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10 Best Things to Do in Pune

9 mins. read

When it comes to vacation destinations in India, Pune is not the city people commonly think of. Mumbai, yes; Goa, definitely, but not Pune as much. Pune’s charm lies in the fact that it’s a small city that is not as crowded as Mumbai. And yet, there are plenty of things to do in Pune! There are numerous places where you can go to be away from the usual hubbub of the city and you can also explore the city if that’s what you want to. Nevertheless, there is no dearth of places and things to see in Pune. That’s why considering Pune for your next vacation can be a great idea. And when you do so, ensure your Pune tour package includes the majority, if not all, of these things to do in the city.

Visit the Aga Khan Palace

In 2003, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) declared Aga Khan Palace as a monument of national importance. It was built in 1892 by Sultan Muhammad Aga Khan III who was the leader of Nizari Ismaili Muslims. The palace was an act of charity to help the people of Pune and other neighbouring cities that were hit by famine. However, the palace later was used as a prison for Mahatma Gandhi, his wife Kasturba Gandhi, his secretary Mahadev Desai, and Sarojini Naidu. Kasturba Gandhi and Mahadev Desai met their demise in this prison. It is now a museum that commemorates Mahatma Gandhi. The authorities have left Mahatma Gandhi’s room untouched, with his all personal belongs, notebooks, clothes, and other personal belongings intact. The museum is also majestic and is surrounded by deep and lush greenery. If you are a history buff, a follower of Mahatma Gandhi’s principles, or just want to enjoy some calm, Aga Khan Palace is a place you should explore.

Enjoy a Pleasant Day at Koregaon Park

Your visit to Pune will be left incomplete until you visit Koregaon Park. It may not be the most popular place in Pune for tourists, but it is the heart of the city.  What everyone loves about India is the variety of street foods available in every city. Koregaon Park is where you’ll find the best and most delicious street food in Pune. If you would rather bring your food and drink for a picnic here, that works as well. There are also several restaurants in the area you can try, depending on what adventure you want to take your taste buds to that day. Restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, you’ll find the best of food that the city has to offer right at this place.

Go for Paragliding at Kamshet

The adventurous soles can even glide through the air in Kamshet. Kamshet is a small village in Pune known for its beautiful landscape and Sahyadri mountain range. People from across India come here to do paragliding. When it comes to doing interesting things in the city, Paragliding is one of the best things to do in Pune. It will set your heart racing while you enjoy the endlessly beautiful landscape of Kamshet and Sahyadri range. You will be paragliding at an altitude that’s not easily reached anywhere else in India.

Hit the Skies at Hadapsar Gliding Centre

Hadapsar Gliding Centre was set up in 1951 to strengthen the Indian Gliding Movement. As of currently, it provides teaching and training opportunities to those who want to learn gliding. On Sundays, they allow civilians to sit in the plane and go for a ride up in the sky. There will be only 2 people in the plan. You and the expert pilot who will give you the flight of your life. One of the best things about this flight is that there is no engine sound to disturb the tranquillity of the environment. You can look at the wide expanse of Pune and what the city looks like from a great height. So hold tight to your seat.

Visit the Memorable German Bakery

The one food place in Pune that everyone who has ever visited the city recommends is the German Bakery. It was established in 1988 and has been since then the most iconic and memorable eating place in Pune. The bakery is always inundated with people, Indians and foreigners. And regardless of which dish or cake you order, it will be the best thing you will have eaten your entire life, be it masala chai, fish and chips, hot chocolate, cheesecake, or anything else. This will take your taste buds for a ride that you will never forget. Visiting the German Bakery is also considered one of the best things to do in Pune in couples for you get to spend some quality time together with mind-blowingly delicious food.

Learn about the Life of Bajirao Mastani at Shaniwar Wada

You may have watched the 2015 Hindi language epic starring Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone and absolutely loved the gorgeous sets in the movie. In Pune, you can actually visit the place where Bajirao and Mastani. Shaniwar Wada was the seat of Peshwas till 1818 when they lost the seat to the British East India Company. In 1828, the fort of Shaniwar Wada caught on fire for unexplained reasons. But all was not lost. The surviving structures have been well preserved and it is now one of the best tourist places to visit in Maharashtra. The fort is a monument of historical importance and is a great place to visit for those who like history. You will learn tremendously about the history of the Peshwa house in Shaniwar Wada, especially the life and times of Bajirao and Mastani.

Relax at Khadakwasla Dam

What Pune is known for is calm and tranquillity. If you want to party with the crowd in the hip bars and pubs, Mumbai is the city. But if you’d rather stay away and enjoy a vacation without all that noise, Pune is the perfect destination. It has Khadakwasla Dam buult across Mutha River. It’s perfect for those who wish to observe nature up close. You can come here with your partner and friend and spend a day without any disturbance. Further, if you are into photography, this will offer the best of sceneries that Pune has to offer.

Observe Wildlife at Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

Also known as Katraj Zoo or Rajiv Gandhi zoo, it’s the perfect destination if you want to observe wildlife and spend an enjoyable day with friends and/or family. You’ll get to see a variety of animals here, including barking deer, Asiatic lions, Indian elephants, and sloth bears. It also has a snake park with over 160 species of snakes, including Indian cobra, vipers, Indian rock pythons. When you are sightseeing Pune, a day here will be well spent.

Visit the Majestic Karla Caves

If you don’t mind stepping out of Pune for a few hours, Karla Caves in Lonavala will make sure your time is properly spent. Even if you live in Pune and are looking for things to do in Pune this weekend, take out a car and travel to Karla Caves. Dating as far as back 160 BC, it is the most ancient and significant symbol of Buddhism in India. Within the caves, you will find beautifully carved prayer halls, a Buddhist monastery, ornately designed arched entrance, and well-preserved architecture.  It’s a place that will enchant your senses and you will not want to go home.

Shop at FC Road

Food, monuments, museum, adventure, and picnic spots are all done. The next place is for those who like shopping. Fergusson College Road (or FC Road) is known for its market where you can buy everything at a great price if you know how to bargain. Since Fergusson College is right next to it, it’s mostly visited by students. So everything here is affordable if you know how to bargain. From the latest fashion accessories to clothes, you will find everything at FC Road.

Pune is considered India’s most liveable city because it’s green, less populated than other cities, and you will find everything here that you would expect in a Tier I city. There is no dearth of tourist places in India. But Pune is often ignored because people would rather go to Mumbai as it’s the more happening city and the home to Bollywood. Nevertheless, if you decide to travel to Pune, you will have the time of your life.

June 07, 2021


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