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Trekking Near Mumbai - A List of Popular One Day Treks Near Mumbai

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Trekking is a huge source of learning and inspiration. It is not just about walking for hours but consciously observing the community and environment at that time and learning from them. Just the idea of going for a trek and sipping a hot cup of tea while gazing at a captivating view is enough to get anyone excited for a trekking expedition. The areas surrounding Mumbai, one of the best places to visit in Maharashtra, offers some exciting options for a one day trek.

These trekking spots near Mumbai have abundant natural beauty and idyllic settings that present adventure seekers with the perfect opportunity to quench their thirst for thrill. There are several options for monsoon treks near Mumbai where one can just head to the hills and wander away in the mist. These places offer a quaint environment where one can trek to scale mountains and rejuvenate in the lap of nature.

Here is a detailed itinerary of one-day trekking options near Mumbai for having the ultimate trekking expedition in the quaint natural setting around the city: -

1. Tikona Fort

A triangular fort, the Tikona Fort is located in Maval, Maharashtra. It blesses travellers with an exhilarating trekking experience near Mumbai because of the presence of sloping sides. Some sections are quite steep and the trekker is required to lower his/her body to remain close to the surface. When you reach the top, you are welcomed with a gorgeous view of the Pavna River and different other forts like the Visapur and Lohagad twin forts.

All you are required to do is go to the Tikona Peth, located in Kamshet, and then begin ascending. It will take you two hours to ascend, spend another hour at the top, and then one more hour to descend.  Tikona Fort offers just the perfect set up for an adventurous one day trek near Mumbai and attracts adrenaline junkies from all over the country.

2. Tandulwadi

Tandulwadi is the go-to destination for people longing to go on monsoon treks near Mumbai. At the time when the monsoon season is at its peak, the Tandulwadi Fort creates quite an adventure for trekkers. There are a gazillion trees that do not let the trekkers see even 10 feet ahead. Even the painted markings on the stones are generally washed off during the first downpour itself. This place for trekking near Mumbai has all the making for an adventure-packed ride but makes for an experience that is hard to forget.

Travellers reach Thane, then take a left turn towards Tandulwadi Village and make a stop close to the Tandulwadi School. They can then park right there and start their trek.

3. Mahuli Fort

Mahuli Fort is a famous one day trek near Mumbai. Located in Thane, the tall fort is the highest peak in the district. The fort is situated on the top of a hill and faces the western section of the Sahyadri ranges. Once you reach the fort’s pinnacle, you get to capture a panoramic view of the thick, lush forest below and just stand and peacefully watch every second go by.

The uppermost plateau on the fort is made of three mountains. The fort falls under the jurisdiction of Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary. Your total trekking time here will be around 3 hours to reach the top.

4. Naneghat

Situated in the Western Ghats, Naneghat is a tranquil mountain pass. Satvahannahs used it as a trade route. Naneghat trek is one of the best treks near Mumbai especially for travellers who want to dive deep into the history of Maharashtra. You have to walk on rugged trails when you set out to discover the unspoilt patches of nature during this trek. With Naneghat trek, you get the opportunity to trek amidst ancient sites that narrate intriguing tales of history.

5. Karnala Fort

Wishing to go on a Sunday morning monsoon hike? Karnala Fort is one of the best treks near Mumbai for the same. It is a complete two-hour trek that offers an adrenaline-pumping experience to the trekkers. It is just perfect for beating the Monday blues next morning. Imagine being completely drenched in rain that too in the middle of lush greenery with a scintillating view of the Shiva Temple and remnants of the Karnala Fort.

The fort is a protected region inside the Karnala bird sanctuary, so don’t be surprised when you come across wonderful fauna on your way. Karnala Fort Trek is a popular choice amongst people who want to go on one of the easy-grade treks near Mumbai

6. Lohagad Fort

The Lohagad Fort trek presents an enticing option for a one day trek near Mumbai for beginners. One has to follow an easy trail wherein you have to climb a series of steps. The trek makes for an enthralling experience for travellers especially during the monsoon season as the area gets wrapped in a vibrant green cover. Within this trail, you will also come across a diversion that will take you to Bhaja caves.

Discovering the picturesque fort and its four gates is a perfect memory that gets added to your travel experiences. Another welcoming aspect of the Lohagad Fort trek is that it is one of the easy treks near Mumbai.

7. Korigad Fort  

The Korigad Fort is considered as one of the best trekking places near Mumbai for first-timers. The trek comprises a walk of about 15 to 20 minutes followed by some steps to go to the top. The Korigad Fort trek offers a trekking experience near Mumbai that isn’t all that physically taxing. The journey is pretty smooth as the trekkers have to take steps that go up. But, as they proceed, they seem to get the illusion that the incline is becoming steeper and steeper with the passage of time. The remnants of the fort can still be seen on the way up. Trekkers also get to see old stone arches while they are here.

When you reach the top, you notice a flat table spread out over a large area. You also notice that the structure is astonishingly well-preserved along with water cisterns, temples, ramparts, and some remains of other spaces at the top. Such a setting makes it an amazing place to create your own unique travel escapade.

One can walk for around 2 kilometres around the ramparts, capturing picture-perfect views of the valleys surrounding the area. Make sure you save some energy for this as well.

8. Matheran

Situated around 2500 meters above sea level, Matheran is another exciting option for trekking near Mumbai. It is a tiny hill station perched amidst the Sahyadri range. This cosy region is replete with spectacular vistas and lush greenery.

The great thing about Matheran is that cars are prohibited inside the city boundaries. Therefore, it boasts a clean, natural, and untouched environment. This also means a quieter environment to relax and unwind in. Once you enter the hill station, you are transported to an old-world era of automobile-free pathways, red-soiled roads, and a cold breeze sans any pollution.

9. Rajmachi

Rajmachi is a tiny village located in the Sahyadri mountain range of the Konkan region in Maharashtra. This tiny piece of heaven is characterized by water springs, lush vegetation, and beguiling natural beauty; making it one of the most famous places to trek near Mumbai. Beginners can easily complete the Rajmachi trek as it is quite forgiving.

Sightseeing options in the area include Shreevardhan Fort, Manoranjan Fort, and Rajmachi Wildlife Sanctuary. March and September are considered the best time to visit.

Apart from these places that trekkers choose for one-day treks, there are many trekking places in Mumbai as well for one-day treks. These include Devkund Trek where you get to see the union of three waterfalls after trekking for a total of 3 hours. It is one of the most popular trekking places in Mumbai for one-day treks.

Venturing into the outdoors when you plan to go on these amazing treks not only takes you on an outer journey buy an inner one too. Acting as a stress-buster, these treks acts as a ‘the great escape’ that we seek from our rather mundane life routines every now and then. Let blissfulness and satisfaction take control when you set out to spend some quality time with only yourself on these trekking spots near Mumbai. There are many places to visit near Mumbai for 3 days, 4 days, and even more if you wish to elongate your trip and discover more hidden gems tucked away in the city’s surroundings.

August 23, 2020


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