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Incredible Ideas for USA Road Trips – Embark on Epic Journeys

13 mins. read

Observe movies of travel… most of them are based on the concept of a road trip. Imagine the best of your friends, closest of your families or people you love or even solo…what pops into your head when it comes to a long soothing trip of a lifetime? Trust me, for the species of explorers we’ve always liked roads more than anything. Unlike flying on the skies, there’s nothing more than the speed that you achieve in the journey. On the contrary, while on road you achieve immense freedom of waiting, exploring, witnessing and leading the journey entirely!

Road trips have become a perfect imagery of travel revelation that one craves for. The idea of driving through the roads, traversing new routes, digging the head in the maps…bringing the location out of it and truly witnessing it, excites most travellers and their explorer's guts. The uncertainty of the exploration is the most exciting part of the journey. Road trips are an absolute form of being in control of the pace, spots and the journey as a whole, and yet it has the touch of unseen adventure awaiting, both together form a perfect imagery to excite the adrenaline rush in any adventure traveller.

Road trips

While there are so many options available to take a road trip to, a USA road trip will always stand out as the most Hollywood style experience. The USA which is usually known to be travelled coastwise and extensively by flights is one of the top destinations to be explored along a road trip. Filled with so many things to do in USA, finding your kind of trip can be tricky. Explore the beautiful hidden experiences as you trace out your journey. Follow your guts, not the itinerary… wait when you wish, stroll when you like, see what you choose and explore the rawness of all of it.

With exceptional routes and road systems running across the country, all blessed with uniquely raw attractions that make the USA road trip one of a kind. Explore best road trip vacations in the USA by selecting your favourite places to visit in USA according to your route and bring your own American Adventure into reality! If you are wondering about the best road trips to take in USA, and having a hard time to choose, here are some interesting picks that will make your journey one of a kind. Frame these into your USA tour packages from India and explore this exciting land in your own way and pace.


1. Atlantic Coast

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Experience the East Coast with the twist of a road trip of a lifetime and redefine all the usual east coast USA tour packages itineraries into something irresistibly enchanting. Starting from the iconic attraction of all the USA tour packages from India itineraries, the Statue of Liberty all the way to Key West, embarks a 2000 mile journey of Atlantic Ocean. One of the most photogenic routes of the many road trips of USA, Atlantic Coast has many well-known sights alongside with more offbeat locations all clubbed together to give you one of the best experiences of things to do in USA. Explore the East Coast on your own pace in your own kind of exploration and inspire everybody travelling along with USA tour packages from India to experience something entirely more than one can imagine.


2. Pacific Coast

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The West Coast itineraries of USA holiday packages when being framed into a route map trail for a road trip, it forms this breathtaking Pacific Coast route. Starting from Washington to San Diego, this 1650 mile journey will portray varied landscapes from rainforests to deserts, Pacific Coast route will cover attractions like Olympic National Park, Three Capes Loop and Redwood National Park etc which will make the West Coast USA exploration an exclusive experience for you. Cover the popular West Coast at your own pace and experience everything that makes it so iconic and more. The road trip here will undoubtedly make this journey a kind of personalised experience, which will in itself be a memory of a lifetime. Take the unique choice of exploring the most popular places and transform the normal best USA tour packages from India into something significantly your kind.


3. Route 66

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The most popular pick that caught the attention of countless travellers has to be the route 66 USA road trip. Go on a fantastic route 66 USA road trip where you cover over 8 states and 14 cities. Explore the offbeat side of America and the best way to do this is by road! Explore the idealistic rustic route with a touch of being a historic route, this will show you true heart of USA as it passes right through the centre of the nation.

Historically significant as for over decades around World War II, Route 66 was the ‘main street of America’ as it runs through the heart of the nation connecting small towns across the Midwest and Southwest with iconic cafes, tourist attractions, motels, gas station, etc. Transform the USA holiday packages from India into one of your best road trips in USA. This is one of those routes which will typically remind of Hollywood road travel scenes!


4. The Loneliest Road

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The name will get your attention immediately to know more about this route which is named ‘the loneliest road.’ Running through 11 states and most spectacular landscapes of USA, US-50 is a coast-to-coast route of 3200 miles that passes through some of the most exceptional attractions that are covered in USA holiday packages. Witness Sierra Nevada, Appalachian, Rocky Mountains, farmlands of the Great Plains, and the deceptive deserts of Utah and Nevada and redefine the usual USA holiday packages from India into an unrivalled and one of your top road trips in USA. As narrated by Times magazine which famed it as the ‘Backbone of America’ the loneliest road ironically have so much to share and experience that you will feel no loss of a company!


