Pachmarhi Sightseeing in Monsoon: The Queen of Satpura

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Not many are aware of Pachmarhi but I assure you, this is a destination that is every bit worth the visit. The place is mesmerizingly beautiful with a lot of amazing places to woo its visitors. I like to explore places that are hidden from the chaotic city life for one simple reason – peace. Having been to Pachmarhi for a 4-day tour, I feel a lot calmer than before because of the serene ambience I was in.

Popularly known as ‘Satpura ki Rani’ i.e. Queen of Satpura, Pachmarhi is a beautiful cantonment town which is situated at an elevation of 1067 m. The town is surrounded by greenery and has a history that sure made my trip even more memorable.  It is said that the town has derived its name from the Hindi words “Panch” which means five and “Marhi” which means cave.

Pachmarhi in monsoon is straight out of heaven. Believe me, the view and ambience will take you to a whole new world. Adding to this, the list of sightseeing destinations in Pachmarhi is quite a long one but to my dismay – I couldn’t make it to all the places.  Nevertheless, I had an amazing time in the town; exploring those untouched beauties that Pachmarhi has to offer. I chose an itinerary from the Pachmarhi sightseeing packages that are available online, and here are the tourist attractions in Pachmarhi that I got to go to: –

1. Handi Khoh

So, first on my list was the Handi Khoh – which is popularly known in town as the ‘Deep Valley’. Believe it or not, this place is one of the most breathtaking valleys I have seen. With a steep cliff of 300 feet and surrounded by thick and dense lush greens, Handi Khoh has an intriguing mythological connection. It is said that Handi Khoh is associated with Lord Shiva and it used to be a lake. The lake was guarded by an evil snake that was defeated by Lord Shiva when the battle dried up the lake. This led to the dried-up area taking the shape of a handi (pot), hence giving it the name – Handi Khoh. Known for its tranquil ambience and majestic view, this is a must-visit sightseeing place in Pachmarhi.

2. Bee Falls

Touted to be one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in Pachmarhi, this is a 35-metre high waterfall which offers a regaling view. Interestingly, Bee Falls is also a source of drinking water for the residents around this place. An added advantage of this place is that you can go for a trek from Bee Falls to Panchali Kund. Though it is not a must-to-do thing, I, being a big adventure freak, did indulge in it.

3. Pandav Caves

I am sure everyone has heard about Mahabharata, the epic that centres around Pandavas and Kauravas. It is said that when the Pandavas were exiled from their kingdom, the five Pandav brothers along with their mother took refuge here. However, there is another myth surrounding the Pandav Caves – that these caves were occupied by Buddhist monks from the early times of 1st century AD. Either way, the beauty of the Pandav Caves is what makes the place one of the most-visited local sightseeing attractions in Pachmarhi.

4. Sunset Point

Standing at the top of the hill as you look at the spectacular view of the sun setting down – sounds euphoric, doesn’t it?!

My next sightseeing spot in Pachmarhi was the Rajendragiri Sunset Point which is named after India’s first President, Dr Rajendra Prasad. It is a spectacular point to sit and relax as well as click amazing photographs. It is said that this place was Dr Rajendra Prasad’s favourite sightseeing destination in Pachmarhi.

5. Satpura National Park

I have saved the best for the last. In this case, it’s the Satpura National Park. As I have already mentioned before that Pachmarhi is the Queen of Satpura, it also houses one of the most varied and astounding national parks in the whole of Central India. This is one of the most popular places to visit in Pachmarhi because of its beauty and the diversity of fauna it houses. I was lucky enough to spot a blackbuck and a bison, although the sanctuary is one of the most beautiful tiger reserves in India. It is spread over an area of almost 524 sq. km. Since the National Park is located in the Hoshangabad district which is about 7.9 km away from Pachmarhi, It took me around 20 minutes to reach there.

Given the fact that Pachmarhi is one of the offbeat travel destinations in India, people generally don’t opt for a trip here. But the truth is – you are missing out on a lot if you don’t come here especially during monsoon, as Pachmarhi is gleaming at that time.

Time was at a premium, so these are the only attractions for sightseeing in Pachmarhi that I was able to go to. Ideally, you should also visit the likes of Apsara Falls, Mahadeo Hills, Bison Lodge, Bade Mahadev when you have time at hand.

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