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Sundarbans National Park: Reasons to Visit this Tiger Reserve

7 mins. read

Situated in the Indian state of West Bengal, the Sundarbans National Park comprises of serene canals, creeks, waterways, and islands. The national park is one of the best tourist places to visit in West Bengal and a famous tiger and biosphere reserve in the area. It forms a section of the Sundarbans located on the Ganges Delta. Declared as a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1966, the Sundarbans is home to a vast population of wildlife species - the Royal Bengal tigers (around 100), thousands of spotted dear, and many more exotic species. The pristine natural beauty and the simplistic charm of the region also make it a hit among the travellers.

The Sundarbans Tiger Reserve spans an area of 2585 square kilometres. It is a serene web of semi-submerged mangroves which straddle peacefully on the border of India and Bangladesh. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, the location of Sundarbans National Park is such that it offers a refreshing respite with its uninterrupted calmness and beauty.

Here is a detailed list of reasons that will beguile you to plan a trip to this serene place that is blessed with abundant flora, fauna and nature’s magical views: -

1. Spotting the Royal Bengal tiger and other exotic species

The experience of looking at a royal Bengal tiger from a short distance is as enthralling as you can imagine. It is one of the biggest reasons the Sundarbans National Park is famous for. However, do not get disappointed if you do not spot the mighty tigers prowling in the region as there are plenty of other reasons to visit this captivating region.

To spot the wildlife of the region, you can easily choose from the list of wildlife safari packages in India that offers a tour of the Sundarbans National Park to gaze at the beautiful flora and fauna of the place and have a one-of-its-kind travel experience. The tour packages include the boat safari timings of Sundarbans National Park for your ready reference as well.

Boat safaris are the sole way to explore the region and let you discover the diverse animals of the Sundarbans National Park which include the fishing cats, wild boar, leopard cats, flying fox, rhesus monkeys, and many other exotic wildlife species.

The Sundarbans National Park is home to incredible reptiles such as rock python, water monitor and king cobra. The aqua fauna includes different fishes, Hermit crabs, and red Fiddler crabs. Countless species thrive in this region and you will be amazed at the amount of species you will be able to spot in this fascinating region.

2. Go bird-watching in the Reserve

Numerous bird species can be spotted in the tiger reserve like the Stork-billed Kingfisher, Pied Kingfisher, Brahminy Kite, Black-headed Gull, Common Tailorbird, and much more. Bird lovers throng to this place to spot these very birds and take beautiful memories back home. The gentle humming of birds soothes you and fills you with a sense of calmness when you explore the enchanting environs of Sundarbans tiger reserve. The best way to spot some beautiful birds is from the Sajnekhali Watch Tower.

3. Gawk at the captivating flora of the region

Another significant aspect that the Sundarbans National Park is famous for is the mangrove vegetation here which comprises of over 64 plant species. They are capable of withstanding saline and estuarine situations. When you visit the park, you will get a chance to see some gorgeous plants and trees like dhundal, garjan, passur, goran, and sundari. Whether it is Kankra’s red flowers or Khalsi’s yellow flowers, looking at the multi-hued flowers will make for a fulfilling trip to the region.

4. Take in the calm environs of the region

The boat ride takes you into the deeper channels of the marvellous forest and lets you take in the pristine natural beauty of the place. Sundarbans National Park is a haven for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts as well as solace seekers because of the unspoilt natural beauty and exotic wildlife it houses. The gentle rustling of leaves, the chirping sounds of beautiful birds, and the amazing views of the lush green trees in the region let you waltz into serenity.

The park is truly a photographer’s delight, letting you gawk in wonderment at the rich wildlife and taking in the immaculate natural environs of the place.

5. Sundarbans National Park Information

Here is some important information about Sundarbans National Park that you must know before you plan a trip to this beautiful region: -

  • Location

The entrance of the Sundarbans National Park is basically from the Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary where you also find a museum, watchtower complex, turtle farm, crocodile enclosure, and many other important areas. A significant fact that travellers must know is that the Sundarbans are accessible only by boat. The location of Sundarbans National Park is about 100 kilometres southeast of Kolkata.

  • No Plastic

Other essential information you must know before you visit Sundarbans National Park is that plastic is banned in the area.

  • Climate

With temperatures ranging from 20 degree Celsius to 48 degree Celsius, the climate of Sundarbans Tiger Reserve is generally pleasant.

  • How to Reach

The city that is situated the closest to Sundarbans National Park is Kolkata. It is connected with the national park through railways, waterways, and roadways.

  • Best time to Visit

The best time to visit Sundarbans National Park is during the winter months i.e. December, January, and February.

Many tourists visit the UNESCO-protected Sundarbans National Park by opting for Sundarbans National Park tour packages which offer a pre-planned itinerary to tour the area. Making travel fun and easy, these tour packages cover all the major highlights of the place.

All in all, Sundarbans National Park or Tiger Reserve is sure to leave you spellbound and have a rendezvous with nature. The park offers the perfect set-up to unwind and rejuvenate while you watch some extraordinary views of nature. Whether it is spotting the wild animals of Sundarbans National Park or getting enticed by the natural beauty of the place, the park knows how to leave you mesmerized.

April 03, 2020


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