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5. The Road to Nowhere

[gallery type="slideshow" size="full" link="none" ids="3966,3973"]

An iconic long distance route which was once the only known trail from Canada to Old Mexico. The Road to Nowhere or also known as the US-83 passes through the heartland of America. It marks a historic division between two sections, the civilized eastern parts of USA with the desert lands of the west. The Road to Nowhere is observed to be passing roughly through the hundredth meridian. Explore the countryside of the American lands and get excited to witness some raw beauty of the nation.

Let the exploratory side of you be excited to try out something more than the popular trends of best USA tour packages from India. Witness some of the most interesting dusks and dawns along the way and spend your time like you’re back in the 90’s era in America. This route will give you an absolutely satisfying feeling of solitude with everything you love. In experiences like these, you will realise, maybe that’s why it was named, ‘The Road to Nowhere.’


6. The Great River Road

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Correctly suggested by the name, The Great River Road is the one which runs over the main and the most popular river of the USA, the Mississippi, from head to toe. Passing through 10 states of America, The Great River Road gives you so much more than just different panoramas of Mississippi. This route of The Great River Road takes you through the local side of the country, where you get a chance to explore farms, meadows, cypress swamps, thick forests, limestone cliffs, along with parks and wildlife refuges. Turn all of your usual best USA tour packages from India itineraries even more interesting by going complete offbeat. Traverse through the wild lands and feel the heart go free and limitless. Get the true flavour of a road trip, because after all, it was all about going into the wild.


7. Overseas Highway

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For the thalassophiles who want to experience driving over the seas! Overseas Highway route is true to its name and it marks its journey from Miami to Key West. Overseas Highway is an experience that has all the possible Keys to your love of sea! #punintended But, literally, this route has the most interesting Keys possible, for example, Ragged Key, Plantation Key, Fat Deer Key, Tea Table Key and Sugarloaf Key. Drive through the islands that one traveller usually experiences with his usual USA tour packages. Feel the thrill of cutting through the winds over the sea and witness landscapes of a lifetime. This might be the best USA road trip of your life! Overseas Highway crosses over 42 bridges which will take you through some of the most spectacular places to visit in USA.


The United States of America can surely be the one nation offering you everything from landscapes to cityscapes, all along to give everyone travelling here, something to fall in love for. With so many options of places to visit in USA, it is set to give you one of the best road trips in USA, you can be very sure that this can be your next road trip destination. Listen to your calling of escaping everything and taking a break on the road with a trip on the wheels, set on this journey that has been in your bucket list for so long…!

And experience all of the great road trips in USA, because there is nothing like taking that journey than merely travelling on a schedule. Listen to your calling of adventure… and let those dreams of yours always wandering off when a scenario of friends exploring in a car together makes you go crazy! It is all a decision away and with so many routes that spread across America, you will never be short of routes and exploratory ideas. Explore this much popular destination in a not so popular way and experience everything that comes along with a way that traces unique getaways.

USA Road Trips

Inspiring many movies and many more books, road trips have been a genre in itself. That does not come as a surprise considering the nature of travel when it comes to road trips. Every trip turns into a story, which you can share for many gatherings to come. So many stories with laughter, adventure, lessons and endless moments of memories of a lifetime, all from one road trip. Imagine what can be achieved with many more. Road trips are known to truly reflect life… it is just a journey wanting to be lived, experienced and remembered along. Just breathe…and set on your drive on the memory lane!


“Road trips are the equivalent of human wings. Ask me to go on one, anywhere. We’ll stop in every small town and learn the history and stories, feel the ground and capture the spirit. Then we’ll turn it into our own story that will live inside our history to carry with us, always. Because stories are more important than things.”

– Victoria Erickson

October 19, 2018


Priyanka Tawde
Priyanka Tawde

A tripping traveller with twisted brains and a passion to express. Words may seem her forte but they are just tools for her art of expression. Pretty much a good weirdo sprinkled with stardust and space love. Mystery is what she follows and Curiosity is where you'll find her.

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