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9 Exciting Things To Do In Kufri

8 mins. read

Kufri, a scenic town located a short distance away from Shimla, is extremely popular among tourists travelling to Himachal Pradesh. It is surrounded by a ring of the Himalayan ranges and is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in Himachal Pradesh. The lofty valleys of this small town remain refreshingly green during warmer months and turn ethereally white during winters, offering some of the most beautiful sights, making its valleys one of the most charming places to visit in Kufri, Shimla.

The valley also boasts a variety of local flora and fauna, such as thick forests of pines and deodars, that elevate the beauty of the place, providing some most appealing glimpses. Unlike most towns in higher mountains, Kufri is fairly developed and gives a number of sports and adventure opportunities for travellers, providing plenty of things to do in Kufri. Hosting a considerable rich endemic wildlife, the Himalayan National Park in Kufri is a delight to wildlife enthusiasts as well as trekking lovers, making it one of the must things to see in Kufri and an essential stop for those seeking some exciting things to do in Kufri.

Things To Do In Kufri

Kufri is famed as Shimla's winter sports hub, offering an abundance of activities for outdoor aficionados. It is an adventurer's dream location, perfect for skiing and tobogganing adventures amidst the snow-clad mountains. The winter season is the prime time to visit this stunning hill station, as everything is blanketed in the pristine whiteness of snow, providing the area with a storybook appearance.

Ascend the Mahasu Peak which presents surprising views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Before delving into the alpine terrain, stroll through dense deodar trees and refine your skiing and sledding techniques on Kufri’s breathtaking slopes. Do not hesitate for too long and prepare to experience the fantastic things to do in Kufri, an ideal destination to visit for families, friends and honeymooners on their family holiday tours to Kufri and Shimla couple packages.

  1. Himalayan Nature Park
  2. Hiking
  3. Tobogganing
  4. Ziplining
  5. Shopping
  6. Horse Riding
  7. Skiing
  8. Yak Rides
  9. Kufri Fun World

Himalayan Nature Park

Covering a total area of 90 hectares, this park is a haven for a diverse variety of plant and animal life indigenous to the Himalayas. The area is home to approximately 180 different kinds of birds, along with a wide diversity of other creatures. A visit to this park is highly favoured among vacationers, and it ranks as one of the best things to do in Kufri.

The Himalayan Nature Park shelters a wide variety of wildlife, including leopards and brown bears, among other species. Positioned in a location that gives backpackers an incredible panorama of the entire Himalayan mountain range, perpetually blanketed in snow. Visitors to the park have the option to go on self-guided or professionally led hikes, and camping is also permitted within its boundaries.


The Mahasu Peak trail offers an unparalleled hiking feel in Kufri, providing spectacular views of the Badrinath and Kedarnath ranges. Hiking through the thick forest of Deodar and ascending to the peak is a great way to explore this area. Mahasu Peak is a well-liked spot for beginners to practise before tackling more challenging slopes, making it a worthwhile endeavour. The act of hiking allows you to cleanse your body as you breathe in pure and fresh air. Winter presents the ideal time to hike up Mahasu Peak when the forest and trails are draped in snow. A trip to Kufri would be incomplete without hiking up to this iconic destination.


Tobogganing is a sport that has been gaining recent popularity, involving sliding down snowy slopes on a sled, which proves to be even more enjoyable than one could imagine. The ideal time to try tobogganing and other thrilling snow sports in Kufri is between mid-December and early February. The toboggan can accommodate 2 or more people, adding to the excitement. Trying this sport is recommended to boost the dopamine levels in your body, as it is one of the electrifying things to do in Kufri.


Mountain Ziplining Jpg

Zip lining renders various mind-blowing experiences in the valley of snow in Green Valley, Kufri, ensuring an unforgettable adventure of travelling from one peak to another. It is one of the distinct adventure activities in Kufri, allowing tourists to travel 70 feet high in the air over a 500-foot distance. Additionally, up to 60 individuals can partake in the roller coaster ride together in less than 1 minute, adding to the excitement. Therefore, this cliffhanging adventure activity promises to leave explorers with loads of memories and stunning scenery.


The town of Kufri is known for its abundance of the world-renowned spice, Saffron, readily available for visitors to purchase. Regardless of the time of year, there are numerous things to do in Kufri during summer, including shopping at the Mall Road in Shimla. This shopping area is particularly remarkable for its assortment of local handicrafts such as Tibetan carpets and Pashmina shawls. Day trippers may also want to consider buying intricately carved wooden products as they make for excellent souvenirs. In addition to the Lower Bazaar, The Mall, Himachal Emporium, and the Tibetan Market, the Lakkar Bazaar are some other ideal shopping destinations.

Horse Riding

Kufri is a beautiful destination and one of the most timeless methods of discovering its expanse is on horseback. The thrill of horseback riding, coupled with the desire for exploration, ensures that the ride remains truly unforgettable. If one is up for tackling the slightly rugged terrain of the trails, riding on a horse to Mahasu Peak is an acquaintance with nature that must not be missed. It gives an unalike impression and perspective from hiking and is also relatively time-efficient.


Skiing is an exhilarating way to enhance your travel exposure, providing a rousing rush as you glide across the icy slopes. Following snowfall in Kufri, skiing presents a wonderful opportunity for both beginners and seasoned experts. The excitement lies in conquering the adventurous slopes, guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping!

Yak Rides

The Yak Farms

Enjoying a yak ride is going to be one of the most unique and fascinating activities to partake in Kufri, rendering a feeling entirely different from horseback riding. Kufri is one of the rare places in India where yak rides are available. Embark on a journey through the stunning mountain and forest trails atop a yak, witnessing the panoramic mountain ranges unfold before your eyes. This observance is best enjoyed during the winter season, allowing you to witness firsthand how yaks adapt and thrive in the bone-chilling weather of Kufri, presenting a truly mesmerising sight.

Kufri Fun World

A visit to the famous Kufri Fun World stands as one of the most entertaining activities to indulge in with your little ones. Situated atop the Mahasu Peak, at an elevation of about 9000 feet, this amusement park features a range of hair-raising rides that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. Among its several sightseeing attractions, Kufri Fun World is particularly celebrated for its iconic go-karting rides, boasting one of the world's highest go-karting tracks.


Situated less than 50 kilometres away from several well-known hill stations, Kufri possesses its own distinct allure. This hill station has an array of activities, from enlivening adventures to solitary moments amidst the magnificent mountain landscapes. A tour of Kufri is an essential component of your Himachal trip, particularly if you are exploring various towns as part of your Shimla holiday package. When planning your Kufri sightseeing, ensure to include all these things on your list to fully appreciate its unique offerings.

December 03, 2023


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