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Snowfall in Shimla - Winter Secrets of the Summer Capital of India

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There is something extraordinary about the first snow. A tiny ice crystal that, much to the unawareness of people walking by, floats gently in front of their eyes. As they look up at the flurries slowly cascading down from the sky, a joy like no other widens their eyes and fills their hearts. Our world is full of breathtaking places - from gushing waterfalls to deserts, rugged landscapes to majestic mountains. There is so much to explore and experience. Yet, there are those who always find themselves drifting towards snow-capped beauties and places where they can experience the gentle bites of these flurries falling down on their faces in a picturesque town somewhere in the West. But you do not have to take a trip to a foreign country just to experience snow. You can do it right here, in Shimla.

Situated among lush valleys and forests of oak, Himalayan Cedar, Spruce, and Rhododendron, Shimla is the perfect destination for travellers no matter the time of the year. Still, there is something colossal about how its beauty further shines through when it snows. Despite being proclaimed the Summer Capital of Colonial India in the 1860s, this popular tourist destination is a blessed nature’s wonder. And with winter just around the corner, what better way to spend the season than to watch snowfall in Shimla.

Snowfall in Shimla - Tour the Summer Land in Winters

Some places just hit differently. And your trip to Shimla will too. Nestled cosily in the Himalayan mountains, and spread across seven hills in the northwest Himalayas, this Queen of Hills, much to the taste of everyone, has so much to offer and snowfall only adds to the flavour. Whether you are planning for your honeymoon in Shimla or simply wish to build a snowman from freshly fallen snow, we have curated a guide for when you embark on your journey to witness snowfall in Shimla. Let us take a look at what this post has in store for you.

  • Best time to visit Shimla to watch snowfall
  • Cosy accommodations for a snowy retreat
  • Local delicacies and warm treats
  • Tips to have a safe and worthwhile trip

Best time to visit Shimla to watch snowfall

Shimla tour Package

If you are planning a trip to witness this winter wonderland, you might be wondering which months experience the best snowfall in Shimla. While autumn is not the peak month to witness snowfall in Shimla it still is an excellent time to enjoy pleasant weather and witness its transformation to winter.

The heart of the snowfall season in Shimla falls between December to February when the town turns into this picture-perfect winter paradise and the streets are lined with snow and the coniferous leaves are heavy with snow.

The best time to visit Shimla to watch snowfall is the last week of December to the second week of January. January is the heart of the winter season when the town welcomes tourists to revel in the snow activities. Easing into the quieter months of February, the snow slowly starts to recede and make way for the spring season. It is the perfect time to enjoy quieter moments with your family and friends.

Cosy accommodations for a snowy retreat

Since the British rule, Shimla has always been a popular destination for travellers seeing respite from the scorching heat of the plains during the summer months. But the charm of the city extends well beyond the sweltering hot season, into the winter when snow transforms it into a magical wonderland.

Hotel Marina

Offering panoramic views of the snow-clad Himalayan Mountains, Hotel Marina is a hundred-year-old property that was once used by British officers as a recreational retreat during the seasons. Today, this designer boutique hotel has become an oasis for tourists looking to indulge in luxury paired with simplicity and rich hospitality.

Wildflower Hall

An Oberoi Resort perched high in the mountains, the Wildflower Hall is a luxurious oasis for those seeking a snowy escape. The grandeur of this heritage property, combined with its warm interiors and breathtaking views, creates an enchanting ambience. Enjoy crackling fires in your room's fireplace, soak in the hot tub overlooking the snow-capped peaks, and savour gourmet meals by the window as the snow falls gently outside.

The Chalets, Naldehra

Nestled in the quiet town of Naldehra - a hill station located near Shimla that experiences snowfall every winter - The Chalets is a hidden treasure. With alpine-style winter cottages lined in the lap of the Himalayas, The Chalets provide a quintessential winter experience. These resorts are perfect for a leisurely vacation or recreation retreat and offer a number of stay options, including studio apartments, bungalows, log chalets and much more. Snuggle up by the fireplace in your private chalet, sip hot cocoa on the veranda, and take leisurely walks in the snow-covered pine forests.

Shimla, with its snow-covered landscapes and cosy accommodations oozing with warmth and a relaxed vibe, offers a retreat like no other.

Local delicacies and warm treats

Your trip to Shimla is incomplete without savouring the taste of authentic Shimla cuisine and filling your belly with delicious dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. Though the city has its fair share of fine-dine restaurants and places to feed your senses as well as your belly, local food bought from the street vendors as you roam around the city gazing at the snow-covered tops will be an experience like no other.

Fill your bellies with delicious meals made from soaked chickpeas, veggies, and common spices that promise taste, nutrition and that much-needed warmth you would need as you soak in the views of snowfall in Shimla. Ask a local street vendor to pack two Babru, mouthwatering kachori dishes made from grounded chana daal paste served with tarty tamarind chutney; or take a bite out of Sidu a yeast-kneaded wheat bread with a filling of boiled green peas, dal, roasted nuts and paneer for nourishment.

Tips to have a safe and worthwhile trip

When winter blankets the hills of Shimla in a soft, powdery snow, it turns into a magical world that lures travellers from all corners. As an ideal cosy winter retreat a trip to Shimla during snowfall is a memorable experience that will leave you spellbound by the natural beauty of this hill station. As you explore the snow-clad landscapes, sip on hot cacao, and build snowmen, you will find yourself immersed in the magic of winter in Shimla.

Let us take a look at some tips for your travel to Shimla in the snowfall season.

Pick the perfect time

To fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Shimla's snowfall, time your visit during the winter months, typically between December and February. January will be especially magical with its abundant snowfall, making it the ideal window for snow activities and adventure.

Choose your cosy nest beforehand

Shimla is especially busy during the winter season. With travellers from across the world visiting to indulge in the beauty of the place, you might want to book your lodging beforehand. But, when you book a Shimla tour Package and travel with Veena World, all you have to do is sit back, relax and admire the beauty of the snowflakes in a warm hotel room in the company of your loved one.

Layer up

Shimla enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year. While summers are moderately warm, which is a source of delight for tourists who visit during the season to get away from the hot and humid climate, winter months in Shimla are especially chilly with fresh snowfall covering the mountain tops and houses in a blanket of white. Since the winter temperatures will relatively be colder in this summer capital of India, you would want to have enough clothes to bundle up to stay warm.

The weather in the mountains tends to change from moment to moment. Stay prepared and make sure to pack plenty of warm clothes including pairs of warm socks, thermal wear, cosy jackets, gloves, snug boots, and earmuffs. Layering is going to be your best friend when it comes to staying toasty in the frosty weather of Shimla.

At last, warm your heart by taking in the mesmerising views of Shimla during snowfall. A time that turns the city into a winter wonderland. Winter in the summer capital with the breathtaking views of the morning sun glistening brightly on the snow-covered backyards. A warm cup of aromatic chai as you stay warm, wrapped in blankets with your favourite book by your side. Book a Shimla tour from Mumbai with us and bear witness to the transformation of this popular tourist destination. See it turn from a beautifully rugged landscape to a winter paradise.

November 02, 2023


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