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A Fairy Tale awaits You on the Grand Canal Venice

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Booking a trip to Italy is incomplete without exploring the famous canals is akin to missing out on the best parts of a show you are watching. In the same way, travelling to Italy and not exploring the Grand Canal in Venice is unpardonable! Not only is the entire length of the canal steeped in history but it also borders many locations that are interesting and provide you with interesting information about the ancient history of Venice.

What is the Grand Canal?

The Grand Canal, also known as Canale Grande in Venice, is a naturally formed waterway which divides the city and follows a reverse S course. The Grand Canal offers brilliant views of Venice and measures slightly more than 3 km with a width ranging between 30 to 70 metres and a depth of around 5 meters. It is connected at several points through the help of several smaller canals.

Transportation here is made possible thanks to the presence of the Canal Grande in Venice. This canal not only transports people from one point to the other but also makes it possible for water buses, emergency services and delivery of goods all over the city.

Architecture on the banks of the Grand Canal

Lined by historical, religious and modern buildings, the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy has a rich architectural history with buildings in different styles. This makes the entire route of the canal quite memorable. It is also important to remember that many buildings dating to older architectural styles have been preserved in some of the more famous locations, one of the palaces designed for an eminent family was renovated in the late 20th century; its elaborate exterior is one of the most breath-taking sights of the Grand Canal.

Apart from the above, the Palazzo Pessaro is a great example of the Classical style of architecture. Envisioned by Baldassare Longhena and completed in 1710, nearly 30 years after his passing, it is now home to the Museum of Oriental Art and Venice’s International Gallery of Modern Art.

Historical Sections of the Grand Canal

There are four sections of the bridge over Venice's Grand Canal which can be visited when touring the Grand Canal, Venice:

1. Ponte della Costituzione (Ponte di Calatrava a Venezia)

Ponte della Costituzione

The bridge over the Grand Canal of Venice is named after the architect who created the bridge. Its design was modernised in September 2008 to make it suitable for people who would like to cross from one point of the bridge to the other.

2. Ponte dell’Accademia

Named after the Accademia galleries nearby, it was first constructed in 1850 and initially made from steel. Later, the bridge was rebuilt with wood and supported with steel. Due to its elegant construction, it is a great place to get panoramic views of the Laguna and the Santa Maria de Salute. If you are booking a Venice city tour package, you should surely take some time to explore the bridge and its surrounding areas.

3. Ponte degli Scalzi

The Ponte Degli Scalzi is one of the four main bridges connecting the Santa Croce and Cannaregio areas separated by the Grand Canal Venice. Designed by Eugenio Miozzi, its construction was started in 1932 and finished in 1934, made with a type of limestone known as Istrian stone. The name of this bridge is often interchangeably used with Ponte della Stazione due to the proximity of the train station.

4. Ponte di Rialto

Originally built in 1181, it was then changed multiple times over the course of several years and finally became the design selected in 1255. It has two inclined ramps with stairs that lead to the main portico area. The bridge also has three walkways and shops on both sides of the bridge. Due to the design and materials used in creating the Ponte di Rialto Bridge, it is considered to be the oldest bridge which is the main attraction when visiting the Grand Canal in Venice.

Apart from the above-mentioned bridges over the Grand Canal, there are several other places to visit in Venice which should be included in the Venice city tour package you choose. Some of the notable places that you should visit are:

St Marks Basilica

The Basilica was consecrated in 1093 and is considered to be one of the most impressive architectural examples of Italo-Byzantine era. The structure houses the relics of St. Marks the Evangelist taken from Alexandria. St. Marks also worked as a private chapel of the doge (the constitutional monarch of the Republic of Venice).

The Doge’s Palace

The Doge’s Palace or Palazzo Ducale is one of the most well-known landmarks of Venice. Created with pink and white marble, the building has been created in the Gothic-Renaissance style for the rulers of Venice. Within the building, there are several amazing pieces of art created during the Renaissance era according to Venetian art. The most important ones to check out are the paintings and murals created by Veronese, Tintoretto and Tiepolo.

Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute

The Basilica of Santa Maria Del La Salute is considered to be the zenith of Baroque architecture which commemorates the return of Venice’s health after the Italian plague. The most attractive feature of the basilica is the crown-shaped dome with a figure of Mary on the top. Within the basilica, there is a medieval painting of Madonna Del La Salute placed just above the high altar and the floors are inlaid with marble inlaid on the floor in enthralling geometric forms. Additionally, there is a mini-museum which houses paintings by Titian and Tintoretto.

Peggy Guggenheim Museum

Housed in the Palazzo Venier Dei Leoni in the Dorsoduro area, it is the best collection of the highest-valued modern art collections internationally. The museum has a wide range of collections from all major movements of the world like Surrealism, Cubism, Futurism and more. Along with that, there are paintings created by artists like Picasso, Alexander Calder, Willem de Kooning, Paul Klee, Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollack and many more.

For all these reasons and more, the Grand Canal Venice tour is a must on your Italy vacation. Get ready to witness something that’s beautiful and magical in the same breath!

December 21, 2022


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