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Ever Thought What goes on in the 55 million years old Rainforest?

6 mins. read

Amazon! The name itself is an expression of grand curiosity! Ever wondered what has made Amazon ‘The Forest’ of all time? This 55 million years old rainforest is a living history of every, almost all living species on earth! The grandeur of the Amazon rainforest can be realised when you observe that it covers 40% of South America, spreading across 9 countries. The significance can be noticed as you try and process the astounding fact that on average every three days, new discoveries of wildlife species is made in Amazon! Every three days!

The forest is a reminder of everything we don’t know about our own planet while we venture into discovering more about other planets. Ironic, isn't it? The importance of this, stunningly alive Amazon rainforest is more than you can imagine! Amazon is responsible to stabilise the world’s climate and also to regulate the global and regional carbon and water cycles. Amazon literally breathes life to our planet!

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Embracing the dense nature and the oldest tribes of mankind! Imagine gliding and sneaking through the waters of the Amazon River into the rainforest. Imagine listening to the sounds of the forest, the very elements that make Amazon come to life! Can you possibly think how it would feel to be in there? This paradise of all nature lovers and a desperate call out of their bucket list, Amazon Rainforest is nothing less than what any hyperbole could express.

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The Flora & Fauna

Amazon rainforest is rich with everything that can surprise you. Home to countless species of flora and fauna, Amazon is the heaven of the wild.

A tale about the Roots

Every child is observed to be a fan of trees. Amazon is home to a whole new world of exotic trees. Witness Brazil Nut tree stretching into the sky. Encounter with an Ironwood tree will leave you spellbound! As it stood tall for half a millennium, watching over earth’s evolution all these years. But there is something that will leave you stunned, the iconic Ceiba tree of the Amazon.

Amazon is home to:

  • 438,000 identified species of plants
  • Four layer forest: the emergent layer, canopy layer, understory and the forest floor
  • The forest consists of species ranging from flowering plants like bromeliads and heliconia to gigantic trees like the Kapok tree.
  • It would take 50 people holding hands to encircle the enormous Ceiba tree
  • The Ceiba tree holds historical and spiritual significance for native people in the Amazon

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Into the eyes of the Fierce

It houses nearly 10% of all known wildlife species. Several species of monkeys, river animals, sloths, Tapir, Coatimundi, Kinkajou, Agouti, Paca and also Amazon pink river dolphin. The rainforest is very popular for different bird species painting the sky and decorating the trees. Amazon is popular for its reptiles and amphibians along with different types of fishes. Explore the Amazon and witness more than 500 species of trees and more than 1,400 butterfly species.

Amazon is home to:

  • 2,000 species of birds and mammals
  • More than 2,000 species of fish
  • Over 400 amphibians and almost an equal amount of reptiles
  • The pirarucu, which is considered one of the largest species of freshwater fish in the world
  • The piranha, one of the deadliest species on the planet
  • The jaguar, cougar and ocelot, large land-predators of the Amazon
  • The black caiman crocodile, the main predator in the water

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The Amazing Amazon Facts

  • Amazon is the world’s largest tropical rainforest
  • It's so huge (5.5 million square kilometres) that you can fit UK + Ireland 17 times in it!
  • The Amazon forest produces 20% of the total oxygen on the planet
  • 60% of Amazon rainforest lies in Brazil
  • The climate of the Amazon rainforest is hot and humid
  • An average temperature of around 26°C all around the year
  • Martin Strel swam the entire length of the Amazon river (6,400km) in 66 days in 2007
  • The canopy of the trees in Amazon is so thick that the rainforest is in complete darkness, even the rain takes 10 minutes to reach the ground!


Amazon is truly a travel back in primitive time destination. Here you see our planet’s most raw and vulnerable side. Amazon rainforest has so much to share to its listeners, 55 million years of stories, history, heritage and true raw nature of both, planet and the mankind. You will feel like you found a lost connection in the woods in the embrace of our evolutionary ancestral home. The peace and the sounds of the forests will bring out the personality that is completely new and exceptionally raw and beautiful. Just like the Amazon! Travel here to find your true self and live the thrill which will comfort you in levels that you cannot imagine. Because, after all, some things are best experienced than reading about it!

So, when are You going ‘into the wild’?

November 27, 2018


Priyanka Tawde
Priyanka Tawde

A tripping traveller with twisted brains and a passion to express. Words may seem her forte but they are just tools for her art of expression. Pretty much a good weirdo sprinkled with stardust and space love. Mystery is what she follows and Curiosity is where you'll find her.

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