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Why Take a Family Trip to God’s Own Country, Kerala?

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Blessed with breathtakingly beautiful backwaters, a rich assortment of flora and fauna, superb scenic beauty, green-carpeted rolling hills, and serene palm-fringed beaches, Kerala stands out as one of the finest Indian states and tourist destinations in India. Situated in the southern half of the country, this place is a big pull for global tourists of all kinds, be it honeymooners, couples, adventure-seekers or nature lovers. The monuments, temples, culture, and heritage further add to the reasons to visit Kerala at least once in the lifetime.

Often regarded as “God’s Own Country” by travel aficionados, Kerala has a lot to leave the visitors enchanted. For those who are wondering how they can spend their time on their visit to this place, you don’t have to worry as the options are aplenty.

Verdant hill-ranges, breath-taking backwaters, and waterfalls, wildlife, bird sanctuaries, art and culture, Ayurvedic therapies, tantalizing cuisine, beautiful cities, and villages – all of these combine to make this place a top draw for tourism. A trip to Kerala is always worthwhile with a lot to do, explore, and savour!

Here’s why you should plan your next family trip to Kerala:

It’s completely unique to the rest of India

Stepping into Kerala gives you a sense of utopia. With an abundance of beautiful places to visit, Kerala exudes the aura of a place where the pace of life is calmer. Upon landing at the Cochin airport, you won’t find hustling auto rickshaws and rushing people; just palm trees as far as the eye can see.

Rich art and cultural heritage

There’s more to Kerala than just natural beauty. Kerala has a well-preserved art and cultural heritage, such as Kalaripayattu (traditional folk art) and Kathakali (17th-century classical dance) which can be witnessed at Kerala Kathakali Centre, Kerala Kalamandalam, Kadathanadan Kalari & Navarasa Kathakali Centre. For those who love humour, you can witness Chakyarkoothu (comedy satire) at the temples in Kerala. Mohiniyattam, a 16th-century classical dance, and Theyyam, a thousand-year-old form of worship, are mostly staged in the temples of North Kerala in front of the village shrine. Greenix Village in Fort Kochi hosts Mohiniyattam dances, Theyyam performances, and Kalarippayat martial art.

Enjoy colourful festivals

Kerala enjoys festivities and merriment throughout the year. Highlights include the Kerala boat festival (July-September) which is all about team spirit; Onam (August-September), a 10-day harvest festival celebrated to welcome King Mahabali who brought prosperity and happiness under his rule; and Theyyam (April-December), an 800-year old ritual dance of the gods in which the mythological stories and tales of India are depicted. All of these festivals depict the state’s rich culture, tradition, and beliefs.

An intrepid group trekking in the Kerala backwaters

One of Kerala’s sightseeing attractions is, of course, the famous backwaters. Once used for transporting rice and spices around the state, the long wooden houseboats are now mostly for tourists – some even have onboard Jacuzzis and personal chefs. You can spend a few days traversing the maze of backwaters which is an unforgettable experience in itself.

Travel away from the coast for a few hours and you will find yourself in a totally different country, given the steep change in scenery. You can stay in the aptly named Cardamom Hills where the sweet and dreamlike scent of its namesake permeates the air. The idyllic growing conditions mean you’re likely to spot (or more likely smell) coffee, pepper or tea plantations on your ascent up the hills.

Explore the hill stations

When you have had enough of beaches, head up to the cooler hill stations. In Wayanad, you can spot an exotic variety of flora and fauna, and also take a tour of the tea, coffee, rubber, and spice plantations. Munnar is famous for its rolling tea gardens, the tea museum that depicts the history of tea plantations in Kerala, and Neelakurinji, a flower that blooms once every 12 years. In Athirapally, you can witness the glory of 80-foot high waterfalls. And when at Thekkady, go for a nature walk through the varied habitats or take the Jungle Jeep Safari to explore the diverse forest.

