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20 Magical Places to Visit in Auli with Your Gang

9 mins. read

Cover Photo by Jignesh Makwana

Auli is a tourist attraction that brings a sparkle to the eyes of those who have had the privilege of visiting it. A hill station that feels like a dreamland from a novella written by Keats, Auli has several tourist places for you to explore on your vacation. That is why it is recommended that your Auli tour package should have a solid itinerary that gives you enough time to discover the beauty of this “bugyal” or meadow in all its glory. Mentioned below are the 20 places to visit in Auli with your gang of friends: -

1. Joshimath 

Located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, Auli’s next door pal is a small town called Joshimath or Jyotirmath. This is one of the most popular places to visit near Auli as it is blessed with a number of temples and adventure sports activities. This allows people with varied interests to have an exciting trip to Auli.

2. Auli Artificial Lake 

As far as man-made lakes are concerned, Auli has made its way to the top of the list with its artificial lake being a sight for sore eyes. Being one of the most-visited tourist places in Auli, this lake is famous for its skiing track. The best part about this tourist spot in Auli is that people visiting it during the summer months can experience snowfall that is artificially produced!

3. Gurso Bugyal 

For trekkers visiting Auli, our third travel guide recommendation would be to walk along the Gurso Bugyal. The journey to the top of the hill takes around three hours, so make sure you are hydrated and well-fed. The sheer beauty of this particular meadow is best experienced during the winter months when the hills are under the blanket of fresh snow.

4. Nanda Devi Peak 

While sightseeing in Auli, you will get to know about the Nanda Devi Peak from your hotel concierge and fellow travellers. This is mainly because it is one of the most sought-after places to visit in Auli; it is a religious spot situated atop the second highest peak of India! There are several myths and legends associated with Nanda Devi that are best told by the locals in this area.

5. Auli Ropeway 

Besides experiencing the thrill of riding in a cable car, the Auli Ropeway helps tourists to visit Joshimath and other places near Auli. Giving you one of the most memorable experiences during your trip, this cable car ride is something that you really should not miss out on. The cost is around 400 bucks all year round. How about that?!

6. Chattrakund 

Based at an elevation of 3300 meters above sea level, Chattrakund is one of the must-visit places for you to see near Auli. Coniferous trees like Deodar, Oak, and Pine encompass this freshwater lake, creating a surreal experience for those who visit it. Our personal recommendation would be to make a trip up to this lake when the sun is setting as the amber-coloured skies will surely take your breath away.

7. Chenab Lake

By now, it is quite obvious that the meadows of Garhwal are famous for their lakes. Yet another name in this category is Chenab Lake. Just like Auli’s Artificial Lake, this one is man-made as well. It is among the top 20 places to see in Auli because of the scenic beauty, skiing track, and a trail for trekking.

8. Trishul Peak 

To enjoy the panoramic view of Chenab Lake and nearby meadows, you should consider visiting Trishul Peak. It is one of the best places to visit in Auli as tourists can enjoy the most magnificent views of the Hathi, Godha, and Palki hills from this peak, all at the same time!

9. Kwani Bugyal 

A meadow that’s famous for its romantic ambience, Kwani Bugyal is one of the most visited places near Auli by newlyweds and couples who love to indulge in a little adventure on their vacation. It is a 13-km long trek from the main hill station, so it is advised to carry water bottles, snacks, and first-aid kits while walking along with your beloved on the trail to this bugyal.

10. Saildhar Tapowan 

Amidst the picturesque mountains of Garhwal lies a hot water spring called Saildhar Tapowan. This particular tourist destination is located 15 km from Auli and can be travelled to by road. Along with this hot spring, this village is one of the most quaint places to visit in Auli with local craftsmen selling traditional handicrafts.

11. Nanda Devi National Park

As we all know, Uttarakhand’s ecology is a gift to this country. Among its many natural gifts, the Nanda Devi National Park is truly a treasure that you can visit on your next trip to Auli. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site where unique flora and fauna can be spotted. Within this national park, you can also visit the Nanda Devi Sanctuary where snow leopards, Himalayan musk deer, and much other wildlife can be seen in their natural habitat.

12. Rudraprayag

Did you know that Jim Corbett killed a man-eating leopard in Rudraprayag? That’s right! Owing to this fact and its mesmerising ambience, this sightseeing spot near Auli should be on your itinerary. People who wish to extend their trip and visit Kedarnath can make this place their starting point as there is a trek connecting the two.

13. Nandaprayag 

The Chamoli district of Uttarakhand is reputed to have enchanting little towns and Nandaprayag happens to be one of them. It is set at the confluence of two holy rivers, Mandakini and Alaknanda, which making it a religious destination as well. An ideal spot for those who are looking to rejuvenate their inner spirituality!

14. Bhavishya Badri 

Travellers who like to visit important religious centres should consider paying their respects at Bhavishya Badri as it is among the five most-revered Badri temples in our country. Considered to be the future resting places of Lord Badrinath, this temple is dedicated to Lord Narsimha. Devotees can visit this place of worship at any time during the day.

15. Vanshinarayan Kalpeshwar

Vanshinarayan Kalpeshwar is located only a few kilometres from Joshimath near Auli. It is a famous tourist attraction for Hindus as the Kalpeshwar Temple is located here. The most appealing feature of this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is that it can be visited all-year-round as there are no restrictions caused by bad weather in this region.

16. Narsingh Temple

Keeping the trail of temples in this blog, here is the Narsingh Temple in Joshimath that you can visit with your friends or family members. Dedicated to Lord Narsimha, this religious spot is popular mainly because it managed to defeat the prophecy that it will be submerged in a landslide after Kal Yug.

17. Vridh Badri Temple

Among the various temples that are set along the Badrinath trek, Vridh Badri Temple is quite approachable for tourists. According to mythology, Narada, a sage, was performing penance at the site of this temple when Lord Vishnu paid him a visit in the form of an old man. The energy around this temple near Joshimath Army Area is always positive, hence, visiting this temple is an experience that you will surely cherish.

18. Badri Kedar Festival 

In the month of June, the Badri Kedar Festival is one of the most in-demand places to visit in Auli. This is simply due to the fact that it is the biggest celebration of Hindu pujas and rituals in this part of the country. Everywhere you turn, there is a beautiful aarti or havan being organised near the Char Dham region of Uttarakhand.

19. Hanuman Ghat

One of the most unique places to visit near Auli is the Hanuman Ghat. Established by Saint Tulsi Das, it is also believed that Lord Rama himself set the stone for this Ghat by naming it “Rameshwaram” at the time. Giving a pure vibe to tourists, this ghat is ideal for boating with your gang of friends during dusk.

20. Vasundhara Falls 

Set near the holy city of Badrinath, Vasundhara Falls is a tourist attraction that you absolutely have to visit on your vacation in Auli. As one of the most remote places near the Mana village of Garhwal, the journey can be a little challenging. However, once you reach the spot, it will feel well worth the effort.

Chances are when said and done, Auli will pan out to be a fabulous one!

April 09, 2021


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