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Meet The Heavenly Beaches in Puri

6 mins. read

Puri is a lively and vibrant city in Odisha, and not just because it is home to grand temples. Several festivals are organised in the city all year round. But the one thing that stands out the most when someone visits the city is its beaches. Once you have seen the beaches of Puri, you will want to extend your vacation and spend some more time there. The beaches welcome and embrace tourists with lapping waves. It’s like a different world altogether. When you are sightseeing in Puri, its beautiful beaches are the places that you must visit. If you are planning a trip to Puri and are confused about what beaches you should visit in the city, here is a list to help you:

1. Balighai Beach

The Balighai beach promises a beast that always looks pristine. It’s like it has been untouched by humans and exists entirely unspoilt by civilisation. Located 8km from Puri, it is one of the beaches near Puri that is situated at the mouth of the Nuanai River. The beach has a calming stream that empties into the Bay of Bengal. And this beach has something for all types of travellers. People who want to relax by the sea can obviously do that. But if you are into water sports, you can also partake in water parasailing and water skiing at the beach. The beach is also a good choice for those who love nature. If you are one of them, the best time to visit Balighai Beach is in December and January. These are the months when Olive Ridley turtles lay eggs on the beach. You can also various migratory birds taking flight from the beach.

2. Puri Beach

Beach Art

Puri Beach is one of the popular destinations in the city because the place is also a sacred place for the Hindus. This beach is also ideal for surf enthusiasts because it offers choppy waters and splendid sands. The beach has a special area known as Sundarsan Pattnaik Sand Art Area, dedicated to the sand art created by the legendary sand artist Sundarsan Pattnaik. If you visit the beach in November, you can also attend the 5-day Puri Beach Festival where locals and tourists come to see picturesque scenes and enjoy some fantastic talents at the display. The best time of the day to visit Puri Beach is sunrise or sunset. This is the time when the night and day are spilling over each other in the sky and they create beautiful scenery that no camera can ever capture.

3. Swargadwar Beach

There are many places to visit in Puri but Swargadar Beach is one place that you cannot afford to miss. Its name literally translates to “doors to heaven” and the place holds a religious significance. Some legends state that this secluded beach was the bathing place of Sri Chaitanya Dev, the prophet of the Vaishnav people, and his devotees. He is also said to be the avatar of Radha and Krishna combined. It is believed Sri Chaitanya Dev, or Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ascended from the sandy setting of the beach and merged into Lord Brahma for his devotion. This rich backstory attracts thousands of Hindu pilgrims every day. Those who came here take a bath at “Mahanadi”, for it is said that the holy dip will open the gateways to heaven again. Besides its religious significance, the place also offers a stunning view of the sky and sea. You can lie on the beach all day long and relax.

4. Beleshwar Beach

Puri has become one of the popular honeymoon destinations in India due to one place, in particular, Beleshwar Beach. However, it is still not a popular beach and is counted by many as one of the side destinations in Puri. Regardless of that, Beleshwar Beach offers a stunning view at sunrise and sunset and you will barely find it crowded. Like the Balighai Beach, it is also situated at the mouth of the Nuanai River and is just 4 km from the Konark Marine Drive Road. And it’s not just a beach to lounge around on warm sands. You can do that here, of course, but you can also swim in the sea or partake in watersports. Not far from the beach is the town of Beleshwar, which you can visit after you have explored the beaches of Puri.

5. Golden Beach

Golden Beach

This beach gets its name from its picture-perfect sands. The beach ends at the mouth of the Bay of Bengal and many visitors say that as the day turns to night and night to day, you can see the ever-changing colours of water. You can experience the otherworldly beauty at this beach. Since it’s not a very popular beach, the amenities here are less than other beaches. However, this is where its true beauty lies. Even though it’s a popular destination spot, it feels practically untouched. When you can go there, you can spend the entire day with the serenity of the beach and you won’t know where the time went by.

Finding the best beach in Puri is quite a task because all of them are beautiful and have distinct qualities that make them incomparable to the others. The only thing you can find out is which of them is your favourite. And you can only do that by visiting them one by one. Book a Puri tour package with Veena World today to start exploring the beautiful beaches of Puri for yourself.

January 14, 2022


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