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Visit the destination that inspires odes from bards and ballads from songwriters; an eternal city that has been casting a spell since times immemorial.

Charming streets lying beside canals, lazy gondolas cutting a pretty picture, cutesy cafes hidden in alcoves of ancient buildings, a Venice tour package takes you to a destination that seems to have come straight out of a Shakespearean epic. One of the most desirable destinations not just in Europe but in the whole world, Venice is a city that is packed with attractions for all kinds of travelers. The entire setting of the city epitomizes love and romance and that is one of the primary reasons why Venice honeymoon packages are so popular among newlyweds. The silhouettes of the Venetian Gothic architecture cast enchanting shadows on the waters as a number of tourists find an experience of a lifetime in this floating city. 

A Venice tour package celebrates the best attractions in the city, including its art, culture, heritage, cuisine, alluring beauty, and much more. And if you are planning for your wedding, a Venice honeymoon package is definitely amongst the best ways to start this new chapter in your life. Given that couples from India are increasingly getting enamored by the idea of a floating honeymoon saga, Veena World has many Venice honeymoon packages from India that have been specially curated to offer the best experience to couples on a Venice tour package.


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Still cant find what you are looking for? Please feel free to Contact Us, Write us an Enquiry.

About the Destination

A Venice travel package takes you to the north eastern part of Italy to a city that has achieved quite the repute as a travel destination owing to hundreds of stunning buildings that you can witness here. This city comprises of 118 islands that are separated by canals over which more than 400 bridges have been built. The city’s unique topography is one of the main reasons for its popularity among tourists and the numerous canals make for some of the most romantic Gondola rides, which speaks a lot for the numerous couples who opt for Venice honeymoon packages from India.

Venice takes its name after the Veneti people who have inhabited the region since the 10th century. The city has been known as "La Dominante", "La Serenissima", "Queen of the Adriatic", "City of Water", "City of Masks", "City of Bridges", "The Floating City", and "City of Canals" through the ages. Such is the importance of the waterways here that the Venice lagoon and a part of the city have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This city has not only been an important financial and maritime hub but has also had a great influence on the arts, literature, and architecture of the region. At one time, Venice was considered one of the most powerful cities in Europe. You will be able to witness all this and more in person when you book your Venice honeymoon package and visit this unique city for the vacation of a lifetime.

Veena World has a huge range of offerings for people who want to travel to Venice, ranging from luxury packages to very affordable ones. The cost of your Venice trip can be planned based on your budget with the numerous packages by Veena World. Check out the cost-effective prices for Venice tour packages online at Veena World for the perfect vacation.


Experience Venice 

With the right tour package to Venice, you will be able to witness and indulge in a rendezvous of the eminently elegant buildings showcasing Venetian architecture and the ubiquitous canals crisscrossing them at will. There's an aura of romance hanging over the city that hasn't faded for centuries and that you will not be able to get enough of. But the labyrinth of waterways and canals is not the only alluring thing that you will experience on your Venice trip package. There's a surprise waiting to be unfolded at every corner, a story to waiting to be heard behind every façade, and tantalizing nuggets waiting to be discovered beneath the layers of this city. Each neighbourhood, called sestieri, has something unique and exciting to offer. On a Venice tour package for couples you will not be able to help as you get bowled over by the stunning mosaic of the striking churches and cathedrals. You can seek to click the perfect photograph atop an ancient bridge or just sit at a café as you feel the buzz in the air at St. Mark's Square. There is no doubt that you would wish you had more time to spend in this beautifully enchanting city as your Venice tour package from India slowly edges towards your flight back home.

However, when you book a Venice holiday packages from India from Veena World, you won’t have to worry yourself with the hassles of planning the perfect itinerary, for we will take care of it all for you. Venice is a city with numerous attractions and for the utmost ease, you can book the most cost-effectively priced Venice tour package from India online at Veena World, choosing from the numerous itineraries that we have to offer. Veena World ensures there is something for every kind of traveller and for all kinds of budgets. So, whether you are booking a package to Venice from Mumbai or Delhi, you are sure to find the perfect offer at Veena World.


Things to Do in Venice

Venice is a seamless amalgamation of the old and the new and you can witness this uniqueness by yourself when you visit the city. Here are a few attractions that you should add to your Venice vacation package for a complete experience of this floating city:

  • St. Mark's Basilica: Just like its canals and gondolas, St. Mark's Basilica has become synonymous with a Venice city tour package. This church, also known as Basilica di San Marco, is a magnificent edifice. The towering domes are covered by a mammoth 8000 square metres of the most exquisite mosaic work. The original building was built in the 10th century to bury the remains of St. Mark. After the building was burnt to ashes by a devastating fire, the city rebuilt the church on an even grander scale. The iconic altarpiece, the Pala d' Oro, was crafted by 12th-century artists and is decorated with thousands of precious stones and gems. Adorned with priceless Byzantine artefacts and built with premium building materials sourced from far and wide, this church is an awe-inspiring place to visit. Couples on their Venice honeymoon package can look forward to offering their prayers here for marital bliss. 
  • Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace): If there was ever a competition for the most lavish and grandest palaces of all time, the Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace) might just win it and with good reason. A stellar example of Venetian gothic architecture, the chambers such as Porta della Carta, Scala dei Giganti and Sala del Collegio are bound to leave you speechless. The palace boasts of priceless paintings by Italian masters such as Tintoretto and a visit here seems like enough to justify the cost of your Venice trip.
  • Canale Grande (Grand Canal): When you do get to witness it, the Grand Canal will seem like an underwhelming term used to describe the canal that criss-crosses the city in an interesting S curve. Once the address of the who's who of Venice, the area is now frequented by visitors wanting to head out on a gondola ride. Palaces and mansions of influential citizens here open onto the canal, and if you are on a Venice honeymoon package from India you might want to go for a leisurely and romantic ride on a gondola here at night.
  • Scuola Grande di San Rocco: It wouldn't be wrong to say that this city celebrates the great Italian painter Tintoretto. His artworks are present all over the city and it is no different at Scuola Grande di San Rocco. This 16th-century marble building was built for a charitable trust. Tintoretto's imprints can be found on the central panel, walls, and ceiling of the building.
  • Murano and Burano: A trip to Murano and Burano is an amazing ride across the lagoon and offers a chance to witness the epicentre of a highly skill-intensive art at close quarters. Venetian glasswork is admired and sought-after all over the world. This art was taken so seriously in the olden days that skilled glassworkers were confined to the islands of Murano and Burano so that they won’t be able to reveal the secrets of the trade to the outside world. Do not forget to visit the 17th-century Palazzo Giustinian or the Glass Museum, the 7th century Santi Maria e Donato church, and the San Pietro Martire. This is a destination that you simply have to factor into your Venice trip at any cost.
  • La Fenice: There is no doubt that Italian operas have made their mark upon the world. The 18th century La Fenice theatre has seen international opera giants performing here and should be spared a visit when you are in Venice. Such was the influence of this theatre that Verdi premiered the iconic Rigoletto and La Traviata at this very place.


Best Time to Visit Venice

The best time to book your Venice honeymoon package is from April to May and then from September to October. The weather is quite pleasant during this time with lots of sunshine and the lack of crowds will let you explore the city to its fullest. And the best part is, you can also get some great deals for your trip package to Venice online at Veena World!

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