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It’s Time For Your Holiday Of The Year! #HolidayOfTheYear

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Travel has become a part of our growing lifestyle. Once upon a time, it was preferred only by the elite. Now, everyone including the common man is determined to travel. May it only be once in a year, but taking that trip either solo or with family or with your loved one, has also become a prominent motto behind earnings and savings! The families nowadays make it a point to cross off and experience one destination at least once a year.

This is possible because we live in an age where the world has become very accessible, affordable and full of options. Unlike the old times, you don’t have to count fortune, spend days and days getting seasick. All of it to make it to the destination that you saw on a map and read about in the books! Now, travelling to any part of the world is just a click away!

Why You Must Travel Every Year!

Travel has brought life education to reality. It teaches us so much about the world and also about self. According to studies, these exposures are often found to be crucial for every individual, especially young minds. Hence, it is observed that travelling as a family has resulted in a healthier family environment. When it comes to solo or a trip with your loved one, travel has given new perspectives to life, relationships and a will to do something. Such experiences are very important as they tend to give you two most mandatory things: meaning and a much-needed break. Meaning because travel indeed will add meaning to your life. And every time you are on a journey, it will keep upgrading. Whereas, when it comes to a much-needed break from the routine, certainly there can’t be anything better than travel for a perfect restart!

Best Time is Festive Time!

India is a blessed nation when it comes to holidays! With so many cultures and traditions, festive holidays are easily our country’s USP in diversity! It is a perfect time for celebration, holidays and perfectly aligned seasons of #HolidayOfTheYear. Schools have vacations, workplaces declare holidays and travel goes in discounts! What more could one ask for! Families and individuals are seen saving up to take this travel break during these festive periods. Most noteworthy factor being, festivals in different regions are with different charms. This itself brings a whole new array of experience. One of such big vacation opportunity is Diwali! Most traveller enthusiasts are observed to head to their bucket list destination during the Diwali holidays! For those who missed this irresistible opportunity, Veena World brought the Golden Chance for them!

The Golden Chance

Before the year ends and your tradition of travel and evolve seems to lose hope, there is one festival that awaits you with unrivalled options! Christmas! Christmas is that one festival celebrated around the globe, opens up the whole map of destinations. Experiencing Christmas around the world with the exciting Christmas Markets and a spirit of New Year will give you a chance of creating memories of a lifetime. Just like you hoped and planned for this year. The Festival of Christmas would make your vacation #HolidayOfTheYear! For the ones who are wanting to take that #HolidayOfTheYear here’s their golden chance! Browse through our mini gallery of favourites picks especially for Christmas. Also, explore our treasure box page of Christmas holidays framed into irresistible itineraries only for you! Live it all, dream more, because when it comes to travel, we’ve got your back!


Top Picks of the destinations

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