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7 Hill Stations Near Bangalore for a Memorable Summer Vacation

9 mins. read

Summers have almost kicked in and so did the vibe of vacation. But the scorching heat can sometimes dampen the excited mood of exploring the city, isn’t it? That is why tourists try to find small hill stations near the city of their travel to at least spend two days or so in the misty and pleasant weather.

If you are planning to spend your summer vacations in India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore, this blog is for you! Read to know the top seven hill stations near Bangalore to visit in summer: –

1. Coorg

Known as the Scotland of India, Coorg is one of the best places to visit near Bangalore. Surrounded by greenery and magnificent hills that are well-complemented by the misty and picturesque views, Coorg or as it is called locally, Kodagu, gives you a magical time to remember for life. The hill station near Bangalore is known for its gorgeous streams that cut through the lush green hills of the region. Adding to this, the weather in Coorg is always pleasant, making your vacation even more amazing. The local clan of Coorg, known as Kodavas are prominent for their hospitality. The Kodavas are also famous for their specialisation in martial arts; if you get to catch a glimpse of it, you will be stunned.

Coorg is famous for its coffee plantation and the city has that exotic aroma of coffee in its aura. The vast green beds of the coffee plantation simply add up to the natural beauty of Coorg, alluring your eyes even more and should be included in your Bangalore tour package. Madikeri is the city’s centre from where you can visit the other towns of Coorg. On your visit to the city, make sure to explore the gorgeous towns of Kushaknagar, Virajpet, Somwarpet, and Pollibetta, to name a few. Coorg offers a plethora of tourist attractions that you need to visit without fail. What’s more amazing in Kodagu hill station near Bangalore is that there are beautiful homestays where you can accommodate and have a memorable experience.

2. Ooty

Amidst the beauty of the Nilgiri Hills lies one of India’s favourite hill stations, Ooty. Known as the Queen of the Nilgiris, Ooty is located in Tamil Nadu and is approximately 273.1 km from Bangalore. It is a top-rated holiday destination in the country and one of the best hill stations near Bangalore, which was once the summer headquarters of the East India Company. Ooty is yet again a picturesque hill station that is surrounded by lush green mountains and misty sights. Adding to this, if Coorg is known for its coffee plantation then, Ooty is known for its tea gardens. The lush green beds of the tea plantation, magnificent cascades, and supremely pleasant weather make this hill station around the Bangalore region one of the best choices of hill station to visit in summer. Not to forget, the city has astounding country lanes along with alluring colonial architecture that contributes to the perfect view of the city, notching it a level higher.

Ooty has also been a favourite honeymoon getaway because of its enchanting views of the Nilgiri mountains that attract visitors more and more. This hill station near Bangalore is also loved by Bollywood as several movies were shot in Ooty because of its breathtaking views. Ooty offers a grand time to the visitors and has several beautiful spots where you can visit.

3. Yelagiri

The name doesn’t sound familiar, does it? Well, Yelagiri is a hill station in Tamil Nadu that is located 161.2 Km from Bangalore. An untouched beauty, perched at the height of 1100 metres above sea level, Yelagiri houses breathtaking places that make your visit to this hill station near Bangalore worth it. It was yet again a summer getaway destination for the British and one of the hidden treasures enclosed in the periphery of South India. Yelagiri has mesmeric lakes and parks, beautiful sunset points, and gorgeous waterfalls that you need to explore. It is a quaint little place that may seem to be less interesting from the outside but treasures attractive beauties, the sights of which will remain captured in your eyes. The aura of Yelagiri is extremely serene, where only tranquillity resides. One of the best hill stations near Bangalore, it is also home to many rare species of flora and fauna that you can explore during your visit.

4. Horsley Hills

Yet another hidden treasure of South India, Horsley Hills is a hill station that is located near the southwestern border of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The hill station boasts of its appealing landscapes and picturesque views that reflect what a marvel Mother Nature is. This hill station, Horsley Hills near Bangalore, houses the largest Banyan Tree and the oldest Eucalyptus Tree in the country and the home to 113 species of birds. The hill station offers several tourists attractions that you should not miss out on. Adding to this, you can also take part in several activities like water walking, rappelling, wall climbing, shooting, and so on. Horsley Hills is sort of an unexplored hill station near Bangalore that is situated at an elevation of 4312 metres above sea level with eye-pleasing sights that makes your heart happy and content.

5. Coonoor

If Ooty is the Queen of the Nilgiris, then Coonoor is the Jewel that adorns the Nilgiris. The second largest hill stations in the Western Ghats. Perched at an altitude of 1930 metres, this hill station near Bangalore is famous for tea plantations (of course!), panoramic views, well-trimmed hills, and much more that are well-complemented by the chilly and pleasant weather throughout the year. This is one of the reasons why Coonoor is said to be one of the perfect hill stations near Bangalore for a summer visit. Adding to this, Coonoor too has marvellous structures that talks of Colonial architecture. The delightful view of the magnificent falls, the lush green beauties, and the slopes of rich tea plantation makes Coonoor a dreamy hill station close to Bangalore.

6. Savandurga

You must be thinking if a place named Savandurga exists in India, aren’t you? The answer is yes, it does!

One of the hill stations near Bangalore within 50 km away of the city, Savandurga is yet another quaint and quiet place that has remained untouched from the spell of city life. It is located to the west of Bangalore and is considered to be one of the largest single rock formations in Asia, let alone India. Savandurga has two hills namely Billigudda (white hill) and Karigudda (black hill) including a temple at the foothill and a pond near to that. Savandurga is more of a tourist attraction that one can visit for a day’s trip or so. It is known for adventurous activities like trekking, rock climbing, camping, and bird watching. You can spot the endangered yellow-throated Bulbul as well as animals like leopard and sloth bears.

7. Nandi Hills

Not a hill station per se but located within 100 km near Bangalore, Nandi Hills is a hilly tourist attraction that you need to visit. It is a preferred weekend getaway for people in and around the city. Nandi Hills has intricately carved arches and magnificent pillars along with finely painted walls and ceilings that boasts of the fine craftsmanship of the bygone era. Elevated at a height of 4851 feet above sea level, Nandi Hills is famous for witnessing the breathtaking view of the sunrise.

Along with these, Kodaikanal, Hogenakkal, Munnar, Chikmagalur, Wayanad, and Yercaud some of the other hill stations near Bangalore that you must visit during the summer season.

India houses a lot of breathtaking places, some of which remain untouched from the hustle and bustle of city life. They offer the peace and serenity that you always think of while living in the city.

With these mesmerizingly beautiful hill stations near Bangalore, make your summer vacations a time worth cherish for eternity.

Happy Travelling!

April 03, 2021


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