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11 Things to Do in Gulmarg for a Memorable Kashmiri Experience

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Gulmarg, a Kashmiri town lying in the cosy embrace of snow-clad mountains, is a popular tourist destination. Be it the beauty of the Western Himalayas or the array of fun-filled activities for tourists, this is one place in Kashmir that deserves a visit on your next vacation! To say there are many things to do in Gulmarg would be an understatement. Although the square km size of this hill station is humbly small-scale the number of things to see and participate in Gulmarg can give any big tourist destination a run for its money. Nestled in the popular Baramulla district, this little piece of paradise is a must-visit for folks who appreciate natural beauty at its finest.

Best Things to Do in Gulmarg

Here are a bunch of exciting things to do and places to visit in Gulmarg on your next Kashmiri holiday: -

  • Camp in the Meadows
  • Appreciate the Historic Maharaja Palace
  • Explore the Kanchenjunga Museum
  • Marvel at the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve
  • Go for a Picnic at the Children’s Park
  • Try Your Hand at Golfing
  • Pay Homage to Religious Places
  • Devour Local Delicacies in Gulmarg Market
  • Trek Up the Apharwat Peak
  • Get Your Adrenaline High by Skiing
  • Experience the Gulmarg Gondola

1. Experience the Gulmarg Gondola

Holidaying in Gulmarg without taking a gondola ride is like walking away from your favourite hero/heroine. Such is the thrill you will get to experience once you prop yourself on a gondola. Fun fact, the Gulmarg Gondola is one of the highest in India! Naturally, this is one of the top things to do in Gulmarg, be it summer or winter. The cable cars carry thousands of tourists all year round starting from the Gulmarg Gondola Boarding Point to Phase 1 in Kongdori and Apharwat Peak in Phase 2. Once you get on a cable car, oh the places you will see! But we will not reveal too much. Let the mystery make you eager to book a holiday package soon.

2. Get Your Adrenaline High by Skiing

Most millennials who grew up reading Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, and Archie were always fascinated with the idea of gliding in the snow valleys. A far-fetched dream that you can finally fulfil is skiing in Gulmarg! There are dedicated ski resorts in this hill station to cater to the needs of tourists who come to enjoy this sport during the winter. Gulmarg tour packages generally include a gondola ride which gives direct access to skiing slopes in Kongdori and Apharwat Peak. If you are keen on learning skiing, then it is recommended to hire an instructor and get a grip on things early on. Make sure to wear the right safety gear and clothing to enjoy one of the best adventure activities in Gulmarg.

Gulmarg Ski Hill Resort

3. Trek Up the Apharwat Peak

While going up to Apharwat Peak is a journey in itself, believe it or not, you’re going to love every minute of it. After getting down on the Gulmarg Gondola Phase 2 station, you can walk down to the Apharwat Lake, which is less than 2 km away. This trekking experience is not to be taken lightly because the journey to the lake is pretty steep. The road to Apharwat is encompassed with the last few villages of the country before the LOC begins. So, be sure to stick to your lane, quite literally. The sheer experience of trekking in this region is one of the most surreal things to do, not in Gulmarg, but in life! Once you reach Apharwat Lake, your respect for Mother Nature will surely elevate. Adventure-seekers, dreamers, and everyone in between should have this place in their Gulmarg attractions itinerary without a doubt.

4. Devour Local Delicacies in Gulmarg Market

Kashmir is a food haven for people who love delicate flavours, rich curries, and of course, mutton. It is almost impossible to visit any part of this state without trying out some authentic Kashmiri Wazwan and other popular foods. When in Gulmarg, do what the locals do and eat the most scintillating dishes at the Alpine Lounge, Nedous Dining Room, Bakshi Restaurant and Highland Park Restaurant. All these places were vetted by the biggest Kashmiri food fanatics so you can rest assured that the delicacies served would be mind-blowing. Needless to say, this is one of those activities to do in Gulmarg that will make your tummy, heart, and soul happy!

5. Pay Homage to Religious Places

Among the several things to see in Gulmarg, some religious spots will make your trip wholly complete. After all, our Indian DNA compels us to seek blessings from saints and deities wherever we go! It truly shows the respect we, as a community have, for the high power in the world. Mentioned below are three places of pilgrimage you can visit in Gulmarg:

  • St.Mary’s Church: Since Gulmarg was a hill station built by the British, their cultural and religious influences had to follow suit. Perhaps one of the most well-placed churches in the country, St. Mary’s is set right in the middle of Gulmarg’s meadows. You can pay your respects and also appreciate its Victorian architecture on your visit.
  • Ziyarat Baba Reshi: One of the most popular Gulmarg attractions in recent times is the shrine of Baba payam-Din, who rests in peace within the Dargah, which is situated near Apharwat Lake. It is believed that true devotees get their wishes fulfilled at this shrine and always back come to make offerings in gratitude.

6. Try Your Hand at Golfing

While most tourists know about the activities to do in Gulmarg in December and other winter months, the summer is a different ballgame! Expect warm days strolling along the Gulmarg Main Market Area, shopping local handicrafts, and golfing. Did you know Gulmarg golf course is the second highest in the world?!  A place where seasoned golfers and first-timers are welcome with equal fervour, the Gulmarg Golf Club still exudes a colonial gentleman vibe. This 18-hole course is strewn with the rarest wildflowers which you can admire while trying your hand at golfing.

7. Go for a Picnic at the Children’s Park

Open to the public every day between 9 am to 6 pm, the Children's Park in Gulmarg has various things to do not only for the little ones but for adults too. This park is stretched along an acre of lush green land with multiple swings, pony rides, and other activities. You can enjoy a joyful picnic with your loved ones at the Children’s Park during the day as well. With smiling kids in the meadows and a cool breeze around you, is it going to get any better than this?

8. Marvel at the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

One of the most awe-inspiring things to see in Gulmarg is the place where endangered flora, fauna, and avifauna reside, the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve. Tucked away in this wildlife sanctuary are the rarest animals like Hangul, Musk Deer, Serow, Brown Bear, Leopard, etc. Conifers overrule all other plants, showcasing their supremacy wherever you look. So, if you are eager to visit the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve then plan it in between September-March or March-May.

9. Explore the Kanchenjunga Museum

Originally a military school in the 90s, the Kanchenjunga Museum is a true celebration of Indian warfare equipment. True army enthusiasts are highly recommended to pay a visit to this museum in Gulmarg to pay their respects to the Indian Army. Some of the ropes and grappling tools used by soldiers are preserved here as well. You will find several tourists and budding army men walking around this museum almost throughout the day.

10. Appreciate the Historic Maharaja Palace

Set in the middle of the town is a palace that has seen a glorious past. Unfortunately, the royal residence of King Ranbir Singh of Kashmir has barely stood the test of time. Its vacant presence in Gulmarg will help you appreciate the present and let go of certain things in the past. This is one of those things to see in Gulmarg when you have some spare time and would like to hear anecdotes from the guard sitting near the front gate (haunting tales, apparently!).

11. Camp in the Meadows

Winter is just too cold to camp in Gulmarg so hold your horses (in this particular case, ponies) and plan a camping trip in the summer season. Gulmarg in the summer is the best place to camp in the isolated regions of Khilanmarg, Ningle Nallah, and Nagin Valley. If you are on a Gulmarg package for couples, then it is best to spend quality time with your partner in one of these campsites. The sheer bliss of being away from everyone, under the stars, is something that will stay with you forever.

The number of things to do in Gulmarg is too many for you to procrastinate any longer. Book a holiday package to this Kashmiri hill station right away!

December 10, 2023


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