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Tourist Places to Visit in Indore

9 mins. read

Located in Central India, Madhya Pradesh is a serene state that boasts of a rich history no matter where you visit. The entire state is known for splendid monuments that are spread across its land. Most of these monuments and religious sites were built by the great Maharashtrian rulers called the Holkars. There are a lot of places to visit in and near Indore that promise to make your trip worth remembering.

Indore is located on the banks of the Rivers Saraswati and Khan. Among all the places to visit in Indore, it is the architectural splendor that takes center stage. Talking about the history of this place, it is believed that Rani Ahilya Bai Holkar loved architectural designs a lot and she used to invest a lot of her money in the construction and perfecting of forts and temples in and around Indore. It is these beautifully designed monuments and temples that make for the best places to visit in Indore - they are a treat for the eyes. The queen was also known to be very generous, due to which the people of Indore constructed a statue for her in the middle of the city which is located near Rajwada. Even today, if you talk to the locals here, you will be able to see the love and respect that they have for their former queen.

If you are planning to take a trip to Indore then book an Indore tour package that suits your plans and enjoy a hassle-free trip where you don’t have to worry about planning the nitty-gritty and can simply concentrate on having fun. If you need some help, here are some of the top places to visit in Indore that you can consider adding to your itinerary: -

1. Lalbagh Palace

When you get to Indore, you will have a lot of choices but among all the other tourist places in Indore, starting your trip from the magnificent and huge Lalbagh Palace will be a great idea. The serene and beautiful surroundings along with the brilliant architecture of this palace make it the ideal spot for photography. The royal palace is one of the most famous places in Indore and is a marvelous structure that was built during the Holkar Dynasty. The palace covers over 28 acres of area. Also, if you have a keen interest in ancient architecture then this palace is going to please you a lot. When you have a close look at the palace, you will be able to see its resemblance to the buildings built in the European style. But don’t just stop there because Lalbagh Palace is much more than just a European-style monument. One of the best places to see in Indore, Lalbagh Palace is a live example of the rich heritage and culture of the ancient city of Indore. The monument houses several antiques that showcase the royal lifestyle of the rulers of Indore. Take a complete tour of the palace and you will undoubtedly mark it as one of the best places to see in Indore.

The visiting hours to Lalbagh Palace are 10 AM to 5 PM, Tuesday to Sunday. The palace has today been converted into a museum where one can find gorgeous chandeliers, Persian carpets, and much more on display. Visiting the palace will bring you one step closer to knowing more about the rich culture and history of this city.

2. Rajwada Palace

Another one of the famous places in Indore that should definitely be on your list is the Rajwada Palace. This is another magnificent monument in the city that speaks of its glorious past. The Rajwada Palace was built almost 200 years ago when the Holkar Dynasty ruled the city. The colors, fine carvings, and exquisite design make it one of the finest palaces of its time. The perimeter of the Rajwada comprises of manmade waterfall, gardens, fountains and much more. This palace is among the best tourist places in Indore for photographers and history lovers.

The Rajwada Palace is known to have been built in 1747 AD and is a seven storeyed splendor from the bygone era. It’s not just the fort that you will be able to enjoy here but the local market established around Rajwada is also among the interesting places to see in Indore. Take a stroll in the market, enjoy the local cuisine and shop for some knick-knacks to take back home.

3. Sarafa Market

Sarafa Market is a hotspot for foodies, a place where the aroma of the delicacies permeates the senses. It is one of the best places to visit in Indore that is loaded with eateries on both sides of the alley and every stall has something mouth-watering being prepared. Another good thing about this market is that it remains open till the wee hours of the night and visitors can enjoy their favorite food whenever they wish to. One of the most popular tourist places in Indore, you must get your hands on the scrumptious Pani Puri with six flavored waters, Garadu chaat, and Dahi Bade.

If you are inclined towards satiating your sweet tooth then try the Mawa baati, malpua, rabdi, and other sweet dishes that are available at the stalls here. And if you want to taste all the delicacies they have to offer, you can look for a homestay nearby. This will give you the chance to enjoy the nightlife of the city and allow you to gorge on all the local food near the market.

4. Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

The Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is another famous place in Indore for nature and wildlife lovers. The sanctuary spreads over 1235 acres and is ideal for hikers and trekkers. According to the history of the sanctuary, it was established in the year 1989 which makes it one of the oldest places in the entire city. Here, you can go for a safari and enjoy some time amongst tigers, deer, and wild hare. The sanctuary is also one of the best places to see in Indore for birdwatchers because one can find a large variety of birds here. Keep in mind that the opening hours of this sanctuary are from 9 AM to 6:30 PM and plan your trip accordingly.

5. Patalpani Waterfall

If you are looking for a spot that lets you relax in the lap of Mother Nature then Patalpani Waterfall is the place to be. The waterfall is a picturesque landscape that brings a lot of nature lovers together every year. The waterfall is an active picnic spot for the locals during the weekends and holidays. A cozy place that’s 30 km from the city, the charming 300-ft tall Patalpani waterfall is one of the best places to visit near Indore.

6. Gandhi Hall

Gandhi Hall is a shining example of Indore’s art. One of the best places to visit in Indore, this hall is admired for its awesome artwork and the Indo-Gothic theme-based architecture. You can take a complete tour of the place and enjoy the designs and the carvings on the walls. All of this together makes this a wonderful place for art admirers and history buffs. So, before you conclude your trip, make sure that you visit the Gandhi Hall.

Each of these places mentioned above is wonderful in its own unique way. There are many other places to visit in and near Indore that you may want to cover when you visit the city. You can choose the perfect itinerary for your vacation based on what you like to do and what you would prefer to see. Take this from us - Indore sightseeing is an experience that will leave you with memories of a lifetime.

May 06, 2020


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