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7 Things to Know Before Visiting Australia

7 mins. read

After planning a trip to Australia and being all set to let the adventurer in you soar, it is quite easy to get a bit lost in the excitement. Before you set off on your trip, think whether or not you know all the things there are to know before visiting Australia!

To ensure that your trip Down Under is as fun and exploratory as it can be, you need to know all you can about the place. So, without any further ado, to help you along in your quest for knowledge, here’s what you need to know before going to Australia: -


1. It is a Huge and Extremely Diverse Region

Australia may be the smallest continent in the world, but that doesn’t mean that it is a small place. One of the important things to know before traveling to Australia is that unless you are planning to spend six months here, you are not going to be able to see the entire country. If you do, however, insist on city-hopping, you will have to opt for flights. Of course, if you have opted for multi-city Australia holiday packages, the traveling will be taken care of by your travel operator.

There are, of course, many places to visit in Australia so it would be best to look them up, choose your favourites, and curate a list even before you book your packages. That way, you can ensure that the package covers what you want to see in Australia during the time you have in the country.


2. Budgeting is Very Important

Another one of the important things to know before visiting Australia is that it can end up being quite expensive if you don’t pay attention. At the very least, you should keep a budget of about 100 – 200 USD per day for the food, accommodation, and the activities you want to enjoy. This is, of course, a general estimate, and depending on the kind of trip you are up for, it may vary. In fact, it may end up costing less if you opt for an all-inclusive package that includes the things you wish to see in Australia. Having a ballpark budget will allow you to plan your trip better.

3. Pay Some Attention to the Language

One of the interesting things about Australia is that even though English is the language that is spoken here, the way they use the words is pretty different. Of course, it isn’t possible for you to become an instant expert in the Australian dialect, but knowledge of the local slang can actually be of great help. For example, here are some of the commonly used words in Australia along with their meanings:

  • Bushwalking – Hiking or Trekking
  • Thongs – Flip Flops
  • Togs – Bathing Suit
  • Bum Bag – Fanny Pack
  • Chips – Fries
  • Lollies – Candy
  • Arvo – Afternoon
  • Barbie – Barbecue

Once you get acquainted with the local language, you will actually find it fun!

4. You Probably Won’t See Koalas and Kangaroos All Around You

One of the most interesting things about Australia is the wildlife that is native to the island country. You may be able to spot the odd creature in a suburb or at a golf course. But, if you actually want to see the wildlife, you will have to go to a national park or reserve, further inland, away from the cities to find them. Among the things to know before traveling to Australia, you should definitely demarcate a time for some wildlife adventure if you are so inclined. National reserves are definitely popular things to see in Australia.

Koalas and Kangaroos are not that commonly found in highly populated areas, but there are other creatures that you may catch sight of. These include possums, bats, some snakes, and lizards, and birds like the cockatoo or rainbow lorikeet.

5. Do You Know about the Tipping Culture?

When people think about what they need to know before going to Australia, they generally don’t even think about the tipping culture. In a number of countries and destinations, tipping is the norm and is expected everywhere. However, in Australia, tipping is not expected at all in most places. Plus, with the numerous restaurants you visit on a daily basis, you could end up paying quite a bit of money as tips, when it isn’t even required.

If you really enjoyed the service at a fine dining high-end restaurant, you can leave a tip, of course. But, with the money you save on tips, you can use to try out different things like spending a night at an eco-friendly accommodation, dining at earth-friendly restaurants, or visiting the ethical attractions in Australia.

6. The Sun is Pretty Strong Here

You may live at a sunny location, but you still need to be careful in the Australian sun. This is definitely high on the list of what you need to know before going to Australia. It’s not as if the sun is different here; it’s not! But, due to certain environmental factors, the sun seems to have a more intense effect on the skin here. This doesn’t mean you need to avoid the sun completely. You just need to stock up on the sunblock (go for a waterproof one so you can enjoy the beaches as well). Make sure you are properly covered when you head out to see what you want to see in Australia, and most importantly, stay hydrated.

7. Be OK with Being Offline

There are so many things to see in Australia that most of the time you would be on the road, traveling to various tourist destinations. While you will get Wi-Fi at your hotels and at some cafés or restaurants, elsewhere, the availability of the internet is intermittent at best. This could very well work in your favour as you will have a chance to disconnect from the web and be able to enjoy the moment as you explore the popular things to see in Australia; and if you do face an urgency to go online, McDonald’s and libraries in Australia generally offer free Wi-Fi.

Think about what you need to see in Australia, where all you would like to explore, and the tourist spots you cannot miss out on, and then start looking for the right holiday packages to Australia that also fit your budget. Most importantly, before you travel to the Down Under, take stock of your travel planning to ensure every detail has been taken care of. Gear up for Straya, mate!

June 12, 2019


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