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10 Best Places to Enjoy the Winters in France

8 mins. read

Winter is about holidays and celebrations. Whether it's about snuggling into your blanket, enjoying the hot chocolate sitting in front of your fireplace, or decorating a pine tree with the spirit of Christmas, apart from that, people love spending time with families on vacations. France has been one of the most popular destinations amongst tourists. If you are planning a trip with your family to enjoy the winter holidays in France, check out the France tour packages by Veena World at the best price for a safer and more enjoyable journey. From exotic food options, culture, marvellous architecture, and art to wineries in France, the country has a lot to offer to its travellers. To end the year on a delightful note and witness the best of winters, France is the ideal place to visit.

Why visit France in winter?

France is especially beautiful in winter. In addition to the brisk weather, off-season sightseeing is enjoyable due to the lack of tourists. When there aren't throngs of visitors gathered around the masterpieces, the Louvre's galleries appear incredibly spacious. Even a few footsteps cause the grand chateaux of the Loire Valley to reverberate. Wine enthusiasts can take day trips to vineyards and take in festivals that honour the grape in Bordeaux and Lyon. Winter sports enthusiasts can indulge in snowboarding or skiing in upscale alpine resorts. During the Christmas season, sacred organ music fills majestic Gothic cathedrals. Travellers have a good reason to go in December because of the holiday celebrations. Traditional Christmas markets in Paris offer enticing treats and the chance to shop for artisanal crafts, while the city's elegant avenues and boutiques sparkle with expensive decorations and holiday lights.

France in winter

10 Best Places to Visit in France in Winters

France is one of Europe's largest countries and one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. The winter season in France is a magical display of snow, sunshine, and holiday delights. Winter in France is sure to impress, whether you're spending a few days in Paris, where the Eiffel Tower is lit up by

thousands of shimmering lights, escaping to a cosy chalet in the French Alps or looking for a chic winter sun getaway combined with festive events along the Côte d'Azur.

So, below is the list of the 10 best places to visit in France in winter:

1. Paris

Visit Galeries Lafayette to see the magnificent Christmas tree decorated with glittery ornaments. The ice rink at Champs-Elysées is a welcoming place to break some ice, making winter the ideal time to become an ice ballet dancer. Nearer to Christmas, the entire city of Paris is draped in fairy lights, and streets are surrounded by freshly cut pines that have been festooned with ornaments. There is no more beautiful sight than this! One of the best cities in France to visit in the winter.

2. Lyon

Due to the variety of activities available, including sightseeing, visiting museums, and shopping for silk, Lyon is regarded as one of the best places to visit in France in the winter. You can see the lovely Festival of Lights during this time, which is now one of the most exciting tourist attractions.

3. Nice

Nice should definitely be on your list if you are visiting France. To begin with, the Nice Carnival lasts for more than two weeks; take advantage of it. Participate in the Flower Parade and observe the enormous floats as they pass by. When you go, you must stay until the very end to see the flowers being pulled out and thrown at the people walking by. Oh, and don't forget to ride Nice's enormous winter-only Ferris wheel. One of the best places to visit in France in December.

4. Nantes

This is the place where musicians from all over the world assemble to play music exactly the way you like it; the Classical Music Festival in Nantes, La Folle Journée! It goes without saying that this is one of the best French cities to visit in the winter to experience the power of music. Nantes is unquestionably among the top destinations in France to visit in the winter for music lovers.

5. Menton

The fabulous Fête du Citron, or Lemon Festival, in Menton is a thing of beauty. Floats, statues, and figurines of all sizes are set up in the center of town for two weeks, and all of them are made of lemons and oranges. The festival takes place towards the end of winter and usually marks the arrival of spring.

6. Aquitaine

This stunning location is well known for its thriving surfing community, particularly at Moliets Beach. When deciding where to spend the winter in France, this location ought to be on your itinerary without a doubt. One of the best places to visit in France in December is Aquitaine, with its idyllic beaches and excellent opportunities for lazing around. It serves as a route between Bordeaux and Dordogne. If you're in the area in the winter, don't forget to check out Sarlat's Festival du Film and Perigueux's Carnaval.

places to visit in France in December

8. Roquemaure

Why not pay a visit to the village of Roquemaure where the town church houses the mortal remains of St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, if you're looking for places to visit in France in the winter? These artefacts were removed from the vault and paraded through the town on February 14. Around this time, on the weekend most closely associated with Valentine's Day, the Festou di Pouton, or festival of the kiss, is also held. One of the most romantic locations in France to visit during the winter is here.

8. Monaco

In Monaco's Stade Nautique Rainier III, a sizable outdoor swimming pool is converted into an enormous ice rink. Another choice is to go ice karting, which has six laps. Where else would you have the opportunity to go ice-karting and reach previously unheard-of speeds? Additionally, because of its proximity to the harbour, the pool offers views of Monte Carlo, enormous yachts, and, of course, the Mediterranean Sea.

9. Bordeaux

It's regarded as one of the best things to do in France to try various types of wine. One of the best French cities to visit in the winter is Bordeaux. It is a special treat, especially for wine enthusiasts. You will be able to enjoy your choice of wine, even though you won't have the opportunity to see the wineries in full bloom. Several wine festivals take place during the winter.

10. Cannes

Cannes, which is in the south of France, experiences a fair amount of winter. Although temperatures here do drop to 14 °C during the winter in France, they do not get as cold as they do elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. One of the best places in France to enjoy in December. You will remember your trip to this incredible location in this weather for years to come. Taking a stroll along the marina is one of the best things to do in Cannes this winter.

Make your plans, book your France package, and experience the French winter. Le froid sera enchanteur!

December 18, 2022


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