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8 Must-Visit Famous Churches of India

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Since 52 AD, when St. Thomas first arrived in India, Christianity has been practised here. One of Jesus Christ's apostles, St. Thomas, travelled to India through the Malabar area to share the gospel of God and the Bible. The locals changed themselves and began practising Christianity as a religion after being inspired by the Bible's teachings. As the English, Dutch, French, and Portuguese reigned over India throughout time, they mostly adhered to the Christian religion. As a result, churches were erected, and their design and construction had an impact on the country. If you believe that all churches have the same appearance, it's time to start discovering the many famous and ancient churches in India. Some of them still have gorgeous appearances after being there for generations.

CSI Mateer Memorial Church, Kerala

The Mateer Memorial Church in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, is renowned for its distinctive Hallenkirche (Hall Church)-style architecture and outstanding beauty. As one of the first churches in South India, CSI Mateer Memorial Church was founded in 1906. The congregation is named after Rev. Samuel Mateer, a devout member of the London Missionary Society and the first missionary to make an effort to establish a local church. One of the rare churches in India that are entirely constructed of granite is Mateer Memorial Church. The Gothic arches that support the roof and the square bell tower contribute to its majesty, while the stone-cut Celtic cross honours Rev. Mateer's Irish heritage. What makes it one of the most famous churches in South India is that unlike the usual churches in Kerala with white-washed exteriors and large imposing facades, Mateer Memorial Church looks simple and elegant and resembles the ones you find in European countries.

Santa Cruz Basilica, Kochi

The Santa Cruz Basilica is a significant landmark in Kochi, which is a picturesque town. The Church is renowned in history for being one of the few churches that endured the Dutch invasion when all the other catholic churches were destroyed.

The Church's design is a subtle fusion of Indo-European and Gothic styles. The stained glass windows and brilliant colours utilised on the cathedral-like ceiling give the Church's interior a colourful and lively feel. Portugal was the first country to erect this famed Church, which was constructed in the 1500s. Pope Paul IV afterwards granted the Church a cathedral's blessing. This Church is mesmerising in many ways such as its adorable paintings, gothic style architecture, pastel-coloured interior and astonishingly bright exterior making it one of the many most beautiful churches in India.

Basilica of Bom Jesus

Basilica of Bom Jesus

Churches of old Goa are a beautiful blend of Indian and Portuguese architecture that provides a glimpse of the spiritual side of Goa which must not be missed on your next vacation in Goa. Basilica of Bom Jesus is a 300-year-old church and is a famous church in India. Thousands of people visit this Basilica each year despite the fact that it was constructed in the sixteenth century. The architecture of the Church, which houses St. Francis Xavier's mortal remains, is heavily influenced by the Portuguese. The interior of the Church, which is now recognised as a UNESCO world historical monument, has marble flooring, gilded altarpieces, and valuable stone decorations. The Basilica also has an art gallery where various biblical tales are shown. This historic Church is well-known for its spiritual components, exquisite architectural beauty, and calm serenity.

Velankanni Church, Tamil Nadu

Velankanni Church, also known as the Basilica of our lady of Good Health or Sanctuary of Our Lady of Velankanni, is one of the country's biggest shrines located on the sandy shores of the Bay of Bengal, in Velankanni town in Tamil Nadu, India. The shrine was built with Gothic-style architecture in the 16th century. The Church is also tagged as the 'Lourdes of East' and is believed when the devotees offer candles to the mother; their illness is cured. The other fascinating thing about this famous Church in India is that it comes under the category of the biggest churches in India, making it more popular for tourists worldwide.

The shrine is one of those few churches in the country where the mother is dressed in an Indian saree. It is one of the ancient and most beautiful Catholic churches in Southern India. Don’t miss this famous Church on your next South India vacay!

Christ Church, Shimla

Another popular church in India famous amongst tourists is Christ Church, Shimla. In order to service the sizable Anglican British population in the region, the British constructed one of the first churches in North India in 1857. The Church is a top attraction in Shimla because of its magnificent beauty and breathtaking setting. The stained glass windows of the Church stand for humanity, generosity, fortitude, patience, and faith. It is the most well-known landmark in Shimla and among the many long-lasting legacies of the British administration in India. Anyone visiting Shimla should spend some time in this magnificent edifice built in the Neo-Gothic architectural style.

Philomena's Church, Mysore

Every time you leave your hotel in Mysore for a city tour, you must stop at one of the tallest churches in the Asian region, which is also the second biggest Church on the continent. Designed in the same Neo-Gothic architecture as the iconic Cologne Cathedral in Germany and New York's St. Patrick's Church, a visit to St. Philomena's Church is worth an experience to behold in your hearts forever.  Even though you can't take photos within the Church's halls, which are shaped like a giant cross, just walking through them will leave you entranced. In actuality, touring St. Philomena's is like appreciating a magnificent work of art.

Massive spires that greet you as you approach it include complex elements that show how carefully French architect Daly crafted this masterpiece. Its spires include a variety of geometries, including seamless hollows with circular patterns as well as fiercely pointed gabled conjectures. Iconic images like The Last Supper, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection welcome you from the tinted windows as you approach the carved doors, giving you the impression that you have entered a narrative. Owing to its grandeur and ornate carvings, it tops the list of famous Roman Catholic Churches in Mysore.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral – Pondicherry

Another one of the best churches to visit in India is Immaculate Conception Cathedral, built in 179, which is a depiction of French architecture in India. At the entrance of the Church, you can see a statue of Our Lady with infant Jesus in her arms. The interiors have 8-barrel vaults and a central dome with eight circular openings. Having a stunning décor, the Church has a beautiful and mesmerising setup where worshipers can sit and pray or even sit to find peace.

Final Thoughts

India, the land of multitudes of beliefs, holds abundant enchanting churches, cathedrals and basilicas. If you wish to enjoy the spiritual beauty of the land, take up a pilgrimage vacation to India and explore all the important religious sites of the land. Moreover, the colonial culture of India has led to the construction of many churches in different parts of the country because it has been ruled by the British, French, Dutch, and Portuguese for a long time. So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets booked with friends and family and take a leap of faith and visit these famous churches in India.

December 09, 2022


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