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In the tourist destinations landlocked by Himalayan Ranges dwells mesmeric natural beauty. One destination situated amid the lofty hills of Eastern Himalayas, one that tops the list of an ardent traveller for its landscapes and woodlands is Gangtok. The gem of north-east, the capital of Sikkim, Gangtok is, perhaps, the most beautiful hill station of India.

The moment you step foot in Gangtok, you will be welcomed by the spectacular view of cloud-covered, majestic Mt. Kanchenjunga, and when you begin touring, you will get to visit Tsomogo Lake, Himalayan Zoological Park, Reshi Hot Springs, Seven Sisters Waterfall, Ganesh Tok, and Rumtek Monestry; some of the best places to visit in Gangtok.

It is a given that Gangtok is a nature lover’s paradise. But, shouldn’t you bring along some items as the memories of your Gangtok trip-souvenirs? Yes, you should and for shopping in Gangtok, you can visit MG Road, Lal Bazar, and Kanchenjunga Shopping Complex. These are considered to be the best shopping places in Gangtok and have items that carry the essence of art and culture of this hill station. At these shopping spots, you will find some of the best things to buy in Gangtok.

Here is the list of souvenirs you can come back with while returning to your home from Gangtok: –

1. Tibetan carpets

Add a traditional touch to your home décor with exquisite Tibetan carpets. These are one of the best things to buy from Gangtok as they are a beautiful and quintessential representation of the artistic skills that Sikkim possesses. Tibetan carpets are handmade with floral motifs intricately woven into them and are imbued with bright colours like red, yellow and green. They will add a quaint touch to your home décor and embellish your home interiors to look distinctly attractive.

2. Semiprecious stones and silver jewellery

While shopping in Gangtok, your gaze is sure to fall upon the wonderful Sikkimese jewellery. You will find earrings and bracelets made in silver, neckpieces made of semiprecious stones and bangles made of seven metals. Sikkimese jewellery is, in fact, a very famous item that tourists buy when in Gangtok but, at the same time, they are very different from jewellery sold in other parts of the country. Traditional jewellery of Sikkim carries exclusive designs and is handcrafted. Don’t forget to take it home!

3. Thangkas

If you are interested in learning about Buddhist culture which is quite popular in Gangtok, Thangkas must form the part of your list of things to buy in Gangtok. Thangkas are a unique kind of painting as they are made of cotton and silk. Using ornamental needle-work, fabrics are cut in different shapes and patterns are sewn on a larger piece of silk and cotton. These paintings are made to represent the lives of Buddhist deities and mystic Mandalas. Given the amount of hard work involved in making these paintings, they are quite delicate.

4. Clothes 

Clothes Shopping in Gangtok is something you cannot skip as Sikkimese clothes are beautifully designed and are indeed very colourful. You can go for cheap clothes shopping in Gangtok at Old market and MG Marg where you will find handloom products as well as fashionable and stylish outfits. Among the range of clothes available in these shopping markets at Gangtok, hand-woven jackets might capture your attention. These jackets carry traditional Sikkimese embroidery and look stunning when paired with jeans.

5. Hand Carved Wooden Products

Your Gangtok holiday package will take you to many shopping places that are famous for selling traditional products. At these places, you will come across shops selling hand-carved wooden items; these items are so elegantly and wonderfully designed that you will not be able to keep your eyes off them. You will get to get see products like masks, tables, and lamps made with woods from trees like Toona Ciliata; an irresistible proposition for those who like to shop souvenirs.

6. Sikkim Tea

Having a cup of Sikkim tea can be a uniquely refreshing affair. Once you are done exploring Gangtok sightseeing places, sit comfortably with a cup of Sikkim tea in your hotel room and have a chilled out time. Sikkim tea comes from Temi Tea Garden located in the south of Sikkim and is one of the most famous things to buy in Gangtok. Once you taste this tea, you will definitely take one for your home.

The jewellery, clothes, paintings, and wood carved items that you get to see in the markets when you go shopping in Gangtok, are a reflection of the art and culture that exists here. So attractive are these products that you will have to buy an extra bag to take them along with you. Add shopping to your list of things to do on your Gangtok holiday package; it will be time and money well spent!

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