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Discover Paradise in Kerala: Your Dream Vacation on Poovar Island

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The tropical haven of the Indian subcontinent, Kerala, is home to several villages and islands that are breathtakingly still. The tranquillity of these hidden treasures is so mesmerising that it feels surreal every time you visit them. One such village, Poovar Island, is 14 km from Kovalam and 35 km from the capital city. Set at Thiruvananthapuram’s southern tip, it is sprawled with homestays, guesthouses, and resorts. With a backdrop of the world-famous backwaters, this little haven is a perfect tourist destination. One can easily find Kerala tourism honeymoon packages, family holiday deals, and solo trip offers to Poovar from reputed travel companies. Imagine spending cruising in the backwaters with your loved ones, lazying at the beach, and gorging on lip-smacking at local haunts. Sounds amazing, right? Find out more about Poovar Island to plan your next vacation: -

A Guide to Explore Poovar Island

  1. Getting There
  2. Exploring Poovar Island
  3. Things to Do in Poovar Island
  4. Best Time to Visit Poovar Island

Getting There

Poovar Island, India is easy to reach via several modes of transportation. Travellers can take a flight from their home city to Trivandrum. The international airport is situated 35 km from Poovar Island. You can book a private taxi or self-drive to the lush green island. If you are exploring different parts of Kerala, reaching Poovar Island will be a smooth ride. It is connected to all major road routes with buses and taxis available round the clock. Trivandrum Central Railway Station is merely 27 km from the island, making it easy to reach. To make your journey exciting, you can travel via water! That’s right. Some resorts on Poovar Island offer transfers from Trivandum’s backwaters. However, you need to connect with your travel manager or the hotel’s concierge to make your booking for a boat ride in advance. So, make sure you have it on your vacation prep list.

Exploring Poovar Island

Doing touristy things in and around Poovar Island is not only fun but also quite manageable. Auto rickshaws are the go-to option for most travellers who want to explore the following places: -

The Beaches

The village of Poovar is blessed by the sea Gods in abundance. Its pristine beaches truly depict a heavenly sight that will soothe your heart and mind. Relax and unwind at Golden Sand Beach, Poovar Island’s most popular beach. Besides this, you can unwind at Poovar Island North Beach and Poovar Island South Beach, both equally serene, peaceful, and welcoming.

The Backwaters

Is it even a vacation in Kerala without cruising along its backwaters? Without stringing you along, we will straight away dive into the sheer beauty of the backwaters in Poovar! You can hop on a traditional boat and experience a backwater cruise that will stay with you for life. The tranquil waters, green cover, and en-suite local treats will reinstate your faith in everything good and holy. We recommend checking the Poovar Island backwater boat timings in advance so that you can plan your cruise properly.

The Mangrove Forest

Salty coastal waters have tropical trees called mangroves, as their confidants. Their kindred spirit is so loud and wild that it had to have forests named after it! One of the most unique experiences at Poovar Island is exploring the mangroves. A boat ride through these thick and luscious tropical trees to Neyyar River and then downriver will make your vacation a trip of a lifetime! Folks who appreciate tropical flora and fauna are also in for a treat on this ride. You will see birds like the Kingfisher, Brahminy Kite, Night Heron, Sea Egret, Black Darter, and more, hanging out and living their best lives.

Things to Do in Poovar Island

Things to Do in Poovar Island

Among all the tourist places to visit in Kerala, Poovar is one place that will make you feel grateful, pampered, and blessed. Take a look at the best things to do here and make your time truly special: -

Indulge in an Ayurvedic Spa - If you read even a single review of a Poovar Island spa experience, your fancies will be tickled to a great extent. An Ayurvedic spa will be the perfect cherry on top of your vacation. You can book one at your resort or visit a speciality centre for traditional Ayurvedic treatments.

Try Out Water Sports - An enticing prospect in Poovar Island, Trivandrum is trying out water sports. While boating is exciting enough for some folks, you can push your limits a little, won’t you dear traveller? Be it kayaking or jet skiing, the adventure activities in the sea are not to be missed. Also, Poovar Island has India's best instructors and gear for water sports so you will be taken care of.

Make Time for Cultural Experiences - People who enjoy cooking will also have a gala time in Poovar. You can book a cooking session with a home cook, attend a cooking-and-tasting session at a resort or simply observe traditional food being prepared on a shikara. The local seafood dishes are prepared using simple ingredients. You can go back home and try them out with your friends and family!

Devour the Local Cuisine - Whether you stay in Poovar Island for a day, a week or a month, devouring its local delicacies is something you need to indulge yourself in. To begin with, experience a traditional Kerala feast known as Sadya. It doesn’t have to be only on Onam. You can enjoy a Sadya meal at most of the restaurants in and around the village. Served on a fresh and crisp banana leaf, this vegetarian meal consists of pickles, chips, rice, curries, sambar, rasam, and several stews.

After satiating yourself with a Sadya lunch, go for a non-vegetarian extravaganza and try Kerala prawn curry, meen moilee, fried anchovies, crab curry, and a lot more! The freshest seafood is at your disposal in Poovar. Make the most of it!

Best Time to Visit Poovar Island

The price of Kerala tourism packages and deals differ based on the season. For most travellers, the most comfortable time to visit this part of the country is between October and March. This is mainly due to the pleasant weather conditions. There is a chill in the air in Poovar in the night followed by pleasant windy weather during the day. As this is the most happening time of the year, it is best to book a holiday package in a timely manner. Folks who want to have a more economical holiday can visit Poovar during the shoulder season (April/May and September). The heat isn’t very harsh so you can participate in a lot of summer activities, attend cultural events, and try out several food items without burning up.

Tropical weather is at its glory in Kerala. Thus, travellers are advised to carry light clothing that they can layer if needed. Moreover, it is advised to carry sunscreen (preferably SPF 50+) and apply it multiple times a day to keep your skin safe from UV rays. A trip to Poovar Island should just not be an episode of daydreaming. It is a piece of paradise you need to relish as soon as possible. Book a holiday package and make memories right away!

May 14, 2024


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