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A Honeymoon Guide to Super Romantic Places in Ooty

7 mins. read

Giving ample time to each other, knowing each other better, enjoying the peace and calmness of the city you go to and witnessing the mesmerizing sites that the place has to offer; sounds like a perfect plan for a great honeymoon! Now, we understand that “A perfect honeymoon destination” is a relative thing and can differ from couple to couple but there’s no debating that many would have these aspects in mind at the time of making a choice.

If you are one of those couples who wish to visit a place that has a plethora of beautiful sites, calm and peaceful environment, and vacant lanes to take long walks filled with conversations, then we have a great assortment of romantic places in Ooty for you. Here is what the place has on offer for newly married couples: -

1. Doddabetta Peak

The majestic Doddabetta peak is one of the best places in Ooty for couples. You will have to take an auto to reach here as it is about 6-7 km away from the city. What makes it one of the best places in Ooty is the magnificent view that it offers to visitors from its summit. You get the glimpse of a small settlement which is the city itself; rest is the green valley around the peak. While clicking some pictures here, you can also taste the hot and popular Ooty tea with some hot pakoras and other snacks.

While enjoying the view of the landscape with your beloved, do not miss out the glimpse of the Indian paradise flycatcher or the tit bird. If you wish to observe the surroundings better, then do visit the Doddabetta Telescope House. Located at a height of 2623 m above sea level, it is going to afford you a closer look at the sights to see.

2. Glenmorgan

Does Glenmorgan ring any bells? Yes it the same peaceful and beautiful place that has featured in Bollywood movies. This pristine place attracts not just the newly-wed couples but also a lot of nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Glenmorgan is one of the best places to visit in Ooty for couples owing to the sheer beauty that the charismatic landscapes and tea plantations possess. Situated on the outskirts of the main city, this is a small village that is surrounded by sparkling lakes, petite but picturesque villages, and a eucalyptus forest. Glenmorgan is home to the beautiful Mudumalai National Park, Glenmorgan Dam and Moyar Valley. If you are visiting Ooty for your honeymoon then make sure you put all of these places on your itinerary.

3. Catherine Falls

Presenting marvellous sights to watch and a place to relax after sightseeing in Ooty is the Catherine Falls. It is also known as St. Catherine Falls where the water is cascading down from a height of 250 feet. It is roughly about 30-35 km from the main city of Ooty. It is, without any question whatsoever, a breath-taking and not-to-miss site for newlywed couples. You can enjoy splashing water on your partner in the pool formed at the foot of the cascade. With all the serenity and beauty the place has to offer, you should definitely add this place in the itinerary for your honeymoon trip to Ooty.

If you wish to see the entire waterfall, then head towards the Dolphin’s Nose and trust me; it is a treat for the eyes to watch everything around from that point. And if you are an adventure-loving couple, you can trek up to the waterfall instead of taking a drive. The choice is completely yours!

4. Avalanche Lake

The perfect place to trek and enjoy bird watching activity is the Avalanche Lake in Ooty. It is one of the best places in Ooty for couples as it is romantic as well as adventurous. Since it is not very crowded, taking a walk on its banks adds to the blissful time that you would spend during their honeymoon. You can even enjoy fishing and overnight camping in around the lake. Picture this - camping beside a lake that’s surrounded by magnolias and Nilgiri Hills is romantic and adventurous even for couples who have done this before. Make sure you don’t miss out on this place during your honeymoon trip to Ooty. There is no other place like this in the entire city.

5. Botanical Garden

Taking a stroll in the Botanical Garden of Ooty will be rejuvenating. As you walk through the passage, you will pass by a lot of different species of plants and beautiful flowers. It gives a sense of peace and delight together because all of this on your honeymoon trip to Ooty is sure to leave you refreshed. It gives you a chance to disconnect from the chaos of life and connect with nature; albeit for a few hours. The entire garden is spread across 55 acres and has some of the rare species of plants, trees and flowers inside the vicinity. Apart from orchids and flowers, one can see a fossilized tree which is approximately 20 million years old. Make sure to get a glimpse of this tree and also the cork tree which is one-of-a-kind found only in India.

6. Needle Rock View Point

Pleasant weather, diversity of flora and fauna, tranquility and the panoramic 360° view is what Needle Rock View Point is famous for. It is a go-to spot for newly-wed couples, adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Looking for a great profile or cover pic for your social media handle? You’ve come to the right place!

With everything that is on offer in Ooty, having a memorable and enjoyable honeymoon trip is certain. Apart from these places, you can always enjoy local sightseeing in Ooty.Being an active tourist destination and a romantic spot, it serves a lot of travellers and couples every year. So, make your trip memorable by booking an Ooty tour package for your honeymoon!


December 29, 2019


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