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Explore the Best Cities in Switzerland

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“Swiss cities remind me of the kid in high school who used to be great at sports, had perfect hair, and all the teachers loved him. He was just too perfect”

Few places in the world have drawn as much attention from tourists as the European countryside. Its beauty has captured the focus of every traveller's imagination. While the alluring French land of love, architecturally famous Italy or royally indulgent England have their fair share of beauty spots, Switzerland undoubtedly has a breathtaking allure to it that leaves people spellbound.

Tucked in the heart of central Europe and filmed in several movies since the 1960s, Switzerland packs some of the continent’s most beautiful locations. After Jammu and Kashmir, Switzerland has undoubtedly captivated and captured India’s attention due to its scenic beauty. The country evokes thoughts of exquisite craftsmanship, vineyards, delectably rare red blends and fruity fresh white wines, exquisite milk chocolate bars and the signature slice of nutty Swiss cheese.

With its crystal clear lakes, majestic castles atop hills and riverfronts, and an old-world charm of villages adorned with wildflowers strewn across the meadows, the scene conjures up images of heaven on earth. While there is no doubt that tourists adore exploring Switzerland's rustic countryside, Swiss cities seem to find a special spot on the travel bucket list of many tourists. Switzerland has a variety of stunning locations, from bustling cities perched on lakes and rivers to mountain resort towns along rivers. Thanks to the pristine settings, hiking trails, adventure spots, and fascinating architecture, Swiss cities experience tourist influxes in and out of season.

Whether you have visited the country before or are planning for your first excursion sometime soon, we have handpicked some of the best places to visit in Switzerland to help you explore the country and experience Swiss city life at its best.


As a major financial and cultural hub of central Europe, Zurich is not only the crown jewel but one of the best cities to visit in Switzerland.

Surrounded by Zugerberg and Uetliberg mountains and nestled neatly around the bridges that span the Limmat River, this bustling metropolis is famous for its quality of living, and its mesmerising architecture. Zurich is the most beautiful city in Switzerland and a trip down to the city is a must to include in your itinerary for your Switzerland vacation. Zurich has nurtured a rich cultural heritage - with its theatres, museums, and colourful nightlife it is always a delight to visit the city. You can take a trip down to the Kunsthaus Zürich, which houses one of the most popular art collections or explore the shopping streets of Bahnhofstrasse.

With June and August being the peak months, this city in Switzerland is abuzz with tourists exploring the canton in the summer. The time is perfect for tourists and locals alike to explore the outdoors and promenade to Lake Zurich. However, like with most European cities, winter adds something extra to the general splendour of Zurich. In Zurich’s crisper, snowy weather - snow sports, like tobogganing, skiing, and snowshoeing works like a charm to please adventure junkies.



A 15-minute drive from the French borders, this French-speaking part of Switzerland is surrounded by the Alps, the Jura Mountains and the dramatic Mont Blac and is one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. The city has a history of Swiss watchmaking, and being a scientific hub. Home to some of the largest organisations like the WHO, the World Trade Organisation, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and several other UN agencies, Geneva is a global hub for diplomacy and banking.

However, that does not stop the city from attracting explorers and adventure enthusiasts due to its scenic lakeshores, quaint little restaurants, historical buildings, water sports, hiking and skiing. Travellers can explore the shores of Lake Geneva, hang out at one of the beaches or take a boat cruise from one side of the city to the other. Explore the sparkling streets of Rue Verdaine and Bourg-de-Four square and other places in Geneva. The city is ideal for exploring on foot; you can also rent a bike to go further.

Visits to Geneva's lakefront and its famous fountain, the Flower Clock in the English Garden, St Peter's Cathedral, the Reformation Wall, and Place Neuve, should be at the top of any itinerary.


Bern as the capital city of Switzerland is rich in history, culture and architecture. In fact, a stop to this picture-perfect old town built around a crook in the Aare River and its limestone arcades, cobbled streets and the towering gothic-styled cathedral is a must for all travellers. Dating back to the 12th century, and due to its original urban planned structure, Bern has earned its reputation as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This flourishing capital city of Switzerland is a charming place full of museums and galleries which attracts hordes of tourists every year. Bern's cultural landscape includes numerous world-class art galleries and museums, such as the Zentrum Paul Klee on the city's outskirts, the Alpine Museum of Switzerland, and the Bern History Museum.

The best time to visit Bern is during the summer months when the waters of the lakes are just warm enough for a swim. You can enjoy the Bern Bear Park and watch bears come out of hibernation in a natural habitat, or enjoy a simple picnic at the Rosengarten with its 100 rose varieties and indulge in the unrivalled view of the city. Or take a fun trip down the wide halls of the Museum of Communication and galleries; visit Einsteinhaus; take a walk in the quiet quarters of the infamous Alpine museum and Zentrum Paul Klee in the outer ring of the city, or simply watch the setting sun cast an ethereal glow over this medieval town.

Though not as big as Zurich and Geneva, Bern offers a lot to its visitor and is considered one of the best cities to visit in Switzerland.


Snuggled on the shore of Lake Maggiore, Locarno is the most beautiful city in Switzerland. Due to its careful placement in the Ticino region of Switzerland, the city enjoys a Mediterranean climate and is one of the best cities to visit in Switzerland all year round. With its laid-back energy and Italian-influenced architecture, this quaint little town offers a perfect balance of history and a leisureful slow living that will make you want to stay forever. It is simply one of those cities to visit in Switzerland that has the most amazing views and a calm atmosphere to match its surrounding.

Located in the heart of this old city is the Piazza Grande. The place is perfect for a meetup and as a quick pit stop to the other attractions in Locarno. A jewel of alleys, with its medieval and renaissance-styled buildings and the unmistakable appearance of a fine-looking arcade peppered with boutiques, shopping centres, cafes and aesthetically pleasing pastel-coloured buildings, the Piazza is where commercial and cultural activities take place. Between the Piazza Grande and the wonderful cobbled Promenade of Lake Maggiore is the Walk of Fame that displays handprints of musicians and artists who had visited Locarno for the Moon&Stars music festival in the past.

Travellers can also take a walk down to the infamous Madonna Del Sasso which leans spectacularly on the outcropping that provides a breathtaking view of Lake Maggiore or explore one of the hiking trails to the Cardada and Cime mountain peaks.

On A Closing Note 


Confucius once claimed that everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. That, however, does not apply to Switzerland.

From cities to small towns that look right out of folk tales, sweeping valleys with snow-capped mountains acting as the perfect backdrop, Switzerland has an overwhelming charm. Switzerland, just like other European countries has its own distinct allure and is meant to be explored slowly. With its breathtaking mountains, elegant cities, pleasant temperatures, endless sunshine, traditional festivals, and glorious summer and winter activities, Switzerland will keep you occupied for a couple of days and have you coming back for more.

This season, browse through the Switzerland tour package from India at Veena World and experience its beauty for yourself. Whether you find yourself alone in a field of wild narcissus above the turquoise water of Lake Geneva, booking a dinner table in Zurich, or casually strolling through the cobbled streets of one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, there is always a reason to visit this enchanting country.

February 18, 2023


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