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10 Best Things to Do in Switzerland’s Largest City, Zurich

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What crosses your mind when you think of tourist attractions in Zurich? Situated on the tip of Lake Zurich in the foothills of the Bernese Oberland lies the largest city in Switzerland, Zurich. Known as the financial capital of Switzerland, Zurich is a cosmopolitan city that is a mix of modern infrastructure combined with a medieval old-world charm. With its cobbled alleyways and historic churches, the beautiful city of Zurich seems straight from a fairytale. But if you look closer, by booking a Switzerland travel package, you’ll see a vibrant and modern city whose various districts are abuzz with modern architecture and creativity.

Amble through the historic old town of Zurich, take a boat ride on the Zurich Lake or visit the mountains of Zurich for some fresh Alpine air. For travellers who are less pressed for time, exploring Zurich’s tourist places, such as contemporary art galleries, Dolderbahn mountain railway, and Bahnhofstrasse boutiques, are not to be missed. And, of course, no trip to Zurich is complete without visiting and tasting delicious chocolate at the Lindt House of Chocolate, located just outside of city limits. For adventure enthusiasts, Zurich is home to some of the best adventure activities ranging from Mount Titlis and Mount Pilatus cable car rides to Grindelwald and Jungfraujoch day trips. To help you plan a trip to Zurich, we have made a list of the ten best things to do in Zurich for a perfect vacation.

Top ten places to visit in Zurich

  • Lake Zurich
  • Gerold Cuchi Umbrella
  • Uetliberg Mountain
  • Zurich’s Museum of Art
  • Zurich Zoo
  • Rhine Falls
  • Grossmünster Church
  • Mount Rigi
  • Mount Titlis
  • Lindt Chocolate Factory

1. Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich

Visiting Lake Zurich is an absolute must when you’re in Zurich. The crescent-shaped lake forms the scenic backdrop of Zurich and offers endless sightseeing opportunities for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers as well. Lake Zurich is surrounded by extensive lush green gardens and a lakeside promenade, making the place even more beautiful. Visitors can take a boat cruise on Lake Zurich to enjoy the expansive lake view and scenic snow-capped mountains in the background. If you don’t feel like taking a cruise or boat ride, the best thing to do in Zurich on Lake Zurich for free is have a picnic on the promenade while enjoying the scenic beauty of Lake Zurich.

2. Gerold Cuchi Umbrella

Hidden on the streets of Geroldstrasee is Zurich’s popular social media friendly picturesque spot called the Gerold Cuchi. Apart from the delectable food, what attracts tourists and locals alike are numerous colourful and uniquely designed umbrellas hanging in the alley of Gerold Cuchi. After clicking pictures under the colourful umbrellas, you can head to some of the most popular cafes and restaurants in Gerold Cuchi, which serve mouthwatering food, Gerold Borger and pasta being the most popular. Other tourist places near Zurich’s Gerold Cuchi include Prime Tower (Switzerland’s largest tower), Löwenbräu region for artworks and Maag Areal music arena for good music.

3. Uetliberg Mountain

When you visit Zurich and look up from the city’s skyline, you will see the mighty Uetliberg Mountain, which is an absolute delight to visit when frequenting Zurich. To reach the top of the Uetliberg mountain, there are several options, such as hiking, biking etc. Conversely, booking a direct train from Hauptbahnhof station will take you to the Uetliberg mountain, which is preferred by most tourists coming to Zurich. If you’re an adventure junkie, several activities at the top of the Uetliberg mountain include paragliding, sledging etc.

4. Zurich’s Museum of Art

Situated in Zurich’s old town is the Zurich Museum of Art, which is locally known as Kunsthaus Zürich. The Museum of Art is Zurich’s most important and oldest museum, where you will find artworks by some of the most famous artists like Alberto Giacometti. Upon exploring the museum, you will see famous artworks by other popular artists, such as Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and Marc Chagall. Zurich’s Museum of Art is home to an impressive collection of artworks from different eras and styles, ranging from the middle ages to modern times. Add the Museum of Art to your travel itinerary when embarking on some of the top things to do in Zurich.

