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Things To Do in Seychelles - From Relaxing on Beaches to Hiking Trails

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A far-flung island paradise in the Indian Ocean off East Africa, the Seychelles beckons with sparkling sapphire waters, palm-fringed powder beaches, and dramatic natural landscapes. Granite peaks thrust skywards, blanketed in emerald forests and fringed by white sands lapped by the turquoise sea. The 115 islands of this spectacular archipelago offer endless adventures, from world-class scuba diving and big game fishing to hiking jungle trails to secluded coves. The exotic plant and animal life provides countless opportunities for memorable photography. With exciting Seychelles tourist places, it truly provides an unforgettable tropical island getaway. This island nation is a nature lover and adventurer’s dream with stunning vistas around every turn. From helicopter rides to island hopping, visitors will discover many memorable activities and amazing things to do in Seychelles.

8 Memorable Things To Do in Seychelles

With so much to see and do, planning your ideal itinerary in the Seychelles can seem overwhelming. To help craft your island adventure, here are the 8 unique things to do in Seychelles for the top experiences

  • The Copolia Trail
  • Island Hopping
  • Morne National Park
  • Art Shopping
  • Sunbathing
  • Victoria Bazaar
  • Helicopter Ride
  • Street Food Tour

The Copolia Trail

The Copolia Trail on Mahe Island is a tough hike up through lush rainforest to reach amazing mountaintop views. This rigorous trail winds uphill over tangled tree roots and steep rock steps. Stop to catch your breath and spot colourful birds and orchids in the leafy trees all around you. When you get up to the top of the granite mountaintop, you'll be rewarded with jaw-dropping 360-degree views. Look out over Mahe's velvety green mountain peaks rolling down to the shiny blue and aquamarine ocean waters. You'll feel on top of the world! Heading back down the trail after seeing fantastic views from the top makes all that effort to get up there worth it. And the Copolia trail is free to hike! So adventurous travellers who want a fun challenge can get their exercise in and see the Seychelles' natural beauty all at once along this famous path up to the top.

Island Hopping

As an archipelago of 115 islands, the Seychelles is custom-made for adventures in island hopping. Glide between emerald isles on catamarans and yachts, navigating vibrant reefs as each island unveils its own unique charms. On mountainous Silhouette, follow trails through mist-cloaked cloud forest to volcanic ridges with eye-popping vistas of surrounding isles. Praslin seduces with palm-lined white sand beaches and the rare sea coconut growing only in its primaeval Vallée de Mai forest. Denis hosts colonies of nesting seabirds and sea turtles coming ashore, while Frégate boasts over 2,000 giant Aldabra tortoises lumbering amidst lush foliage. With every island boasting postcard-worthy beaches and exotic ecosystems, hopping between these natural treasures makes for the ultimate exploration of the Seychelles’ dazzling biodiversity and landscapes. As each island fades into blue horizons behind you, anticipate what natural marvels the next will unveil.

Morne National Park

Morne National Park is a tropical paradise and one of the best things to do in Seychelles for nature lovers. As you walk the jungle trails, you'll discover amazing rainforests, tall palm trees, rugged mountain peaks, mangrove swamps, and wetlands. Keep your eyes peeled to spot unique birds and plants that only grow on these islands! Hike through 340 acres of dramatic landscapes straight out of Jurassic Park. Look for the huge, odd-shaped coco de mer seeds on the forest floor. Glimpse the Seychelles' highest mountain soaring above covered in primeval forests. Local guides can take you hiking, kayaking or ziplining for awesome views of it all! With native flowers and special birds found nowhere else on Earth, Morne Park shows off the Seychelles' incredible natural habitats. Wander trails to hidden waterfalls, secret coves, and more. Every turn reveals something incredible in this tropical wonderland!

Art Shopping

The Seychelles islands have wonderful local art galleries you can visit, especially in the capital city of Victoria. As you walk down the narrow streets, pop into little workshops to see painters and sculptors working. You can watch them create beautiful landscapes of beaches, forests, and ocean views. Some galleries like the 1904 Arts Centre are in old colonial buildings. Others like the Gordon S.A Gallery show art by famous Seychellois artists like George Camille. Admire all the colourful paintings done in oils or black and white drawings sketched in pencil. See one-of-a-kind bronze statues too. Have a friendly chat with the artists as you look around. Then maybe buy a special piece you love to take home as the perfect vacation souvenir. Shopping for local art supports the talented Seychellois artists and helps keep the islands' culture alive.


The Seychelles islands have some of the world's most amazing beaches. The sand is perfectly powdery white and the water is clear in beautiful shades of blue and green. Huge palm trees give shade on the beaches. Some have big granite boulders you can climb on or explore. Famous beaches like Anse Lazio and Anse Source d'Argent feel like paradise. You can walk for miles along the soft sand with gentle waves lapping at your feet. Find a quiet sandy spot to relax in the sun, swim in the calm water, or get that perfect vacation photo. For adventure, try boogie boarding small waves or go snorkelling to see colourful fish and coral reefs not too far offshore. As the golden sun dips down at sunset, stay at your beach to enjoy a picnic dinner or beach bonfire. With so many great beach options - lively or peaceful - Seychelles is perfect for couples and solo travellers who enjoy the sand and surf. Sink your toes in powdery sand and have your best beach vacation!

Victoria Bazaar

The lively Victoria Bazaar is the main market in the Seychelles' capital city. It's bustling with vendors selling all types of goods at great prices. Wander through the busy stalls for gifts, souvenirs, clothing and more. Bright patterned shirts and coloured beaded necklaces make for a perfect Seychelles memento. Bargain with the sellers – it's part of the fun! The many food counters are the best place to take a break and sample traditional Creole snacks. Load up on fresh tropical fruits or smell spices cooking up in tasty entrees. With so many vibrant booths packed together under one roof, every visit to the Victoria Bazaar guarantees an exciting experience even for the most casual shopper. The lively sounds, scents, sights – it's a treat for all the senses!

Helicopter Ride

Seeing the Seychelles islands by helicopter is the ultimate thrill ride! You get to soar high above the archipelago for awesome aerial views no boat or car can give.  Whoosh up and over the palm trees on white sand beaches. Swoop between the tall green mountain peaks. Get a birds-eye look straight down on top of the thick tropical forests. As you fly super fast from island to island, the details blur in a super cool way. It feels like the land is spinning underneath! And you'll get fabulous photos looking over the perfectly blue ocean with little green islands dotted everywhere. Riding way up in the open sky lets you take in all of Seychelles’ natural beauty at once. Plus sipping champagne with your feet dangling out adds to the awesome experience! If you want beautiful views and big fun, see the heavenly Seychelles by helicopter.

Street Food Tour

The Seychelles islands have fantastic street food you can sample all over. Just walk around and you'll smell something tasty cooking! On Mahe Island, stop at food stands like Jules Take Away or The Copper Pot for classic grab-and-go items. You might try a fried chicken wrap, fresh grilled fish, or spicy samosas. On Praslin Island, Coco Rouge makes yummy homemade ice cream. Wherever you go munching through the Seychelles, eating street food lets you experience authentic Creole cooking. It's made from the islands' tropical fruits, vegetables, seafood and spices. Plus trying snacks from food carts and casual cafes is part of the fun of exploring!

With amazing beaches, cool birds and animals, tasty food and fun culture, the Seychelles feel like paradise. You'll make special vacation memories with these fun things to do in Seychelles that will last a lifetime! Explore our amazing Seychelles tour packages to plan a wonderful trip here and book your Seychelles honeymoon package in advance to enjoy your time without any hassle.

February 23, 2024


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