Picture-perfect photo opportunities

The landscape in Kerala is dreamy! Wake up on one of the long wooden houseboats that glide along the tranquil Kerala backwaters and you’ll think you’ve arrived in paradise. The dramatic diversity makes most of Kerala’s appeal – the manner in which low-lying tropical beaches and lakes meet the towering hills and tea plantations of the Western Ghats are serene beyond words!

Kerala is brimming with diverse scenery. Be ready with your DSLR or smart-phone while you cruise the backwaters, hike in the hills, or relax on a beach. The sunsets too are glorious!

The food

No Kerala travel guide can ever be complete without making you enjoy the “Malabar cuisine”! Kerala food certainly makes the most of the bountiful spices and the region’s proximity to the coast. The traditional vegetarian meal that is served on a banana leaf is the hallmark of Kerala food, containing a tantalizing assortment of flavours of curries, chutneys, and rice. Try eating with your hands in the traditional manner and experience the charm of it while doing so!

Other food delicacies that are unique to this state are Appam, a delicious fluffy pancake, and the coconut palm wine called Toddy. If you are lucky enough, you will also be able to enjoy watching the guy climbing the tree to do the toddy tapping.

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The real star of the show is the Kerala-style dosa, a paper-thin crepe about the length of your arm that can be loaded with coconut chutney, masala potatoes, and a sour lentil and tamarind broth known as Sambar. This is traditionally served for breakfast, but you can find it all day long in one of Kerala’s many restaurants and homesteads. Kerala’s close connection to the Arabian Sea means that fresh fish is never off the menu. Try it fried up and served on a banana leaf with that omnipresent coconut chutney.

Other must-try items are appam with stew, puttu, ghee roast dosa with sambhar and Karimeen Pollicahthu. Now would we be wrong to say that the best way to experience Kerala’s culture is through its gastronomic delights? Absolutely not!


Within Kerala’s emerald green mountain ranges is the spectacular Periyar National Park that is nearly 1,000 square kilometres of jungle, trekking paths, and lakes that are bursting with wildlife. The Periyar National Park is, in fact, one of the most famous tourist places to visit in Kerala.

You’ll find the common Indian monkey everywhere in the small towns surrounding Periyar, but the park itself is home to many more species, including the elusive black monkey that is recognizable from its golden brown or gingery mane. All the monkey business aside, Periyar is better known for its tiger reserve and is one of the few places you can see Bengal tigers outside of captivity. The month of April is undoubtedly the best time to explore its wildlife.

Rejuvenate and relax with Ayurveda

Lose yourself in a yoga retreat! Kerala is the spiritual home of Ayurveda, one of the world’s best-known forms of alternative medicine, which puts a keen focus on yoga and meditation. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or don’t know your dharma, there’s something for you in here.

The infectiously good vibes in India’s southernmost state mean that you will be in a state of relaxation from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, and there’s no better way to make the most of it than yoga.

Spiritual people travel from all over the world to Kerala’s Ayurveda academies to learn about the practice, most notably to the schools in Ernakulam (just outside Kochi) and in Kollam. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can take in the lifestyle for just a few days in one of the tranquil yoga retreats tucked away in the Western Ghats.

Experience Indian Hospitality

The people of Kerala are down-to-earth, amiable and welcoming. Though the mother tongue is Malayalam, English is well spoken and understood. With numerous picturesque places to stay in Kerala, you can spend time with the locals and experience their culture and tradition first-hand.

Nature may have bestowed its blessings upon Kerala but the fact remains that the people of the state are its biggest asset. You will experience the incredible warmth, welcome, and open smiles in Kerala that will absolutely blow you away! They are always so very helpful and welcoming to the extent that they often ask tourists to be photographed alongside them. Talk about a celebrity experience!

Kerala has serene sightseeing spots, an exotic culture to fall in love with, bright and mesmerizing colourful sarees worn by the women, elaborate Hindu temples, and enchanting colour and beauty characterizing the magic of Incredible India. All of these factors taken together should give you enough reasons to visit Kerala and make you want to come back time and time again! So, what are you waiting for? Book yourself a Kerala holiday tour package!

May 20, 2019


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