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Top 8 Scenic Offbeat Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

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Blessed with the ethereal beauty of nature, pristine lakes, unexplored valleys, high altitude mountain passes, and revered pilgrimage sites, the state of Himachal Pradesh is an adventurer’s paradise in every respect. Imbibed with the warmth and love of its natives, this place is also admired and lauded for its heritage, ancient monasteries, and tranquil atmosphere. If your wanderlust aspirations are also driven by the path less travelled, then the land of Himachal Pradesh will surely mesmerize you with its charm.

For the seekers of the most unravelled paths of nature, there are many offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh that will enthral you in the most unique way. Whether it’s simply an offbeat escape or a romantic honeymoon getaway, Himachal holds immense possibilities for every traveller.

Here is a treasure trove of the most surreal offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh which will help you plan your next trip: -



Encircled by lush green deodar forests and the majestic Himalayas, the small village of Barot near Mandi is truly one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Perched at an altitude of 6000ft above sea level, the rough terrains of Barot provide a scenic trekking trail for the trekkers. The gushing white water of Uhlu River is the core of Barot, which not only adds charm to this hamlet but also is a major lifeline for various living species of this place. The trout spawning center with various fish ranches at the river water are a major attraction for fishing among travellers. For those who are fond of exploring the rich wildlife, Nagru wildlife sanctuary situated across the river Uhlu is a perfect offbeat place in Himachal for those enthralling expeditions. In case you want to spend the night near the Sanctuary exploring more nearby offbeat locations in Himachal then you can take the accommodation which is readily available in Barot.


In the trails of best offbeat locations in Himachal, Bhuntar is the path less discovered. Located on the confluence of River Parvati and Beas this quaint little town in the hilly district of Kullu is a lesser known destination devoid of the hustle of tourists. The rugged terrains of mountains and the beautiful lush greenery of forests provide a natural beauty to this place. The enormous natural vicinity of Bhuntar provides shelter to a variety of animals like Himalayan musk deer, brown bears and much more under the name of Great Himalayan National Park. For trekkers, the Tirthan valley of Bhuntar is one of the most attractive offbeat places in Himachal. The area around the base of the valley is also known for trout fishing.

The other best offbeat places in Himachal near Bhuntar are Sar Pass in the Parvati Valley famous for its adventure activities like high altitude trek and Malana offering serene and silent surroundings to the travellers who flock here for solace and enjoy some peaceful moments.



Located amidst the astounding paradise of Parvati valley, near Kullu, Kheerganga is one of the iconic offbeat destinations in Himachal, providing its visitors with a wealth of memorable experiences. If you are planning for your Himachal honeymoon package then don’t forget to add this beautiful paradise to your list for the perfect rewind in the lap of nature. You can try exploring the beautiful lush meadows of the mountains, and enjoy sunsets while discovering an unusual sense of relief and satisfaction across nature’s trail. For adventure seekers, it’s a must to venture on some trekking and camping experiences at Kheerganga. The 14 km trek of the Kheerganga is filled with splendid views of the Himalayas with various campsites options at the top. Stargazing at night is a highlight of the camping experiences at Kheerganga. After all the hustle of trekking and hiking some of the iconic offbeat places in Himachal, the hot water spring at Kheerganga provides the perfect antidote for the tiredness of trek.


Arki is an offbeat place in Himachal Pradesh known for its unique blend of art, culture and heritage. Situated amidst the majestic mountain ranges of Shivalik hills, the scenic landscapes of Arki is home to some of the most stunning architectural wonders and ancient heritage as well. Especially the temples at Arki adorn a striking architecture that travellers must have a glimpse of. Enlisted in the top offbeat places in Himachal among tourists, the small town of Arki also offers a wide range of outdoor activities like nature and jungle walks, hiking, trekking, heritage tour etc. The small town of Arki is also associated with its legendary royal past with several monuments depicting the heritage of the bygone eras.


One of the best offbeat places in Himachal, Kaza is truly the peace of wanderlust. Surrounded by the brown barrens of the Himalayas, the town of Kaza is characterized by Monasteries, high altitude farming, rocky terrains and steep mountain slopes offering spectacular views of snow-clad peaks and a rugged desert-like backdrop. Being one of the iconic offbeat destinations in Himachal, Kaza has a lot to offer to its visitors. One such place is Kunzumla pass journey which is considered an epic ride among bikers and adventure enthusiasts. Another attraction of Kaza is the key monastery which is also a must expedition among the top honeymoon places in Himachal, for its sacred and peaceful aura. For photography and nature enthusiasts, a trek to Chandratal Lake and Dhankar Lake is a key to paradise in itself. The most interesting spot at Kaza is its Kibber village which is the highest village in India with a motorable road. Surrounded by picturesque landscape this village attracts a large number of bike adventurers.

Prashar Lake

Prashar Lake

Close to Mandi, Prashar Lake is another offbeat place in Himachal Pradesh that you must visit. A trek to Prashar Lake is well known among trekking enthusiasts, especially the winter season trek. The 16 km trekking route to Prashar Lake, starts from Bagi village and trails through the uphill dense forests of mountains. Once you reach the lake which is located at an altitude of 8950 ft above sea level, you will get an unrestricted view of the mighty Dhauladhar ranges. The crystal clear water of the lake and the 3 storied ancient Pagoda temple dedicated to sage Prashar provides the most beautiful and expressive feature of the landscape, making your expedition to the offbeat hill stations in Himachal even more worthwhile.


For travellers who want a quiet escape away from the hustle of the city, Theog is the place to plan for your Himachal tour package. Located between Kinnaur and Rohru valley of Shimla, the small picturesque town of Theog is a perfect offbeat place to visit in Himachal Pradesh. The beautiful landscape of Theog is known for its ridges and hiking expedition. When at Theog one can explore hiking at the most magnificent mountain ranges of India, which forms a large part of this magical destination. In order to get a 360-degree view of the scenic landscape of the place, you can hike to Shali Tibba along the quaint pathways and Khatnol village, to get the most fascinating experience of a lifetime.


Nestled in the Kinnaur valley of Himalayas, a journey to offbeat hill stations in Himachal is never complete without Chitkul. Famously known as the last village of Indo Tibet border the enchantingly surreal beauty of Chitkul is truly an adventurer’s delight. For trekking enthusiasts, there are various trekking trails from Chitkul like Nagasti ITBP (4 km), Rani Kanda meadows (10 km), and Borasu pass trek. A sure shot dose of adventure these trekking routes also guarantee an excursion that is completely filled with panoramic views of the Himalayan vistas and the valleys.

So if you are searching for some best offbeat destinations this summer, then choose Himachal Pradesh for the most serene, less commercialized and valuable vacation experience.

March 06, 2022


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