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Best Greek Islands for a Family Holiday

7 mins. read

Taking a family holiday is one of the best ways to spend a memorable vacation with your loved ones, and you can take it up a notch and next time plan the best family vacation in Greece? With numerous beaches, the endless blue ocean, and a cuisine that will leave you salivating, Greece tour packages have so much to offer that you could plan the best family vacation ever exploring the thousands of years of history, enjoying water sports, and enjoying incomparable views of the surrounding blues.

There is no doubt that there are many amazing places to visit in Greece that would offer you all you need for a family beach holiday, but before you scour through travel deals to Europe, you should have an itinerary in place that covers all the best islands that you would want to visit in Greece. From sandy beaches and unspoilt island life to wild water sports and a dose of history, Greece family holidays have something for everyone.

1. Crete 

Greek family holiday packages to Crete are the best if you have young children. Crete is one of the largest Greek Islands, which means that there’s a lot to do. The island has the longest summer in Europe, which gives you plenty of time to visit the island. Furthermore, its low crime rate makes Crete one of the safest destinations and one of the best places to go to in Greece with your family.

There are a huge number of family-friendly beaches for you to visit, including Agia Pelagia, Makrigialos, and Matala, but Greece family holidays are incomplete if you don’t check out the dusky pink sand at Elafonisi!

Some activities you can enjoy in Crete are: -

  • Sea kayaking
  • Cycling on the mountain roads
  • Visit Dinosauria Park
  • Visit Samariá Gorge
  • Exploring the Dikteon Caves
  • Spend time at the ancient Minoan Palace in Knossos

2. Corfu

Also known as the Emerald Isle, Corfu is counted among the greenest of the Greek Islands and is quite commonly included in most Greek family holiday packages. Filled with attractions ranging from the UNESCO listed Old Town and rugged villages to long sandy shorelines, Corfu boasts of a natural beauty that will leave you mesmerised, offering the perfect luscious backdrop for a family vacation.

With 57 beaches, Corfu is the best place to go to in Greece for families where you can indulge in plenty of water sports like wake boarding and water skiing. Some other activities to enjoy in Corfu include:

  • Learning to ride at Dimitris Stables
  • Exploring the Kassiopi Castle
  • Glass-bottom boat ride in Corfu Town
  • Visiting the nearby Vidos Island
  • Visiting the Corfu Aquarium
  • Exploring the ancient ruins at the Temple of Artemis
  • Watching the sunset from ‘Kaiser’s Throne

3. Rhodes

On a list of the best places to go in Greece with the family, you simply can’t miss out on Rhodes, one of the most visited islands on Greek family holiday packages. Rhodes is the most historically significant of the Dodecanese islands where the Old Town, one of the best-preserved medieval settlements, is reason enough for a visit. As the island has amazing weather throughout the year, you should avoid planning your Greek island family holiday in August when the island is at its busiest.

Some of the best activities to enjoy in Rhodes include: -

  • Playtime at the Aqua Park in Faliraki
  • An educational visit to the Rhodes Aquarium
  • Exploring the Old Town
  • Visiting the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights
  • Experiencing the colourful beauty of Butterfly Valley
  • Windsurfing and kite-surfing at Prasonisi

4. Mykonos

Mykonos is an island that offers great luxury family holidays in Greece; it has everything from quiet and peaceful resorts to an exhilarating nightlife. Ranging from family-friendly beaches to ones enlivened by beach parties and heart-thumping music, Mykonos has over 30 beaches for you to choose from. What makes Mykonos the best place to visit in Greece with the family are the numerous activities that you can enjoy here, including:

  • Taking a family cooking class at Mykonian Spiti
  • Exploring the Mykonos Old Town to gaze at the famous windmills
  • Visiting the harbour in Little Venice
  • Snorkelling in the calm beautiful waters
  • Checking out the ancient vessels at the Aegean Maritime Museum

5. Santorini

We find it hard-pressed to believe that you haven’t heard the name, and even if that happens to be true, you definitely must have come across a mention of the ‘Greek island with white and blue houses’. One of the most well-known Greek Islands for family holidays, Santorini came to be the way it is after a volcanic eruption that sank the middle of the island and left only the rim. With a unique topography, scenic villages, and beaches with black volcanic sand, there is a lot you can do in Santorini: -

  • Check out the whitewashed cliff-top villages
  • Visit the Caldera and Oia villages
  • Explore the ‘Greek Pompeii’ – ruins of the Minoan settlement Akrotiki that was buried in the ash of a volcanic eruption
  • Take a boat tour to Santorini’s volcano
  • Take a swim in the hot springs

6. Kos

One of the best places for luxury family holidays in Greece, Kos has adapted well to being one of the most famous destinations in Greece for the family, offering a taste of local culture to all visitors. Pebble beaches, black volcanic sand beaches, and beaches that gleam golden; Kos has a huge variety of beaches for you to explore. This makes it the best place to go to in Greece for families. Some of the activities to enjoy here include:

  • Exploring the Kos Archaeological Museum
  • Taking a step back in time at the Asklepion
  • Visiting the Castle of the Knights
  • Experiencing the last working windmill in the islands
  • Enjoying at the Aquatica and Lido water parks
  • Taking a dip in the natural thermal springs

There are several destinations in Greece for the family that offer a wholesome travel experience and a memorable vacation. The uniqueness of this travel affair is something you should fully embrace!

November 14, 2019


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