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From Japan’s Autumn Colours to Australia’s Kangaroos via Antarctica

4 mins. read
Hello and welcome to the Veena World weekly newsletter ✌️ Today, I would like to discuss three things with you. So let’s begin right away:
🇯🇵 Japan and the Autumn colours 🍁

We all know that the Autumn season is one of the best times to visit Japan and that’s one of the reasons why at Veena World we have launched multiple tour departures already: Best of Japan (7D/6N), Women’s Special Japan (7D/6N), Seniors’ Special Japan (7D/6N), All of Japan (13D/12N) and Japan Korea (9D/8N), all departing during the Autumn Colours in October, November & December this year.

The design team at Veena World decided to take it a step further and painted 🎨 the website in Autumn colours. You can check it out here! Our Chief Product Officer, Sunila Patil, also jumped on the idea of doing a podcast 🎙️🎧 about Japan and the best time to visit. You can listen to it on the Veena World Website, Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or wherever you like to listen to your podcasts.

🇦🇶 Antarctica - The 7th Continent ✈️

Moving onto the second thing then. When it comes to travel goals, or setting your travel resolutions for the year, there’s one place, that can beat them all - Antarctica 🇦🇶! So the answer to that big question: Can I really go to Antarctica? is a resounding YES! YES, you can! The incredible and ever innovative Product team at Veena World just launched your next bucketlist tour to Antarctica 🇦🇶 over 14 days departing on 25th February, 2024!

My trip to Antarctica was exactly 9 years ago and trust me, it was incredible. Penguins 🐧, Seals 🦭, Killer Whales 🐳, incredibly snowy mountains 🏔️, and a whole lot more! It’s an experience where you truly Celebrate Life! and, at Veena World, we are extremely excited to be planning this departure in February, 2024. So if you are excited to complete your dream of conquering all 7 continents, just reply to this email and we will immediately get in touch with you, because there are only limited spaces available for this tour departure.

🇦🇺 Australia & the famous Kangaroos 🦘
and finally for my third thing today, the interesting story of why kangaroos are found only in Australia?

So around 50 million years ago, a diverse range of creatures roamed a landmass called Gondwana. As continents drifted, Australia separated from the rest, isolating its inhabitants from the evolutionary changes occurring elsewhere. This isolation led to the development of unique animal species, including the kangaroo 🦘.

With no natural predators and an environment rich in vegetation, kangaroos flourished in their newfound home. Their powerful hind legs allow them to cover large distances in search of food and water, while their unique reproductive system—carrying and nurturing their young in a pouch—sets them apart from mammals found elsewhere. Today, kangaroos have become not just a symbol of Australia but an integral part of its ecosystem. So now you know why kangaroos are found only in Australia 🇦🇺

That’s in for today’s newsletter. I hope you enjoyed our journey from Japan’s Autumn Colours to Australia’s Kangaroos via Antarctica - The 7th Continent. Have a great week ahead and as we always say at Veena World, keep celebrating life✌️
Neil Patil
August 31, 2023


Neil Patil
Neil Patil

Founder & Director, Veena World

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