10 Famous Churches in Mysore You Will Admire scaled

10 Famous Churches in Mysore You Will Admire

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One of the best getaway destinations for a vacation, Mysore has a lot to offer for all kinds of travellers. From the frivolities of the Mysore Dasara Festival to the opulence of the Mysore Palace, there is a lot to explore in this quaint city. If you are looking for the perfect itinerary for your Mysore tour package, don’t forget to include in it the numerous churches in Mysore. From St. Philomena to St. Anthony Church in Mysore, the city is full of structures that stand tall from olden times and showcase an era long gone. Here is a list of names of churches in Mysore that promise a great experience and which you can add to your itinerary:

1. St. Philomena Church, Mysore

More than a place of worship, the St. Philomena Church of Mysore is a well-recognized landmark of the city. The church was built more than 200 years ago and is a majestic structure with two long spires that soar to a height of 175 feet. Mysore’s St. Philomena Church has an idol of Christ as well as one made in marble for St. Philomena. A daily mass is also held at the church in all languages and is quite the spiritual experience in itself.

It is hard to miss the imposing sight of the Philomena Church in Mysore as you stroll across the streets and lanes of the city. The best part is that you can also join an organized tour of the church that will take you on a detailed journey about the history and significance of the St. Philomena Church in Mysore.

2. St. Anthony Church, Dornahalli, Mysore

Located at a little distance from the city of Mysore lies Dornahalli and the St. Anthony Church with its twin-spired standing proud and tall, visible even from a distance. It is said that a wooden effigy of St. Anthony was discovered by a farmer ploughing his field more than 200 years ago. It was this farmer who first built a small place of worship for the effigy to honour the saint. Later, in the 19th century, a large church was built at the location and then another in 1920.

Located near Mysore, the Dornahalli Church was granted the title of a Minor Basilica in 2019 and is one of the most interesting churches in Mysore that you can consider visiting.

3. Wesley Cathedral, Mysore

The Wesley Church of Mysore is one of the oldest in the city and dates back to 1871. The cathedral is a protestant church that sits amidst a serene and calm environment. Sporting colonial architecture, this church in Mysore city has a tall bell tower, huge arches, and a slanting roof. It is also surrounded by meadows and hills, which make for quite a sight. The construction of the church progressed pretty slow as it took almost 40 years to be completed and consecrated, but today, it has become a very famous church in Mysore and is always worth a visit.

4. Infant Jesus Cathedral, Mysore

Showcasing a royal décor, this is one of the more rustic looking churches in Mysore and is dedicated to the infant Jesus. With prominent stone walls, the church holds mass in Malayalam as well as in English and exudes an undeniable holy aura that leaves you with a sense of calm serenity.

With an arch that is visible from afar, the Infant Jesus Cathedral looks especially mesmerizing at night when its lights are turned on. This church in Mysore is also famous for the Christmas celebrations it hosts, where its open courtyard is transformed into a carnival of festivities.

5. St. Theresa’s Church, Mysore

Eliciting the beauty of its ancient architecture, this is another famous church in Mysore that you simply cannot miss out on. It is located in the silk factory circle of the city and is popular for the service it holds every second Saturday of the month. Attracting large crowds of followers and interested visitors from all over, the church holds mass in Kannada and Tamil that takes you on a deep dive into humanity. It is said that the special service of this church can really help you find your voice.

6. Our Lady of the Poor Church, Mysore

There are so many places to visit in Mysore that the city promises an exemplary experience whenever you plan a trip to the place. If you want to spend a relaxed and spiritual day out in the city of Mysore, the name of this church should be the first one in your itinerary. This is a shrine that is dedicated to Mother Mary and is a very popular spot in the city. Replete with a friendly décor and a very welcoming atmosphere, the church has daily prayers that are performed for the happiness of the world. Here, one can always ask for blessings to fight forces of suffering and poverty. With a mass held in Kannada and English, the Our Lady of the Poor is a church that you must visit.

7. St. Bartholomew’s Church, Mysore

Another famous church in Mysore, St. Bartholomew’s is an Anglican Church that is considered to be a major landmark in Mysore city. The church was built in 1832 and was a place of service for the Europeans who lived in the city under the Maharaja of Mysore and the British.

St. Bartholomew’s is one of those churches in Mysore that showcase a stunning English style of architecture and offer regular services and mass. However, the church’s mass is held only in English. One of the special features of this church in Mysore city is the Bell Tower which has a special inscription. This inscription was originally cast in France in the 17th century.

8. Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Mysore

Located slightly towards the outskirts of town, Our Mother of Perpetual Help is one of the most popular churches in Mysore and has become an abode for many people in the city. In spite of the distance from the main city, every Sunday, the church is packed with worshippers who come to indulge in the meditative calm atmosphere that brings a lot of peace to the body and mind.

9. Yesu Karunalaya, Mysore

With iconic architecture marking it as a hard-to-miss landmark, this church in Mysore City only holds mass in the local language, Kannada. The church was built in 1901 and since then it has been one of the most preferred churches in Mysore among the local Christian families. The white building, tall spires, and of course, the bell tower, make for a sight that will leave you spellbound in awe.

10. Christ Passion Church, Mysore

A very important place of worship among the many churches in Mysore, the Christ Passion Church is very dedicated and serious about its sense of community. Each and every member of the church is considered to be of the same family, and it falls upon the shepherd to ensure that humble values are deeply ingrained into each family member.

However, what makes it count as one of the most famous churches in Mysore is the regular music sessions the church holds on its premises to encourage the youth of their parish and to provide all rising talents with a platform where they can perform and hone their skills. Whether it is the St. Philomena Church in Mysore or Our Lady of Perpetual Help slightly outside the city, there is no doubt that you will have an amazing time! Whenever you head out for sightseeing in Mysore don’t forget to add these churches and cathedrals into your itinerary.

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