5. Zurich Zoo

If you want to take a break from sightseeing options in Zurich, then you must add Zoo Zurich to your travel itinerary. Located in the east of Zurichberg, Zurich Zoo is the third oldest zoo in entire Switzerland, which opened its gates back in 1929. The zoo is home to over 380 animal species, including Koalas, Galapagos Turtles, Zebras, and recently discovered Goodman’s Mouse Lemur. You can wander around different ecosystems inside the zoo and discover how the animals live in their habitat. Right from baby Orangutans swinging from one branch to another to Asian Elephants taking a swim, the Zurich Zoo is the best thing to do when in Zurich. Additionally, when in Zurich Zoo, don’t miss out on watching the penguin parade, which is the zoo's highlight.

6. Rhine Falls

Visiting the Rhine Falls in Zurich is one of the most beautiful sightseeing experiences you can bounce into. The Rhine Falls is one of the biggest waterfalls in Europe, located on the Rhine River. The Falls is one of the biggest waterfalls in Europe by volume and is a popular tourist attraction in Zurich mainly for its scenic vistas and natural beauty. Reaching the Rhine Falls is quite easy by train or car. Tourists travelling to the Rhine Falls must note that the Falls can be very crowded during peak tourist season (summer), so it is advisable to plan their visit accordingly.

7. Grossmünster Church

The Grossmünster Church is one of the important landmarks in Zurich and one of the city's four major churches. The church’s twin tower forms the city’s skyline, which looks very prominent. As a bonus, you can climb up the east tower of the Grossmünster Church for a fee, one of the best things to do while in Zurich. Upon reaching the tower's top, you will see the breathtaking view of Zurich city. Besides appreciating the Church’s architecture, other highlights of the Grossmünster Church include the stained glass window made by a renowned German artist, Sigmar Polke and the Reformation museum.

8. Mount Rigi

Mount Rigi

Another great way to explore Zurich from a higher vantage point is by taking the historic Mount Rigi. The tourist attraction in Zurich at Mount Rigi is completely surrounded by water, and one can take a stroll around the forests and valleys, listening to the jingling of cowbells across the meadows. One can explore the mountain by hopping on to an aerial cable car, which is Europe’s first-ever mountain railway. While riding on the cable car to Mount Rigi, you’ll get breathtaking views of the Alpine panorama. You can even visit the quaint little town of Lucerne and take a relaxing boat ride on the lake.

9. Mount Titlis

No trip is complete without exploring Zurich’s top tourist attraction, Mount Titlis. If you are in Zurich and looking for that quintessential Alpine experience, Mount Titlis is your place to be. You can head to Engelberg and take a revolving Rotair Cable car to reach the summit of Mount Titlis. Once you reach the tip of the mountain, you can indulge in numerous adventure activities, such as mountain biking, skiing etc., some of the top things to do in Zurich. If you do not want to seek adventure, you can enjoy the magnificent views of the Alpine range from the panoramic terrace. You can even venture on the Cliff Walk, which is Europe’s highest suspension bridge.

10. Lindt Chocolate Factory

Last but not least, Switzerland is renowned for its Swiss chocolate, which is world-famous, and you cannot miss it on your trip to Zurich. You’ve probably tasted the world-famous Swiss chocolate Lindt, but what if we told you that you could taste the delicious chocolate from its factory itself? Established in 1899, visiting the Lindt Chocolate Factory is one of the best things to do in Zurich. Popularly known as Switzerland’s chocolate museum, the chocolate factory in Zurich will make your visit to Zurich more memorable. While in Lindt Chocolate Factory, you can learn the journey of chocolate from a cocoa bean to the shop shelves. You can even buy chocolates from the chocolate factory to gift to your friends and family as souvenirs.

From the incredible views after climbing Mount Titlis to appreciating the world-famous artwork at the Zurich Museum of Art and tasting the most delectable Swiss chocolates, the list of things to do in Zurich just gets better and better. Every part of the vibrant city of Zurich has something for everyone, and there’s always the chance to create lasting memories while in the largest city of Switzerland, Zurich.

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May 30, 2023


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