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London Nightlife: Top 10 Night Clubs To Go Crazy At

6 mins. read

“This is London, baby”

London happens to be one of the most visited cities in the world and is favoured by travellers because of its history, culture, exquisite food, and most of all, the great nightlife it promises. Brilliant yet out of control, the nightlife in London can make the uptight ones loosen up, the introverts open up, and the snob ones to lighten up; it is ‘lit’ and ‘buzzing’!

Fridays are swamped by the 9-to-5ers, and Saturdays are when the clubs are chockablock. Sundays, though, is about a lot of exciting events. Want a taste of London’s nightlife? The top 10 nightclubs in London are right this way, mate!

1. Fabric

Dance your heart out!

Fabric is numero uno on this list of top nightclubs in London as the best DJs and artists play here - Nina Kraviz, Seth Troxler, Carl Cox, and the likes. The programming here spans across genres like house, grime, bass, techno, etc. Being one of the most famous nightclubs in London, Fabric has one room that features a body-sonic dance floor. If you’ve got the moves like Jagger, show them off here, the crowning glory of London nightlife for tourists.


2. The Jazz Café

When you are in the mood for something soulful…

The Jazz Café organizes live programs on a daily basis in the Camden town of London. It is an award-winning club and one of those exciting nightclubs in London which feature live shows that range from jazz, soul, hip hop to reggae, electronic, and world music. Point to note - the magic happens every Friday and Saturday.


3. Corsica Studios

This is where you groove and move…

Corsica Studios is another place where tourists get to see what London’s nightlife is like. The venue always has a very friendly crowd and promises a great time in London. This artsy setup showcases award-winning arts and has a lively bar with two rooms dedicated to music. It is one of those clubs in London that offer fresh, experimental sounds for you to listen and groove to.


4. Ministry of Sound

The brand that made the nightclub scene ‘special’

Londoners have long been entertained by the Ministry of Sound since it landed in South London in 1991. One of the top nightclubs in London, the club has a total of four dance floors, five unique rooms, and four bars. It is a great place for tourists to witness the nightlife of London and blow off some steam. If you plan to visit this club, make sure you book tickets beforehand and come in time to prevent serpentine queues.


5. Phonox

Dance the night away…

If you are a serious clubber, then Phonox, one of the best night clubs in London, should be your jam! It is a club that mixes electronic music real nice and plays it loudly too with excellent sound and lighting. The quality resident DJs here will make you groove to the splendid tunes with a lingering thud that you will hear long after you have stepped out of the club.


6. Heaven

When live music is your jam…

Having a capacity of 1000 party-goers with a total of three floors, Heaven is indeed a heaven; one of the best nightclubs in London. Located near the Charing Cross Station, the club features an ordered line-up of events that consists of live music performances across multiple genres. Mondays, yes Mondays sweeten the deal even further – you have ‘Popcorn’ to binge on.


7. Catch

Compact and lively is the name of the game.

Catch is one of the best nightclubs in London having cosy interiors. It is a place where you can hear hip hop, funk and a lot of music from the 90s. You can also groove to the established as well as new bands. Plus, when the DJs start playing, they mix up techno and electro, you have just got to get up and dance!


8. Cargo

Feels old school; feels good.

Easily one of the best nightclubs in London, Cargo sees a lot of crowd on a weekly basis. It has a bar and a dance floor complete with an outdoor terrace. Its brick railway arches add to its overall charm. A highlight of East London’s nightlife, the club organizes live music performances in the early evening. You can also listen to club sounds ranging from house, electro and techno here at the club and have a great time with your pals.


9. Electric Brixton

Having started with a lot of investment in 2011, Electric Brixton is now a champion among night clubs in London. The fact that it is in one of the famed nightlife areas in South London is all the more reason to be here. Listen to music by some really great DJs, attend dance nights and live acts here – it is a potpourri of fun!


10. The Grand

And now for the final act…

The Grand is one of the biggest London night clubs and among the best ones too. Come in here, dance, raise the roof, repeat! Surprisingly, the classic brickwork façade masks the energy you will feel the moment you enter inside.

If you are in the United Kingdom on an England tour package, keep this list handy, and let the good times roll at these fabulous nightclubs in London. Remember, life doesn’t always have to be by the book. Go live a little!

August 29, 2019


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