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Denmark Sightseeing: Best Places to Visit in Denmark

8 mins. read

On my 25th birthday, I knew I had to do something different than the usual partying around. And could there be anything better than a solo trip? I guess not. Visiting Denmark was always a part of my traveller’s list because of its natural beauty. I have been fascinated by the country because of its castles, and, of course, the Danish culture. And with Netflix releasing The Danish Girl – I couldn’t really contain my excitement.

Denmark is said to be the ancient heartland of the Viking kingdom. It is one of the most exquisite paragons that this world houses. This Nordic country consists of an archipelago of 443 islands which are characterised by their flat, arable land, and sandy coasts. Though the history of Denmark predates to the 110,000 BC, the 10th Century folks of the Viking Kingdom is what has captured attention. The Danish Vikings were known to be fierce and courageous. Well, the history of Denmark is undoubtedly an intriguing one, and I, being an avid reader of historical facts had to visit the country.

Adding to its glory, the country has been a favourite destination for shooting movies as well. The beautiful places in Denmark have served as a mesmerizing backdrop – which is one of the reasons why the country made its place in my traveller’s list. Like I said before, there are a lot of places to visit in Denmark and I had only 10 days to explore the country. So, with the time constraint, I selected an online Denmark tour package that offered me “insta-worthy” places of all time.

1. Copenhagen

I started my trip by exploring the capital of Denmark which also happens to be the largest city in the country. Jovial, historic, and refined is how the locals describe Copenhagen. Right from the natural beauty to happening city life, Copenhagen houses everything. During my stay there, I visited the following places: –

1.1 The Little Mermaid

Termed to be the most famous tourist places in Denmark, the statue of the Little Mermaid follows the world-famous fairy tale that was written by H.C Anderson. It was built in the year 1913 and is sculpted in a beautiful way where the mermaid sits on a rock on the banks of Oresund River. Believe me; the statue is so beautifully sculpted that you can feel its sober facial expression. A fun fact about this place is that it is one of the most snapped statues in Denmark.

1.2 Nyhaven

One of the oldest ports in Copenhagen, this neighbourhood has garnered the attention of the travellers for all the right reasons. Flashed with quirky and colourful buildings overlooking the sea, Nyhaven is an amazing tourist place to visit in Denmark. The area is a perfect example of vibrant beauty with a rich history.

1.3 Copenhagen Zoo

I kid you not; this zoo is not like your regular ones. With a plethora of fauna combined with beautiful varieties of flora, Copenhagen Zoo is one of the must-visit places in Denmark. Right from the species of the African savannah to the ones from South America, this zoo has a wide diversity of flora and fauna that left me spellbound. I tend to become a kid during my visit to a zoo, but I swear I was acting my age here!

2. Aarhus

While Copenhagen is one of the most famous cities in Denmark, I would have never missed the beauty of Aarhus. Known to be a foodie city, Aarhus is a cosily beautiful place with some amazing attractions. I spent around 2 days in the city and I literally had a blast. Some of the places that I visited are: –

2.1 Moesgaard Museum

Located in an isolated area with greenery all around it, this museum houses some of the most precious artefacts from the past years. Okay, just a little heads up – if you are someone who can’t see dead bodies, you might want to avoid the famous Bog Body from the 3rd century which was found in 1952 – the Grauballe Man. Other than this, there were many old artefacts and structures kept well-preserved.

2.2 ArOs – The Capital of Culture

This is one of the largest museums in Europe, let alone Denmark. Like I said before, Aarhus has some amazing tourist attractions and ArOs museum is yet another example of the stellar places to see in Denmark.  I was awestruck with the collection that the museum offers and not to forget, the infrastructure is huge. It also showcases some temporary exhibitions from the genre of conceptual art, architecture, film, and so on. For me, this place was my heaven on earth.

3. Odense

So after my stay at Copenhagen and Aarhus, my next stop was Odense. Located in the Island of Funen, Odense is where you will get the taste of Danish culture. With castles and natural beauty along its periphery, here are the places I visited during my trip to Odense: –

3.1 Egeskov Castle

Constructed in the year 1554, this renaissance water castle is one of the most breathtaking places to visit in Denmark. I felt like I have come to a whole new world while I was here. The red-bricked castle, the subtly flowing water, the lush greens surrounding – if given a choice, I would have never left that place. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most elegant castles in Europe and the best place to visit in Denmark.

3.2 Brandts Klædefabrik

Talking of history, this place was a large textile factory complex which has now become a tourist place in Denmark. It has been turned into a shipping and cultural destination where the complex houses a lot of cafes, shops, studios, and so on. The vibe around this place is always jovial and youthful.

4. Helsingor

My flight back to India was from Copenhagen; so my last destination was near the city – Helsingor. It is located almost 46 km away from Copenhagen and is a port town that houses some beautiful castles and museum. Since I had pretty less time in hand; I visited the famous National Maritime Museum of Denmark and the UNESCO World Heritage site – Kronborg Castle. These two architectural marvels are definitely among the best places to visit in Denmark.

Like I said before, Denmark houses some magnificent places to visit but since I had only 10 days, I could cover only these destinations. But, I am not complaining as the places on my bucket list are covered.  My 25th Birthday was a memorable one that I will cherish forever. That being said, there are some amazing travel deals to Europe that are available online. Plan a full-fledged trip to Denmark and I assure you – you will be glad you did.

November 12, 2019


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