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All You Need To Know about Desert Safari Adventure in Dubai

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Unlike UAE’s topography, the landscape of Dubai is defined by the red sandy deserts of Arabia which contributes to its exceptional beauty in the most magical ways.

A paradise for adventure enthusiasts, the city of Dubai provides its visitors with a perfect blend of modern highlights and authentic heritage. From serene beaches to vibrant nightlife’s, grand malls to luxurious city culture, Dubai is one of the best places to experience the splendour of life. The highlight of Dubai tourism is its desert safari which is the perfect way to experience the core essence of the place. The rich culture and a myriad of thrilling adventure activities all day long make one’s experience worth cherishing. The eventful star-studded nights of Desert Safari in Dubai promises to conclude your day with the most vibrant and exotic nightlife of Dubai. Even if you don’t want to opt for camping, there are a lot of hotels near desert safari in Dubai for your utmost comfort and luxury.

If food is an integral part of your journeys, then also Dubai is the ideal place for you to enjoy and learn from experiences. Not only you can taste the exotic cuisines but also get a glimpse of the local Bedouin culture, which was a prominent part of the culture before city life took over.

However, if you are going for a Desert Safari in Dubai for the first time, here are a few thrilling desert safari locations in Dubai that can transform your journey into the most memorable excursions of your life.

Top Dubai Desert Experiences

Dubai desert adventures are known to deliver one of the most unique and memorable experiences in the most sustainable and innovative ways possible. Whether you are a first-time traveller or visited Dubai many times, adventures of the Arabian Desert are never off the list of travellers from all over the world.

If you are also planning for the ultimate overnight wholesome desert experience, here are our specifically crafted Desert Safari Adventure experiences of Dubai.

1. Camel Ride 

Camel Ride

A bumpy camel ride highlights the adventurous desert excursion of Dubai. A 45-minute ride on the back of a camel takes you through an expedition of desert wildlife while navigating across the lonesome desert of Dubai. Among the entire Dubai safari experiences, the evening camel ride is considered the ideal one as it rides you down the massive sand dunes while providing a mesmerizing view of sunset and falcon displays. The golden hue of sunset and sand features a picturesque background for tourists, offering several stops for mesmerizing photography. After the day-long fun, tourists can choose to spend the night in the desert while enjoying a delicious barbecue, shisha and Tanura dance performance.

Fare: The best desert safari Dubai price for camel rides starts from 50 AED

2. Dune Bashing

When it comes to getting a raw experience of an Arabian desert, nothing could be better than dune bashing with Dubai sand safari.The journey features an adventurous 30 minutes jeep ride across the desert at varying speeds over massive dunes. Away from the glitter of Dubai city life, this is a heart-pounding dune bashing session for adventure connoisseurs, offering guaranteed fun and thrill. If you want to include a more wholesome experience of deserts in your Dubai tour package then you can add on some Arabian hospitality with desert camps, and an appetizing BBQ dinner to get a deeper glimpse of Bedouin traditions.

Fare: Dubai Desert Safari costfor Dune Bashing starts from 100 AED.

3. Quad Biking

The thrill of Dubai Sand Safari and quad biking in the Arabian Desert is truly unmatched. Riding a four-wheeled motorbike in the uneven terrains of massive dunes, low plateaus and vast open canyons will provide you a massive glimpse of the desert which is larger than life. Tourists are also provided with professional guides for desert rides in Dubai who arrange all the needed instructions and safety points along with all the safety gear for your desert expedition. The mesmerizing golden hue of the desert safari in Dubai provides an enchanting backdrop helping you click memories of a lifetime. Surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of deserts, this tour will give you a chance to enjoy the most unconventional adventure terrains of Dubai Safari.

Fare: Desert Safari Dubai tickets for Quad Biking starts from 150 AED.

4. Desert Skiing

When you are in Dubai, desert skiing is a must. It not only breaks the monotony of your day to day activities but also fills you with so much vigour and enthusiasm. Once you land in Dubai, there is a heaven of adventure activities to choose from but sandboarding and sand skiing is one of the top things to do in Dubai Desert expedition which everyone must try. Skiing in the vast desert area of Dubai will unleash your stress as you slide down the golden dunes of sand. During snowboarding, the feet are generally strapped to the board and slide down across the dunes while you enjoy the serene beauty of the desert.

The best time to do skiing or sandboarding is in the evening or before sunrise. It is also advised to wear comfortable and light clothing during the adventurous activity.

Fare: Dubai Desert Safari costfor Desert skiing starts from 300 AED.

5. Desert Sunrise

The stark beauty of desert sunrise is a favourite among travellers. The naked horizons with infinite sand dunes make the place even more enchanting. The warm orange hues of shifting dawn embracing the horizons provide you with a glimpse of the scintillating beauty of the desert. It’s the perfect time to get immersed in the colourful splash of sun rays across the vast open sky and enjoy some peaceful time in a light breezy and cool atmosphere before you start your day.

6. Air Balloon Ride

Hot air ballon ride

The hot air ballooning experience in Dubai is truly unique. Specially curated for Dubai Honeymoon packagesa luxurious hot air balloon ride over the Arabian Desert is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. The pristine landscape of Dubai with the backdrop of the Hajar Mountains provides you with a spectacular view of the desert as the golden dunes of the sand transform themselves into different shades of colour at different hours of the day. A journey 4000 ft above the desert makes you feel like you are floating in a cloud providing you a 360-degree view of the magnificent city of Dubai. With such splendour of the ride, the best photos during the journey are guaranteed. Despite being an adventure activity, the expedition aboard a hot air balloon is filled with utmost tranquility and peace.

Fare: Desert Safari Dubai price for Hot Air Balloon ride starts from 600 AED.

7. Stargazing

When it comes to the best night experiences, Desert Safari in Dubai is truly unmatched in all possible terms. Once the sun sets you will relish the best celestial events and stellar displays in the night sky of the Arabian Desert. You can relax at your desert camps and indulge yourself in stargazing while enjoying the complimentary treats and Arabian Coffee. The quiet aura of the desert under the canopy of stars will help you relax from the day-long adventure stress. It is also home to a myriad of animal species which you can also get a glimpse of once the heat of the day settles down. In contrast to the grand life of Dubai, the quiet desert atmosphere is a paradise for serenity seekers.

8. Eventful Nights

A day in the desert may be filled with adventure but the nights are packed with entertainment, making it one of the best places to visit in Dubai. With a wide range of entertainment activities like fire eating, dancing on stilts, swirling and belly dancing, an eventful night at the Arabian deserts of Dubai makes your evening desert safari Dubai experience even more worthwhile. The Luxurious tents are geared up with exotic barbeque dinner and lip-smacking Mid-Eastern local delicacies indulging you in the most traditional cultures of the desert. A delightful belly dancing performance by the most trained artists under the star decked sky brings alive the true magnificence of the place. The exotic camping experience of Dubai desert is carefully crafted to provide the tourists with one of the finest experiences of their lifetime.

Best Time to Visit Dubai

With all its glitz and glamour, Dubai attracts tourists from all over the world like magnets. The best time to visit this iconic destination is the winter months that are from November to April. However, the northern hemisphere of the globe is immersed in winters during this time but the city of Dubai continues to offer bright skies and balmy weather. The air temperature between November to April fickle between 17-30 degrees Celsius providing tourists a relief from the scorching heat of deserts.

Away from the glitter of the city, the Dubai Safari experience is a journey filled with Arabian adventures and thrill. For those who are ready to take a plunge, the opportunities are plentiful.

February 19, 2022


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