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Honeymoon Places in Tamil Nadu for a Romantic Trip

9 mins. read

Tamil Nadu tourism has always been popular among travellers, be it indigenous or the ones from abroad. Whether you wish to explore its beaches, each more beautiful than the last, or visit the temples that stand witness to a glorious past, Tamil Nadu has a lot to keep you exploring. From the laidback ambience of Puducherry to the serenity of Madurai and the verdant nature in Kodaikanal, there are several honeymoon places in Tamil Nadu which you can visit for a surreal experience.

A honeymoon is quite a special period when two people can spend some time together amidst the most alluring destinations, revelling in each other’s company before embarking on their married life. The southernmost state of India is blessed with the best geographical landscapes that make the backdrop for the best honeymoon places in Tamil Nadu. A long coastline, pristine hills, and shimmering lakes are just some of the attractions that you will get to witness here.

Now that the ‘amazingness’ Tamil Nadu is well-established, let us help you plan the perfect trip through the beautiful landscapes of the state. Here is a list of some of the most romantic places in Tamil Nadu that you can head to:

1. Kodaikanal

Also known as the “Princess of Hill Stations”, Kodaikanal can easily be counted among the most stunning destinations when it comes to Tamil Nadu’s tourist places for a honeymoon. When you visit Kodaikanal, you can include a visit to the Bryant Park, a boat ride in a star-shaped boat on the Kodai Lake, a trek to the Pillar Rocks, and taking a dip in the seclusion of the Silver Cascade Falls in your itinerary. One of the most romantic places in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal has some of the most attractive stretches of jungles and meadows, spectacular waterfalls, and orchards, all accompanied by a pleasant climate and calm ambience.

2. Kanyakumari

The southernmost tip of India’s mainland, Kanyakumari is the place where you can see the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal, and the Arabian Sea coming together. When it comes to tourist places for a honeymoon in Tamil Nadu, you simply cannot miss Kanyakumari. With an abundance of culture and vibrance, breath-taking sunrise and sunset views, and some of the most beautiful beaches, it is not hard to see why this destination would be a great spot for a honeymoon. From the Tiruchendur Temple to the Vattakottai Fort, this is one of the honeymoon places in Tamil Nadu that have a lot to offer. One of the most incomparable experiences that you will be able to enjoy here would be to catch a glimpse of the unparalleled view on Kanyakumari Beach as the setting sun and rising moon are visible in the sky at the same time.

3. Ooty

Known to be one of the most romantic places in Tamil Nadu, everything about Ooty spells out a perfect vacation. Starting from the train journey that begins at Mettupalayam and takes you through some of the most stunning landscapes and winding passageways to Ooty itself, every aspect of this vacation is magical in itself. With attractions like the tea gardens, Thread Garden, and Ooty Lake, it’s easy to see why Ooty is among the best honeymoon places in Tamil Nadu. There is so much to do here, and the best part is the amazing weather that will accompany you throughout, letting you fall in love all over again!

4. Coonoor

Any list of the best honeymoon places in Tamil Nadu simply cannot be complete without a mention of Coonoor where you can spend your time in the arms of nature. Coonoor is very well-known for the number of charming attractions it houses like Catherine Falls, Law’s Falls, Dolphin’s Nose, Hidden Valley, and of course, its sprawling tea gardens. Enjoy an amazing honeymoon in Tamil Nadu as you stroll hand in hand through the lush flora that’s engulfed in the magnificent aura of the hills.

5. Meghamalai

Though well-known for its high wavy mountains, Meghamalai is one of the rather unfrequented destinations that you can definitely visit for your honeymoon in Tamil Nadu. Surrounded by cloud-kissing mountains, this stunning hilly territory is located in the Theni district in Tamil Nadu. You can check out the cardamom plantations, tea estates, and picturesque forests as you visit attractions like the Meghamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Vellimalai, and Cloud Land Falls. No doubt Meghamalai is one of the best honeymoon spots in Tamil Nadu, offering an endless array of attractions and activities for couples who are enjoying their honeymoon.

6. Chennai

Chennai is a great destination to head to. It is home to some of the best beaches in South India, which make it one of the best honeymoon destinations in Tamil Nadu. You could enjoy some water sports at the Kovalam Beach or stroll across the 12 km stretch of Marina Beach, which is also one of the longest stretches in the world. Then there are places like Yercaud that promise peace amidst greenery. Most of the honeymoon destinations in Tamil Nadu can be easily reached from Chennai, making all the more sense to add the capital city to your itinerary.

7. Puducherry

One of the prime beach holiday destinations in India, Puducherry is full of exquisite destinations and is one of the best tourist places for couples in Tamil Nadu. There are numerous beaches in Puducherry that are well-known for their scenic appearance and pristine outlook, where you can spend hours on hours just relaxing. Then there are the numerous cafes and restaurants that offer some of the most delectable cuisines. When the sun goes down, Puducherry becomes the perfect party place where you can enjoy to the fullest. It isn’t hard to see why this is one of the best tourist places for couples in Tamil Nadu.

8. Vellore

Vellore is another city in Tamil Nadu that has some of the best sightseeing spots to offer. The city is a great showcase of the culture and traditions of the state and located on the banks of the Palar Vellore River. As one of the highly recommended honeymoon places in Tamil Nadu, Vellore is mainly known for the prestigious education institutes it houses, along with some magnificent temples and holy places. When you are here, you can also plan a visit to the Yelagiri Hill Station to check out the Punganoor Lake or Jalagamparai Waterfalls. While Vellore is often looked at as an offbeat honeymoon place in Tamil Nadu, the experiences that you have here are beyond compare.

9. Madura

The cultural capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, Madurai is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the country. It was ruled by the Pandya Kings and has been constructed in the shape of a lotus, which has earned it the moniker of ‘Lotus City’. If you’re looking for a place that offers a serene and calm environment and lets you take a step back in time, Madurai would be perfect for you. Full of temples that showcase intricate architecture, it is certainly an atypical choice among honeymoon places in Tamil Nadu.

10. Yelagiri

Located in the Tirupattur district of Tamil Nadu, Yelagiri is famed as being the second Ooty. Completely un-commercialized, and full of lakes, hills, and greenery, this is one of the best honeymoon places in Tamil Nadu that you can head to. Romantic picnic spots, adventure camps, a Nature Park with fish and tortoises, boating, and the Jalagamparai Falls are among the attractions that make this a place worth visiting. The best time to visit this hill station would be from November to February and there are many options available for a stay in different ranges.

With so many great options when it comes to honeymoon spots in Tamil Nadu, there is no reason why you should not choose the southernmost state of India as the place where you and your spouse embark on your life together. This list of the best honeymoon places in Tamil Nadu will play its part to help you plan a seamless itinerary that covers all the spots that call your fancy. The best way, however, to explore the reaches of Tamil Nadu would be with a customised holiday plan that takes care of all the arrangements and all you are left to do is to enjoy your honeymoon in style and comfort. You can choose from some of the best Tamil Nadu honeymoon packages for an itinerary that suits your preferences perfectly.

June 10, 2020


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