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Full of stunning views, snowy mountains and far-stretching meadows, Auli is the perfect hill destination for those who want to explore something new.

Dotted with lines of apple, pine and oak trees, Auli has no dearth of natural beauty. A popular hill station in the Himalayas that is famous for its ski resorts and treks, Auli offers spellbound views of nature along with some fun-filled exciting activities. Its smooth slopes, clean environment and snow-draped mountains make for a great skiing destination. It is home to the mountain ranges of Nanda Devi, Mana Parvat and Kamat Kamet, and many religious destinations. Take one of our Auli packages and explore the former training ground of the Indo-Tibetan Police Force that provides breath-taking views.

Located at a height of approximately 2800 metres, Auli offers a thrilling experience in the winter months to numerous tourists and enthusiasts from across the globe. Auli tours also consist of adventurous treks and camping at scenic locations in and around Auli. Its artificial lake is another attraction that comes among the world’s highest man-made lakes. The cherry on the cake is the weather that attracts most tourists to Auli with cool winds that offer serenity and peace. From snow-covered peaks to wooden huts, Auli is not less than a perfect European village. If you are looking to go skiing on your next vacation or just want to spend time in a small, pretty village with spectacular views and relax, Auli might be the place for you. Veena World provides exciting Auli tour packages that are customizable and that allow tourists to enjoy everything that this beautiful place has to offer.


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Still cant find what you are looking for? Please feel free to Contact Us, Write us an Enquiry.

About the Destination

Like many of the other top hill stations in India, Auli too is located in the state of Uttarakhand. An Auli package for 3 days is a popular choice for people looking for an escape from the busy city life and is situated at a distance of 16 Km from Joshimath, on the Badrinath route. The slopes of Auli offer a panoramic view of the surroundings and many famous Himalayan peaks such as Nanda Devi, Kamet and Dunagiri. It is believed that the great Guru Adi Shankaracharya had blessed this heavenly place with his existence and an old temple built by him still stands at Joshimath. Auli had also been home to the colourful tribes of Bhotiyas, of the Mongolian stock, who traversed the trails at Auli with their goods-laden yaks for trading purposes.

Today, Auli is known as the Ski capital of India. It offers everything that any tourist comes looking for to a hill ski resort, and more. You can also enjoy the heart-throbbing experiences that Auli has to offer and enroll into any of the numerous professional as well as amateur ski camps with our Auli trip packages. Also popular among bikers, Auli offers some enchanting mountain biking routes that provide extreme enthusiasm.

Things to do in Auli

  • Auli Artificial Lake

Auli’s only man-made lake makes for a serene and calm atmosphere that is accompanied by a skiing track. With the tall Himalayas in its backdrop, popular peaks of Nada Devi Hill glancing at you and truly breath-taking views of sharp mountains, criss-crossed with golden sunlight appears mesmerizing. This lake is also one of the world’s highest man-made lakes and provides a peaceful place to spend time with your friends and family. The lake can be accessed through cable cars from Joshimath, which provide a seamless view of the town of Auli and should be definitely included in your Auli itinerary. 

  • Cable Car Ride

Every Auli tour itinerary must include skiing, and if you are planning to ski, you can take the cable car to reach the top of the mountain. Most ski destinations are connected through cable cars and make up for an amazing experience and a new way to explore the town. The views visible from the cable car are extraordinary witnessing snow covered mountains, slopes and valleys, proving its worth. The highest and the longest ropeway in India after the one at Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir, Auli’s cable car covers an approximate distance of 4km and presents travellers with awe-inspiring views of the snowy valleys below and of the skiing competitions that are organized by the government’s tourism department.

  • Skiing 

One of the most sought-after activities in Auli, tourists can take full advantage of the picturesque slopes and meadows of Auli that make for the perfect skiing destination. In the months of February and March, Auli often hosts the National Winter Games. Skiers are naturally provided with clean stretches of 10-20 km of snow-covered mountain slopes, and a decent of 500 m from the ridge over a stretch of 3 km. You can enroll in several ski camps that are run by professionals, depending on your cost preferences, and shine your skiing skills.

  • Trekking and Camping

Trekking is another good option for tourists looking for some thrill. There are numerous trekking routes that differ in lengths and commence from Auli and offer challenging experiences intertwined with pleasant green meadows. Trekking and hiking is also a great way to explore Auli and its local heritage, sites and culture while staying close to nature. You can check out the local villages, visit popular places and talk to the locals, breathing in the fresh Auli air.

  • Trishul Peak 

Considered one of the best tourist attractions in Auli, Trishul Peak provides a 270-degree view of snow-clad hills surrounding it. Nanda Devi can also be seen here with its majestic beauty as well as a picturesque view of the town Auli. 

  • Nanda Devi Peak

The 23rd largest peak in the world and the second-largest in India that stands at a height of 7,816 meters, Nanda Devi peak is a popular trekking destination in India. It provides a 360° view of its beautiful surroundings and hosts numerous trekkers from across the globe. It is also a mythical religious spot and attracts countless devotees.

  • Helicopter Himalaya Darshan

Another popular activity on Auli family packages, tourists can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the beautiful town of Auli through the helicopter service, run by the tourism department of Uttrakhand, which offers stunning scenery that is hard to forget.


Best Time to Visit Auli

Auli offers favourable climatic conditions throughout the year for a delightful tourist experience. However, Auli is best known as a skiing destination and the months from December to March are the best time to experience this activity. During its best winter days, Auli is blessed with an unusually large number of sunny days but also witness heavy snowfall, which makes for a peaceful evening spent in front of bonfires. In the summer months, Auli serves as a great hill station to escape from the severe city heat and chaos. There are several Auli holiday packages available with Veena World that you can avail during your next trip to Auli.

There are only a handful of accommodations available at Auli because of its high altitude and remote location. If you wish to keep your Auli trip cost to a minimum, you can choose to stay at Joshimath which is only a few kms away from Auli has an abundance of accommodations.  You should also select Auli travel packages that allow you to get a taste of the local Garhwali cuisine at some of the town’s old restaurants.

Auli tour packages cost low to medium depending on the number of days you wish to spend here and offer a scenic, peaceful vacation that is different from the usual hill destinations. You can compare the price of our Auli travel packages and get the best deal on your next trip.

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