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Digha Tour Places: 8 Must-Visit Attractions For a Memorable Trip!

8 mins. read

Are you yearning for a rejuvenating escape from the hustle and bustle of Kolkata? Well, the hill stations near Kolkata will be a finer choice but other than that the charming coastal town of Digha will offer a truly refreshing experience. With its picturesque beaches, historical landmarks, and serene natural beauty, Digha offers an ideal getaway for every type of traveller.

Best Digha Tour Places to Visit

Here are the top 8 must-visit tour places in Digha that will undoubtedly make your trip an unforgettable experience: -

  • New Digha Beach
  • Amarabati Park
  • Digha Gate
  • Digha Science Centre & National Science Camp
  • Marine Aquarium & Regional Centre
  • Shankarpur Beach
  • Digha Mohona Watch Point
  • Bichitrapur Mangrove Sanctuary

New Digha Beach

New Digha Beach

Situated around 2 kilometres from Old Digha Beach, New Digha Beach holds the distinction of being a man-made marvel. Its popularity among tourists can be attributed to its convenient accessibility, a larger stretch of sand, and a more relaxed crowd ambience. The soft, inviting sands of the New Digha beach offer a perfect setting for a delightful weekend retreat. Nestled in the southern region of West Bengal, this locale serves as a serene haven where one can immerse themselves in the soothing embrace of nature. Along the shoreline, a curtain of casuarina trees adds to the scene, extending as far as the eye can behold. This beach has become one of the best places to visit in Digha due to its captivating sunrises and sunsets, each an exquisite work of art. The sun's golden hues dance upon the glistening sea which creates a spectacle that etches itself into your memory and is destined to be cherished for years to come.

Amarabati Park

Among the various tour places in Digha, there's a charming park that stands out. This well-maintained, green oasis in the heart of the seaside town provides a perfect escape for some tranquillity. The park features immaculate lawns adorned with a variety of seasonal flowers along the edges of a small lake nestled within Amarabati Park. One of the highlights is the ropeway which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of both New Digha and the park itself. Also, the park is an ideal spot for a day of picnicking with your dear ones. It offers clean, well-kept pathways, numerous seating areas, and the opportunity for families and children to enjoy boating on the lake.

Digha Gate

Positioned at the entrance of the quaint coastal town, the gate stands proudly along National Highway 116B in Digha, near the shores of the Bay of Bengal. In the past, recognized as the "Brighton of Calcutta," the gate goes by various names like Digha Gate, Digha Welcome Gate, and Gateway of Digha. Moreover, this impressive structure has gained popularity due to its unique design, drawing in crowds of people. Fashioned from a combination of concrete and steel, the gate takes the form of a fishing boat as a homage to the local fishermen. Its white and blue hues contribute to its overall magnificence. The sight of Digha Gate is truly captivating, especially when it is illuminated at night, further enhancing its charm.

Digha Science Centre & National Science Camp

This place boasts exciting and educational attractions that revolve around the themes of fun and life sciences. Visitors can explore galleries focused on reflections, enjoy a 3D theatre experience, delve into the captivating Jurassic Park with its enlightening light and sound display, engage with the national science camp, and immerse themselves in the wonders of the Science Park. For added enjoyment, the Science Centre offers a plethora of activities to participate in. These include nature studies centred around butterflies, Yoga Day celebrations, challenging science quizzes, engaging science fairs, immersive vacation hobby camps, and interactive workshops that cover topics like coastal water pollution and more. It's a diverse array of experiences waiting for you to be a part of.

Marine Aquarium & Regional Centre

This remarkable aquarium is divided into three distinct sections, each showcasing a diverse array of aquatic life. These sections encompass local and intriguing species, species of significant conservation importance, and various freshwater species. In total, the aquarium boasts an impressive collection of 24 spacious marine tanks along with 8 freshwater tanks. Beyond its captivating exhibits, this location holds a reputation for its research endeavours. It's equipped with state-of-the-art filtration and seawater circulation systems, underscoring its commitment to maintaining a high standard of care for the aquatic inhabitants. Among the myriad attractions within the aquarium, visitors are drawn to an array of mesmerizing creatures. From lobsters and butterfly fish to sea anemones, sharks, sea snakes, rays, and horseshoe crabs, there's a captivating array of marine life to marvel at.

Shankarpur Beach

Shankarpur Beach stands as one of the best tour places in Digha, and its beauty is truly awe-inspiring. The combination of pristine waters, ivory-hued sands, and gentle breezes renders the Shankarpur beach not just a remarkable attraction, but also one of the most coveted shorelines along the entire Eastern Coast. The quaint town's lack of excessive distractions provides the ideal opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the beach experience. While the range of water sports is limited, there's a gradual growth in this aspect. The beach is home to a handful of shacks and bars which offer treats like coconut water, vodka, and an assortment of beverages along with delectable seafood.

Digha Mohona Watch Point

Digha Mohona Watch Point

In Digha's list of tourist destinations, Mohona Watch Point holds a special spot as the meeting point of the Champa River and the vast Bay of Bengal. It treats visitors to breathtaking scenes of both sunrise and the surrounding area. Also, this location transforms into a lively fish market during the mornings, where fishermen gather, sort, pack, and transport a wide variety of fish to different destinations. The entire market buzzes with activity which gives you a glimpse into the bustling commercial facet of Digha. You'll have the chance to observe and even purchase dried bhetki and hilsa fish in considerable sizes. While the Watch Point is undoubtedly intriguing, it's important to note that the scent of fish pervades the area, which could be a potential drawback for some individuals.

Bichitrapur Mangrove Sanctuary

Located at a distance of 25 kilometres from Udaipur Beach, Bichitapur holds a prominent position in the best tour places in Digha. Overlooking the Subarnarekha River, it has gained renown for its enchanting mangrove forest. Embarking on a steamer journey here proves to be an unforgettable experience. It's recommended to allocate some additional time to explore this destination. Notably, this Digha tourist spot is swiftly rising in popularity.

Whether you're seeking relaxation, exploration, or a cultural experience, these 8 must-visit tour places in Digha will ensure your trip becomes a cherished memory. Book your Digha tour package and prepare to immerse yourself in the treasures of this beautiful destination.

August 05, 2023


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