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6 Best Seychelles Islands that Tourists Must Visit

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Known as the “Honeymoon Paradise”, Seychelles is one of the most breathtakingly gorgeous locations in the world. Located in the Indian Ocean, close to the east of Africa, Seychelles is an island nation that has an archipelago of 115 islands, out of which, 45 are granitic islands and 74 are coralline islands. The capital city is Victoria, which in itself, is a mesmerising place to visit. Seychelles is popularly called the Island of Love because of its surreal beauty, making it one of the exotic locations for a honeymoon. Out of all the locations in the country, Praslin, La Digue, and Mahe are the most visited tourist places in Seychelles. Given the beauty of the place, there is no way that you would want to leave. But while you are there, here are the must-visit places in Seychelles.

1. Bird Island

One of the most unique places to visit in Seychelles is Bird Island. Located towards the northern end of Seychelles, Bird Island is a paradise where more than 20 species of bird and some giant tortoises can be spotted. From the beautiful Dungun to the migratory birds, this Bird Island is also known as Îles aux Vaches. It is a fascinating island where the real beauty of nature can be experienced. In addition to watching birds, you can also undertake water sports and adventures; enjoy the most enthralling experience of snorkelling or scuba diving, and so on. Although the best time to visit Bird Island is June, you can still visit it other times and enjoy the extraordinary bird watching experience. Other than this, Bird Island is simply excellent for photography too. You can book your package for Seychelles tourism from India easily.

2. Fregate Island

Yet another exotic place in Seychelles that you need to visit during your trip is Fregate Island. This island is also known as the Anse Victorin Island, this place has been nominated as the best beach in the world by Times. Here, the most amazing thing to do is go for dive in the soothing water of the Indian Ocean. The calm and serene aura of the Fregate Island is well accompanied by the adventurous and thrilling water and old forest hiking activities undertaken there. Apart from these, you can also see a vast range of birds, exotic flora and fauna here on this island. The tropical vegetation and the panorama of the Fregate Island make it a perfect place for escape. The best time to visit this Seychelles tourist place would be from December to February; during your trip to Seychelles, you can see the species of Hawksbill Turtles, Green Turtles, and Aldabra Giant Tortoises here.

3. Aldabra Island

One of the most famous places to visit in Seychelles that is famous for housing the maximum population giant Aldabra tortoises – the Aldabra Island is the second-largest coral atoll in the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, standing as a wonder in the Indian Ocean. Home to a rich number of flora and fauna, majestic sharks, manta rays, and so on, this island offers a breathtakingly picturesque sight. Aldabra Island is also famous for housing the white-throated Aldabra Rail that can be spotted only here. These are rare birds that cannot fly but they do add to the intriguing beauty of this island. The best time to visit this place would be from May to December. Wildlife tours, photography, and beach leisure activities are undertaken here. Some of the most popular attractions on this island are the Aldabra Atoll, Grand Terre, Malabar, Picard, Polymnie, and Exotic Wildlife. Make sure to include them in your Seychelles tour package.

Aldabra Island

4. Mahe Island

The most visited Seychelles tourist attraction, Mahe Island was discovered in the 17th Century by the British. It is the largest archipelago of Seychelles, standing as a prominent tourist attraction and a large island with a sheath of diverse fauna and flora. Mahe Island alone houses more than 65 beaches in this island country with the gorgeousness of the high mountains overlooking the shores. There are pink sand beaches in Mahe Island that give out glamour and exquisiteness. Apart from this, there are bays, small caves, waterfalls, forests, and much more in this Mahe Island that makes it nothing less than a paradise to reside in. You can visit this famous place in Seychelles anytime between May to September for enjoying the best experience of exploring it. Some of the popular attractions in Mahe Island are the Morne Seychelles National Park, Clock Tower, National Botanical Gardens, and the Le Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden. Apart from exploring these places, you can also undertake activities like bird watching; going for a hike in Anse Major, exploring the hidden beaches, go for diving and snorkelling, and so on.

5. La Digue Island

The third-largest island in the country, La Digue is the second-best place to visit in Seychelles. It offers you almost all the adventurous and thrilling activities that you know of; not just boulders and beaches but there is also a unique wilderness in the La Digue Island that enthrals and enchants everyone with its natural bliss and beauty. La Digue is embraced with historical attractions, vanilla farms, and many such amazing things that uplift the charm of this island by notches. During your trip to the La Digue Island, make sure to explore the Coco Beach, Petite Anse, Anse Patates Beach, Anse Source D’Argent, Grand Anse Anse, Anse Severe, and so on. Not to forget, the best time to visit La Digue Island is from May to September; make sure to take part in adventurous activities like snorkelling, photography, trekking, bike tours, and so on.

La Digue Island

6. Praslin Island

Stretched along the coastline of Seychelles, Praslin Island is a wonder of nature that you need to discover during your trip. It houses a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Vallée de Mai, making Praslin one of the most popular and visited places in the country. There are a lot of places to visit here for sightseeing in Seychelles; from beaches to the wildlife, you can discover serenity at its best here. There are a few hidden beaches in Praslin Island where you can go for an offbeat experience. One of the main attractions on this island is the Praslin National Park (or the biggest coral) where you can spot the rare black parrot. Again, the best time to visit this island would be from May to September. Other Seychelles tourist attractions here are the Anse Lazio Beach, Beach Bar Restaurant, Casino des Iles, Cote d’Or, and the George Camille Art Gallery. Apart from snorkelling and scuba diving, you can also undertake a boat charter here.

Apart from these places, Beau Vallon, Silhouette Island, North Island, Cousin Island; capital city Victoria, and Domaine De Val des Prés are some of the other tourist attractions in Seychelles that you need to visit during your trip.

December 25, 2021


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