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Know the Best Season to Visit Dalhousie To Make Your Trip Memorable!

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Nestled in the Chamba district in Himachal Pradesh, Dalhousie is a renowned hill station in India. Situated at an altitude of 1970 meters, this charming town sprawls across five hills—Terah, Bangor, Bakrota, Potreyn, and Kathalagh. It's surrounded by thick pine forests that offer a breathtaking view of the snow-capped Pir Panjal Mountains. Dalhousie's old town retains its Colonial heritage in architecture, monuments, and bungalows which create a quaint atmosphere. This historical charm blends seamlessly with the town's modern development, indigenous history, and well-preserved natural ecosystems.

Adding to its appeal, Dalhousie is a year-round destination which makes trip planning convenient. However, due to its Himalayan location, it is important to know the weather conditions to determine the best time to visit.

This blog helps you gain a clear understanding of the best season to visit Dalhousie as per your preferences along with the amazing activities you can enjoy in each season.

Best Season to Visit Dalhousie

  • Summer Season (March to May)
  • Monsoon Season (June to Mid-September)
  • Winter Season (October to February)

Summer Season (March to May)

The best season to visit Dalhousie is from March to May, the summer season. This is when it's most popular because the weather is nice and a break from the city heat. Temperatures stay below 30 degrees Celsius which makes it comfortable for outdoor activities like nature walks and hiking. In March and April, the winter snow starts melting but there's still a bit of a chill.

As May comes around, the temperature goes up a bit before the monsoon season. One cool thing about visiting Dalhousie in the summer is the burst of colourful flowers with red, yellow, and blue hues everywhere. This season also opens up places that were off-limits in winter due to heavy snow to explore hidden spots. Dalhousie in the summer gives you great weather, beautiful scenery, and a chance to discover charming places.

Places to Visit

There are many beautiful places to visit in Dalhousie in the summer season. Panchpula, just 3 km from Dalhousie, is a stunning spot. It's a massive stream winding through different areas which nurtures various water bodies. Another gem is Sach Pass in Chamba which reaches an altitude of 14,500 ft. It's closed in winter but opens up to visitors in the summer. It is also a part of the trail to Pagi Valley—a thrilling trek. If you seek nature, solitude, and mountains, Sach Pass is a perfect place for you.

Things to Do

places to visit in Dalhousie

Engage in adventure activities like trekking, rafting, paragliding, and river crossing. Summer's golden sunshine is a pleasant escape from lower areas' scorching heat. However, Dalhousie might be crowded with tourists during holidays which makes it tough to find good deals on accommodations. Yet, Dalhousie, though small, offers beautiful, offbeat trails. It's also an ideal time to hone your photography skills. On a clear summer day, enjoy stunning views of the Himalayan peaks.

Monsoon Season (June to Mid-September)

From June to mid-September, the monsoon season in Dalhousie brings a gentle and pleasant rainfall which paints the town with vibrant greenery. The weather is nice and not too extreme. The whole place looks like a beautiful painting with flowers and green landscapes. What's special about this time is that the local plants wake up and bloom which makes Dalhousie even more charming. It's perfect for people who love nature and enjoy witnessing different kinds of plants.

If you're looking for a romantic trip, the monsoon season in Dalhousie is just perfect. The climate is just right, with a gentle drizzle and a cool breeze. Plus, there are fewer tourists around so you can enjoy the beauty of Dalhousie without all the usual hustle and bustle.

For honeymooners, it's like a dream come true. Imagine walking holding hands through the lush greenery, surrounded by blooming flowers, or finding a quiet spot to enjoy each other's company. Monsoon is a magical setting for couples which makes it the best season to visit Dalhousie for honeymooners. It is often advisable for honeymooners to book their Dalhousie honeymoon packages in advance to avoid any hassle later.

Places to Visit

During monsoons, Khajjiar, known as the ‘Switzerland of India,’ is a must-visit. It's a picturesque spot with cedar trees and meadows which makes it a perfect spot for photographers. Chamba, with its diverse cultures, is another great monsoon destination in Dalhousie.

Things to Do

Explore the hiking trails in Dalhousie during monsoons. There are plenty of treks for adventure enthusiasts. Try horse riding, paragliding, and other refreshing activities. Boating and rafting are best enjoyed when the water levels are decent. Also, you can visit Satdhara Falls which stands at 2,035 feet. The waterfall amidst greenery is a breathtaking sight and it's believed to have healing and medicinal powers.

Weather advantage

Unlike other parts of Himachal Pradesh that face heavy and prolonged rainfall, Dalhousie experiences mild showers at most. This makes it a safe choice for those who want to enjoy the Himalayan mountains during monsoons without the risks of landslides and floods.

Winter Season (October to February)

Winters in Dalhousie start in October and last until February. Due to its high altitude of 1,970 meters above sea level, Dalhousie experiences chilly winters. Although October and November are not very cold, December marks the beginning of true winter with temperatures dropping to 0 degrees. Winter is the best season to visit Dalhousie to witness its true beauty.

The town is covered in a beautiful blanket of snow which resembles something out of Narnia. If city cold isn't enough, Dalhousie is your ideal winter escape. With snow-covered peaks and expansive valleys all around, natural beauty greets you from every angle.

Places to Visit

If you love nature, head to the Garam Sadak for a peaceful walk in the wilderness. The morning sunlight adds to the charm which makes it an ideal escape from the winter chill. Explore the charming town of Chamba to immerse yourself in rich cultural history and the unhurried local lifestyle. For those interested in religious and historical sites, Dalhousie boasts churches and temples worth visiting. Also, Khajjar in winter is a true gem that rivals the beauty of Switzerland! So, make sure to visit it as well.

Things to Do

Embrace the beauty of Khajjiar Lake which is surrounded by a stunning valley in winter. With abundant snow, it's perfect for hiking and trekking when the scenery is at its best. Winters are the best month to visit Dalhousie as hotels and homestays often offer significant discounts due to fewer tourists compared to the summer season.

As you can see, you can visit this hill station anytime due to the moderate temperature and blissful activities for each season. It's great for summer breaks and weekends with its pleasant cool weather. Enjoy picnics, explore the area, and relax alone or with loved ones in the monsoon. If you love snow, come in winter when temperatures drop below zero.

Hope this guide helps you in planning your Dalhousie trip for a memorable vacation.

October 01, 2023


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