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Best Tourist Places to Visit in Pachmarhi

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With a plethora of beautiful places and ‘off-the-beaten’ trails that Pachmarhi offers, it is hard to put into words the allure that this hill station has. Pachmarhi has a gorgeously rich history and geography and is famously known as the “Satpura ki Rani” (Queen of Satpura). You can find the dangling roots and soaring tree branches embellishing the hill station; Pachmarhi also houses some of the most amazing flora and fauna in the region. For all these reasons and more, a tour to Pachmarhi sure makes for some great solo and group trips.

Legend has it that Pachmarhi was the abode of Pandavas during their exile. The hill station, therefore, has a mythological significance in India’s extremely rich history. You will find Pandava caves that are considered as evidential proof.

As a tourist destination, Pachmarhi comprises of numerous waterfalls, temples, hilltops, caves and wildlife reserves that constitute a great itinerary for exploring the quaint hill station in Madhya Pradesh.

Given below is a list of the top places to visit in Pachmarhi that will leave you mesmerised with a bag full of incredible memories and a number of enticing views.

1. Pandava Caves

One of the most famous tourist places in Pachmarhi, Pandava Caves has the backdrop of the spectacular Satpura ranges and is comprised of the group of 5 rock-cut Buddhist temples. There are mythological sources that suggest that these are the temples that were offered to the 5 Pandava brothers to shelter them during their exile. Built-in the 9th century, these temples are still adorned with beautiful sculptures and carvings.

2. Bee Falls

The hill station is endowed with multiple picturesque waterfalls, of which the Bee falls really stands out – it is surely one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pachmarhi. More commonly known as Jamuna Prapat, the Bee Falls is famous for supplying water to the whole of Pachmarhi. It one of the favourite picnic spots amongst both locals and tourists and is a hotspot for swimming! The sight of the waterfall gushing down the scenic valley makes for a divine view!

3. Jata Shankar Cave

Out of all the tourist places in Pachmarhi, Jata Shankar cave is one place you simply cannot miss! It is believed that Lord Shiva concealed himself from Bhashmasur’s fury here. It is a beautiful limestone that consists of stalagmites and stalactites that resemble the matted hair of Lord Shiva and hence the name, Jata Shankar Cave. The place also has a natural Shivalingam and a humongous rock that resembles the 100-headed ‘Sheshnaga’. Because of that, it is a hotspot amongst devotees all over India.

4. Dhoopgarh

Another popular tourist attraction in Pachmarhi is Dhoopgarh. It is located at an elevation of about 1352 metres and is famous for being the highest point of the Satpura mountain range. Make sure to have Dhoopgarh in your Pachmarhi tour package as you will find the most photogenic and picturesque sunrise and sunset vistas here. You can reach the hilltop without much trouble by trekking through a few waterfalls and valleys, and once you do, you will be absolutely delighted by the beautiful sight!

5. Chauragarh Temple

The Chauragarh Temple is a well-known hilltop temple located at an elevation of 1326 metres that has epic views to bask in! Another famous religious place to visit in Pachmarhi, Chauragarh Temple is surrounded by the spectacular hills and verdant valleys. The age-old temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the devotees are needed to climb 1300 steps to reach this holy temple. The three main parts of this temple comprise of the main temple, a ‘Dharamshala’, and a natural pond. You will the largest crowd of Shiv Bhakts in here during the festivals of Nag Panchami and Maha Shivratri. If you wish to experience the religious sincerity of the devotees, make sure you visit this Chauragarh Temple.

6. Handi Khoh

A splendidly beautiful gorge, Handi Khoh is surrounded by lush forests and hills and is one of the very popular tourist places in Pachmarhi. It is a V-shaped ravine that is 300-feet deep and is constituted by two massive hills. Apart from the scenic charm of Handi Khoh, the locals also believe that this place was a lake earlier which dried up due to the wrath of a huge snake that once guarded this place. In the present times, the place has become the go-to spot for hiking, trekking, photography, and horse riding in Pachmarhi.

7. Duchess Fall

This attractive cascade is quite famous for sightseeing. With the tranquillity that the Duchess Fall has, you simply cannot miss this tourist place in Pachmarhi. This scenic waterfall cascading down from 100 meters is located 4 km away from the main road. The gorgeous fall drops in three layers along with the exhilarating sound that makes it a sight worth experiencing. This, without a doubt, makes it one of the must-see places in Pachmarhi.

8. Satpura National Park

Experience the beauty of wilderness at the Satpura National Park that is encircled by Satpura Ranges. The wildlife park is amongst the most spirited places to visit in Pachmarhi. This is a huge and pristine national park that sprawls over 202 sq. miles. Consisting of Teak, Sal, Mahua, Tendu, and Bel, the Satpura national park has a panoramic landscape with the Denwa River flowing through the centre. You will need to cross the river during the safari in either a Gypsy or on an elephant (the elephant ride is so much more exciting!). A favourite among nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, the Satpura National Park is one such place that you must explore.

This wildlife sanctuary is a habitat to animals like the spotted deer, bison, elephants, tigers, leopards, four-horned antelopes, sloth bear, and many other native & migratory birds. Also, the Satpura National Park reserve has won numerous prestigious awards for protecting and nurturing endangered to rare flora and fauna over the many years of its existence.

Pachmarhi has always been on the Indian subcontinent but was only discovered by Captain James Forsyth in the year 1857. You can find the corroboration of the Stone Age in several forms of paintings and cave drawings depicting the era. As one of the most quaint and scenic tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh, Pachmarhi has become an ideal destination for a relaxing weekend trip and yearly family vacations. How to reach Pachmarhi? Well, the locals can easily guide you or you could take the help of travel planner and tread accordingly.

July 16, 2019


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