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Best Places to Visit in Gulmarg for Ideal Family Vacation

8 mins. read

Gulmarg is a bewitching hill-station set in Jammu and Kashmir. Also called the ‘meadow of flowers’, the town has serene lakes, scintillating mountains, gorgeous meadows, and delightful scenery that leaves you in extreme wonderment. The town offers the perfect set-up for a family vacation with its interesting points of interests and numerous exciting activities that one can do together.

So, whether you wish to stare in wonder at the idyllic town’s beauty or do some fun activities together like hopping onto a cable car, go skiing or snowboarding; this scenic town is the go-to place for an ideal family vacation.

The town turns into a beautiful work of art in the winter months with its snow-frosted peaks and the snow-covered meadows. Summers are equally appealing as the town becomes wrapped with vibrant flowers showcasing nature in its full glory. It is also the perfect climate to visit a lot of tourist places of Gulmarg.

Perched in the western Himalayas, Gulmarg is the quintessential family vacation destination. Along with being a popular ski destination and a hotspot for many adventure activities, the town has many religious, heritage sights, and beautiful spots awaiting your arrival.

If you are thinking of going for a family vacation in Gulmarg, the best way to tour this beautiful town with your family is to go for family holiday packages. These packages come with a pre-planned itinerary and help you travel stress-free with your family members. Also, whenever you plan your Gulmarg travel, keep this list of places to see in Gulmarg handy so that you get to experience the best of this lovely paradise: -

1. Gulmarg Gondola

One of the most significant places to visit in Gulmarg is the Gulmarg Gondola. Known to attract numerous tourists, the Gulmarg Gondola is a cable car that gives you enchanting views of both Khilanmarg and Gulmarg. Phase 1 of Gondola gives you a ride to Kongdori Station, which is 8530 feet high. The second stage of Gondola takes you to 12293 feet altitude. Here you get an opportunity to gawk at Pir Panjal range, LOC, and Nanda Devi. Interesting isn’t it? So, hop onto the cable car with your family and enjoy captivating views of nature!

2. Maharani Temple

Located in the midst of Gulmarg, the Maharani Temple belongs to Jammu & Kashmir’s Dogra Kings. Constructed by the wife of Maharaja Hari Singh - Mohini Bai Sisodia, the temple is one of the popular tourist places of Gulmarg. The visit to this place would certainly be an intriguing one.

3. Strawberry Valley

The Strawberry Valley is one of the best places to see in Gulmarg which looks beautiful especially in summers. The place is perfect for a family vacation as you get to pick fresh strawberries in the summer months. This place has even featured in many old Bollywood movies. The best time to visit Gulmarg’s tiny paradise (that’s what we have come to call it!) is from April to September. It is the time when you can plan a picnic here with your family and revel in the beauty of this valley. You can also visit this valley in winters because of the horseback rides and guided treks that you get to take here along the snowy pathways.

4. Ferozepur Nallah

Perched between the scenic Nurpur Pass and Chinamarg, Ferozepur Nallah is a beautiful mountain stream that flows across the valley. Being a famous tourist spot in Gulmarg, the place is located close to the Gulmarg centre. Another great activity to do at this mesmerising stream is to go fishing!

The best time to visit Gulmarg’s Ferozepur Nallah is from March to October. The sparkling waters of the stream make for a refreshing sight!

Extra bit: If you have time left during Gulmarg travel, you can visit the Golf Course. It is located at an altitude of 8700 above the level of the sea and is one of the best places to visit in Gulmarg. The golf course is a gorgeous place with beautiful looking meadows that have colourful rare species of flowers for you to see. The flowers can be seen in full bloom during June-September.

5. Snowfall and Skiing

Searching for the best time to visit Gulmarg for snow? Plan a visit to this gorgeous town in December when it is covered by thick snow blankets. If you wish to see snowfall, then January to mid-February is the time period you should go for a Gulmarg tour package and see it draped in pearly-white snow. At the time of blizzards, the open spaces of the forest terrain turn into beautiful grounds for skiing. Along with that, you can also indulge in snowboarding.

Whether it is making snow angles or throwing snowballs at each other, Gulmarg is the ideal winter destination that you can plan to go to with your family.

6. Places to Visit near Gulmarg

If you’ve concluded your Gulmarg tour and still have time left on your watch, then there are many beautiful places to visit near Gulmarg that you can check out. Take a look:

6.1 Khilanmarg

Khilanmarg is credited as one of the best places to visit near Gulmarg. Located at a short distance from Gulmarg, Khilanmarg is a quaint valley that gets bedecked with colourful flowers at the time of spring. It also becomes a skiing ground in the winter months and offers a great view of the peaks in the surroundings. So, do consider this place if you wish to extend your trip to Gulmarg and have a great time with your family here.

6.2 Alpather Lake

Another famous place for sightseeing near Gulmarg is Alpather Lake. This magnificent lake is located at the base of the beautiful Apharwat twin peaks amidst beautiful flowing meadows. A place of solitude for spending time with your family near Gulmarg, this lake is a welcome retreat. It looks pristine in winters when it gets frozen with snow sprinkled around its surroundings. Set at an altitude of 4500 feet, the lake can be visited at any time of the year.

The Best Time to Visit Gulmarg

The best time to visit Gulmarg is from March to June i.e. in the summer months. But, if skiing is what you are looking for, then December to mid-March is the best time to visit Gulmarg. There are many places to visit in Gulmarg with your family to have the perfect hill-escape together. Time it right and you’ll have fabulous memories to look back upon!

Sightseeing in Gulmarg is an amalgamation of picture-perfect scenery, exploring its enchanting tourist places, and partaking in activities like skiing and snowboarding with your close ones – a holiday haven that is unparalleled in what it has to offer!

February 15, 2020


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