beautiful monsoon getaways. From north to south and east to west, there are several places in India which become an astonishing sight during monsoon. If you are looking for the best places to visit in monsoon in India, we’ve got some great recommendations.

From the downpours of the hill stations to the drizzles in the desert, here are some places to visit in monsoon: -

1. Shillong 


Known prominently for its stunning rains, Shillong is a treat to the eyes and the soul. Bestowed with paradisiacal beauty, Shillong is rightfully known as the ‘Scotland of the East’. The monsoon season in Shillong turns this place into a mystical beauty, straight out of a utopian novel. The upper Shillong Forest and Umiam Lake are two of the most stunning places to visit in monsoon, when in Shillong.

2. Mumbai


Just sitting quietly on the Marine Drive and letting the rain wash away all your stress is the ultimate monsoon goal! Just sit and watch the vast sea while soaking in the iconic rains of Mumbai. From Chowpatty Beach to Gateway of India, the spirited Mumbai is one of the best places to visit in the rainy season. What’s more, there are many places to visit in monsoon near Mumbai which make it even more likeable as a destination.

3. Goa

There’s no disputing the fact that Goa is a great place to visit in monsoon near Mumbai. Yes, the best destination to party in India also happens to be the best place to visit in monsoon. Nothing could be more soothing and calming than walking on the beaches of Goa in the light drizzle of rain. And not just the beaches, the marketplaces, the churches, and the forts become even more compelling at this time. Do visit the lower Aguada Fort - no other view in the world would appeal to you ever again!

4. Coorg 

Coorg is yet another hill station that becomes exponentially more beautiful during monsoon. The fusion of lush green cover and misty rain makes this place a must-visit in the rainy season. If you love nature and monsoon, Coorg must not be given a miss. You will not find such majestic union anywhere else. Places like Brahmagari and Abbey Falls are the best monsoon places to visit in Coorg.

5. Varanasi 

This city attracts people from all over the world owing to its spiritual significance. Any other time of the year, you would find devotees taking a dip in Ganga, enjoying boat rides, and Ganga Arti, which is what Varanasi is famous for. But the charm of Varanasi is beyond comparison in monsoons. The raindrops falling on the Ganga, forming tiny ripples is a sight worth watching. No one would tell you this, but Varanasi is one of the best places to visit during monsoon.

6. Jaipur

Already a famous tourist spot, Jaipur needs no introduction. However, not many people know that Jaipur is one of the most popular places to visit during monsoon. The Pink City is a wonderful sight during the rainy season. Grey and cloudy skies hovering over the colourful city of Jaipur make it a spectacle right out of a canvas. A visit to the Hawa Mahal during a shower can get you some #instaworthy clicks. Thank us later.

7. McLeod Ganj

Hills and rains; name a better duo, we’ll wait. If you are visiting McLeod Ganj in the rainy season, you are in for an unforgettable experience. There are many places to visit during the rainy season in McLeod Ganj but if you wish to enjoy the best showers, a few to name would be Naddi hills, St. John in the Wilderness, and Bhagsu waterfall. People visiting McLeod Ganj are usually seeking the peaceful aura of mountains; add some rains to it and you have a heavenly place right there in front of you.

8. Mussoorie

Mussoorie 1

The thing about Mussoorie is that it calls you back. You keep returning to it and you don’t even know why. The picturesque view of Lal Tibba, the casual stroll in the Kulri Bazaar, or a calming walk to Landour; Mussoorie is a dreamy place that becomes all the more gorgeous when it rains. If you have seen monsoon in Mussoorie, you have witnessed Mother Nature being playful. There are many places to visit in monsoon in Mussoorie but you can just sit in the Library Chowk and let the time pass by as you watch the downpour.

9. Pachmarhi

When you are not looking for anything grand and just want some time for yourself, you go to Pachmarhi. Recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Pachmarhi is a famous tourist spot in Madhya Pradesh. Visting Pachmarhi in monsoon can be an experience in itself. Nestled in the Satpura Range of Forests, this quaint little hill station witnesses moderate showers during the monsoon which makes the weather here extremely pleasant. If you are fond of the after-rain breeze, Pachmarhi is for you.

10. Gokarna

Gokarna 1

Gokarna is not your regular tourist destination and that is why people often choose it when they want a peaceful vacation. However, not many people know that Gokarna is amongst some of the most amazing places to visit in monsoon. The beaches here are not that crowded, which will allow you to enjoy the incredible combination of rain and sea peacefully. It will be just you, the vast sea, and raindrops that keep fallin’ on your head!

11. Delhi

Delhi is touristy, even more so during the rains. There are many tourist places to visit in the rainy season but hardly any place can offer you the exhilarating experience you get while walking barefoot on the grassy lawns of India Gate or just enjoying your Banoffee Pie in the Big Chill Cakery while listening to the pitter-patter of rain. A simple ride of Metro Rail becomes magical when it rains as you watch the world pass by from the foggy windows of Metro.

God created winters; his hands froze. So, he created summers, but his hands got scorched, then he sat and calmly created monsoon, soothing his burns in the rainwater. There are many places to visit in the rainy season; it just takes a parched soul to enjoy the tiny droplets of heaven.

August 03, 2020


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