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Enjoy A Romantic Getaway Amidst Beautiful Beaches in the Maldives

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There is no quiet match when it comes to the beaches in the Maldives. The sugar-white sand, sparkly blue water, and sunny shores, along with the serenity of Maldives beaches, never fail to impress. You must lounge under the palm trees to gawp at the Indian Ocean. Many people visit the Maldives on special occasions, and the choice of luxury resorts and fantastic beaches across the island make it a spectacular destination for anyone who is looking fora Maldives honeymoon package to enjoy a slice of paradise. But the real question arises: how do you find which beach in the Maldives will be perfect for you? Should you swing by the Maldives beaches on local islands or private islands? In a nutshell, whichever beach you choose, the crystalline waters will calm the travellers.

We’ve compiled a list of the most beautiful beaches backed by lush green foliage so that you can experience the true essence of the Maldives.

1. Mudhdhoo Beach

Mudhdhoo Island is home to clownfish, stingrays, and spectacular reef sharks, and can be seen from its snow-covered shoreline. But the true beauty of the beach lies in the nighttime as it illuminates a room at night. How alluring is that? Millions of small creatures reside in the shoals, each emitting a bioluminescent blue glow that, when washed up on the beach, provides the illusion of a starry sky. Evening walks on the beach don't get much more romantic than this so don’t forget to include this amazing beach in your Maldives tour package.

2. Taj Exotica Beach

 Taj Exotica Beach is known for its breathtaking beauty and great hospitality and is located next to the Taj Exotica Resort’s gorgeous beach and is one of the most popularplaces to visit in the Maldives due to its proximity to the airport. One can enjoy water sports and wildlife spotting, which adds to the wonderful experience. When visiting this amazing beach, one mustn’t forget to savour the mouthwatering meals made by the resort’s top chef.

3. Milaidhoo Beach

 Milaidhoo is an intimate and contemporary retreat where you can enjoy the view in the lap of nature as it is a natural marvel set in the centre of a UNESCO biosphere reserve, tucked in by pure white sand and nestled beside a colourful coral reef. Envisage upscale delicacies with a 'Reinvented Luxury' twist, where visitors will enjoy an opulent break in the Maldives' most distinctive destination. This latest addition to the top Baa Atoll hotel portfolio is committed to providing a distinctive and authentic Maldivian experience, and it is creating waves with its refreshing contemporary spin on classic Maldivian design. Milaidhoo is just for couples and romance and is not suitable for youngsters under the age of nine.

4. Bikini Beach

The surroundings of one of the Maldives' most gorgeous beaches are defined by a lovely canopy of thick coconut trees and waving palms. The Bikini Beach includes comfy sunbeds and loungers where you can soak up the rays and flaunt your body without any worries. Furthermore, as the water is not very deep, it is equally safe for youngsters. So, if you're a beginner swimmer, go ahead and swim to your heart's delight.

5. Kurumba Beach

Kurumba beach, located near the international airport, is an ideal beach for all newlyweds also known as the ”Honeymoon Beach in the  Maldives.” Couples can enjoy many engaging activities together, along with many other things to do in the Maldives, such as snorkelling, scuba diving, animal watching, etc. One can walk freely hand-in-hand and lie beneath the shade of coconut palms and enjoy the serenity in the lap of nature.

6. COMO Cocoa Island Beaches

COMO Cocoa Island Beaches

 Also known as Makunufushi, this beach is one of the best and ideal beaches in the Maldives for a short boat trip from the city, of Male. This beach is one of the oldest beaches in the Maldives and is a true heaven for the ultra-rich. The changing sands of its 2625-foot (800m) sandbar truly grab the attention. It's a terrific spot to spread out a blanket and eat your desired meal. Feeling energized? It takes around ten minutes to walk from one side of the island to the other. If you prefer to snorkel, the island's two reefs are home to eagle rays, blacktip sharks, and squid.

7. The Hulhumale Beach

Wondering what all thing to do in Maldives Hulumale Beach? How about relaxing on the Maldives blue beach with the colour of the Indian Ocean before sunbathing on that white sand? If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then Hulhumale beach in the Maldives’ Kaafu Atoll is the place for you.

This beach is known to be one of the most beautiful and popular beaches among visitors. You’ll discover budget-friendly hotels near the beach, just a walk away from the beautiful sandy beaches. The water here is crystal clear, and you can enjoy a variety of activities such as snorkelling, diving, jet-skiing, and much more.

8. Reethi Beach

Reethi Beach is one of the Maldives’ most refined beaches, epitomising comfort and elegance. This beach is located on a small island, famous for its crystal clear waters, and lush palm trees. If you want to go on a beach honeymoon, this is the place to go because it has lovely water villas and elegant restaurants. Don't forget to go to the beach at night since it is quite popular for its illuminated nightlife.

9. Dhigurah Beach

Dhigurah beach is a very quiet and secluded beach located on a small island in South Ari atoll. Bikinis are permitted in some areas of the island, and the place is widely renowned for its whale shark diving experiences. There are several budget-friendly cafés and souvenir shops that provide a comparable experience to that of Thailand that making it a perfect hideaway beach in the Maldives.

10. Rasfannu Beach

Rasfannu Beach

Rasfannu Beach, which is a part of a premium beach resort, is one of the best beaches in the Maldives that exudes elegance and beauty. It is a man-made beach that overlooks the stunning Laccadive Sea. This beautiful sandy is known to be the best hangout spot for travellers in Male if one wants to have a luxurious experience. People come here to sunbathe and participate in various exhilarating water sports activities. Near the shore, there are various wonderful cafés, restaurants, and hotels that offer superb eating and stay experiences to all visitors. There are also several shopping stores along the beach where beach supplies and some eccentric items may be purchased.

11. Lily Beach

There aren't many destinations in the world that provide a finer beach experience than the Maldives, and Lily Beach is another such location that is sure to delight. The beach, which is part of the exquisite Lily Beach Resort and Spa, provides tourists with the utmost tranquillity. The beach, which boasts world-class amenities, is a popular diving location in the Maldives today and is regarded as an ideal area for guests to sit and sunbathe. One may even make use of a variety of complimentary amenities provided by the resort right on the beach. So, if you're looking for a wonderful spot to stay and spend time with your loved ones, the Lily Beach Resort and Spa is the place to be.

12. Nika Island Beaches

If you fantasise about sparkling water, white sand, and the sun, you must visit one of the Maldives' most soothing beaches. The Nika Island Beaches are magnificent private beaches that provide couples with a fantastic escape from the frenetic bustle of the city. It has beautiful villas that will add to your amazing honeymoon experience. If you are an explorer and a lover of nature, these are the beaches for you.

The Maldives is indeed home to the world’s best beaches and the best part is that one can very easily get aMaldives visa for Indians. Now that you have the list of the best beaches in the Maldives, check out our travel packages which you can customize according to your needs and preferences. Sit back on the blindingly bright beach and watch the reef sharks and turtles swim by, or take a walk along the island's curving tail, which becomes a sandbank when the tide goes out.

April 20, 2022


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