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Veena World’s Europe is now more affordable! Book Easy Lazy Cost Saver tours, starting at just ₹ 69000*. Book before March 15 and accomplish your dream of visiting Europe.

How about everything best brought together to fit in a price that suits your pocket and still lets you discover Europe!!! Sounds like a dream? Not anymore! Starting at just ₹ 69000*, Europe is now within everyone’s reach with Veena World’s Easy Lazy Cost Saver Tours. Travel from Mumbai to Mumbai with Veena World’s expert and experienced tour manager and take that most aspired trip that has always been on your bucket-list. Unbeatable prices with inclusions like air tickets, visa, insurance*, hotel accommodation, sightseeing, driver-guide tips, and breakfast-dinner with free time for lunch to take a taste of the local delicacies. What are you waiting for?

Cost Saver Europe is exactly what you need to turn your Europe dream into reality in 2020. Tick off your list with these tour packages, catering to every budget. Choose from popular destinations like England Scotland, Germany, Amsterdam, Brussels, Vienna, Prague, Italy, Spain or unveil the mysterious Europe by treading the path lesser known at amazing destinations like - Scandinavia or even Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. You even have an opportunity to dive into the heart of France by exploring its lesser known destinations. And of course, there are all-time popular multi-country Europe tours to choose from. Wait no more, because Veena World now gives you so many reasons that there is no scope for excuses at all. Pick your tour, get excited to travel, invest in your goal of visiting Europe and Chalo, Bag Bharo, Nikal Pado!

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Need some assistance with your travel query? Please fell free to Contact Us or write us an Enquiry.

Need some assistance with your travel query? Please fell free to Contact Us or write us an Enquiry.


The fantasy land popping straight out of your favourite storybook as a child has successfully grasped the world’s attention since the beginning of the time. Its aesthetic synchronization of art, history and culture has given birth to incredible heritage and immortal people. The true essence of this land ranges from the royalty of Your Highness, The Queen’s Buckingham Palace in England to the architectural marvels of Rome. The personality of Europe welcomes every traveller with a complete new perception towards life as a whole. Whenever one thinks about booking a dream vacation, looking for best budget tour packages for Europe is first thing on their mind.

Here at Veena World, Cost Saver Europe is the budget tour package which has been intricately designed to provide you your most aspired vacation, at the most affordable price. Travelling is known to bring people together as we grow with every tour. Veena World’s tour packages for families are designed with a motto to celebrate the togetherness of a family. The idea of travel, explore and celebrate is reflected in Veena World’s every tour, be it anywhere in India or around the world. Your choice stands as our priority, may it be for adventure or for leisure, for a single country or for multi-countries, for a special occasion like honeymoon of just a short escape from the routine in the form of a weekend getaway, for the adventure of travelling alone or the joy of travelling with the family, all of it is made possible by Veena World!


America is the land of young dreams! The variety of elements that this land has to offer, are countless. The beauty of this land is in perfect sync with the nature and the future bonded together. Travelling in this land makes you realise every moment, why it is advanced than most countries in the world. With Veena World’s budget tour package – Cost Saver America, live your ‘American Dream’ and experience it in every corner of this ‘New World’. Known to be the land of citizen centric ideology, where everything is created to make life easy, this land is dedicated to people and the ideology of liberty. This land has so much to offer that choosing from the options is a real hard job! Travel to this continent to explore, frame your travel story and have your own versions of American Diaries. While looking for a budget travel package for the USA from India, look for something that gives you a true insight of this land. The country that each one of us aspires to visit at least once in a lifetime, the United States of America boasts of astonishing skyscrapers, natural wonders, dazzling casinos, famous museums, renowned monuments and much more. Explore this majestic country with Veena World’s Cost Saver America tour. Visit the best places with the liveliest attractions and feel the excitement at each location. Everything is grand in this place, right from the grand landscapes to grand skyscrapers, it’s all about grand living! Explore our America tour package from India which is the most affordably priced to make your trip a memorable one, yet easy on the pocket. So now, can your American Dream wait anymore?!


Thailand is adorned with a great coherence of history and ancient culture with modern luxurious living, spirituality and religion fused together with modern lifestyle and a perfect traveltainment. With the convenience of on-arrival Visa, Thailand is a destination which can be decided upon and travelled to, at any given point of time. Here at, Veena World, we bring together the best of this land of smiles in an affordable tour package of Cost Saver Thailand. Thailand is generally the first international getaway for most Indian travellers. Everything made so affordable and with an attractive availability of options, Thailand is sure to allure you! The notable dominance of Buddhism and the echoing materialistic modernism are remarkable contrasts existing together which can be felt in every corner of Thailand. This land seems extremely homely as it feels like a reflection of India itself. The colourful and vibrant traditions bring every street, every lane of Thailand to life. Your choice stands as our priority. Choose to explore only Thailand or you also have an option to combine it with neighbouring Malaysia and Singapore with Veena World.


Asia’s hub and the fastest growing developed nation, Singapore is a remarkable place known for being one of the most dynamic countries on the planet. The melting pot of different cultures, cuisines and architectural styles; amazing amusement and wildlife parks; wonderful shopping avenues, outlying neighbourhoods; unmatched cleanliness; Singapore is truly a global city of Southeast Asia! We at Veena World, stitch the one of a kind elements of this land altogether with our Cost Saver most affordable tour package for Singapore. Travelling here is truly morally uplifting. The organised development of this land is noteworthy. This land is very welcoming, even for its small size and visiting here once seems never enough. Choose to explore only one country at a time or club it with the other jewels of the South East like - Thailand & Malaysia. So if Singapore has been on your mind since long, your search for the budget travel package surely ends here!


Malaysia is a destination which can be decided upon and travelled to, at any given point of time. Everything made so affordable and with an attractive availability of options, Malaysia is sure to allure you! The colourful and vibrant traditions bring every street, every lane of Malaysia to life. Indulge in all the real flavours of Asia in this land, which is right known as Truly Asia. Ice the cake by clubbing Malaysia with neighbouring Thailand and Singapore. Believe us, the experience will be unforgettable. What’s more with the budget tour packages of Cost Saver tours, there’s every reason for you to exclaim, Chalo, Bag Bharo, Nikal Pado!

Hong Kong Macao

The wonder of Hong Kong lies in its unique blend of influences, combining true multicultural modernity with ancient Chinese traditions. At Veena World, we understand the core nature of this epic land, based on which we have designed the budget travel package for Hong Kong and Macao in the form of the Cost Saver tour. Admire Hong Kong’s signature panorama over glittering skyscrapers to the harbour beyond and soak in the tranquil and joyful vibes of the Portuguese culture in Macao. Have a rendezvous with the larger than life urban side of Hong Kong or get the feel of being all the way at Las Vegas in the many casinos of Macao. For all of this and more, Veena World’s budget travel package - Hong Kong Macao is all that you need.

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