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Top Things to Do in Coimbatore: Experiences That Will Leave You Wanting More

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Are you planning a trip to Coimbatore, also known as “Kovai,” for a wonderful adventure in this vibrant city? Look no further! Coimbatore, tucked away between the Nilgiri Foothills, is often referred to as the “Manchester of South India,” and is a bustling metropolis known for its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking natural beauty, and thrilling recreational activities. Whether you're a history enthusiast, nature lover, or thrill-seeker, the place has something special in store for everyone. Let's dive into some of the top places to visit in Coimbatore and fun things to do in Coimbatore for an experiential vacation:

Exploring the Cultural Heritage of Coimbatore

Marudhamalai Temple

Begin your journey by seeking blessings at this ancient hilltop temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. This 12th-century temple is surrounded by hills on three sides, dotted with small mandapans for devotees to rest while hiking up the hill. It is said that a Siddha overcame tiredness presented by water sprinting out of a tree in this very place where the temple is built. Visitors will get accustomed to the medicinal herbs growing around the area used for Ayurveda purposes. 45 youngsters currently receive care from the temple's homeless shelter. The temple looks after their education up to the high school level in addition to providing food, clothing, and shelter. So, give a visit to the beautiful deity of Muruga in the Moolasthanam, which is both a devotee's and connoisseur's delight!

Perur Pateeswarar Temple

Delve into the architectural marvels of this centuries-old temple, renowned for its intricate carvings and religious significance. This 2nd-century temple was constructed by late Chola King Karikala Cholan for Lord Patteswarar an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Later on, the construction of this temple was significantly aided by the Hoysala and Vijayanagara kings. What’s cool! Bharatanatyam dance is performed by many school-going and college-going girls, where Lord Shiva is believed to perform His Aanandha Thandavam. Devotees are attracted to the things to do in Coimbatore for its ancient carvings, paintings, artworks and sculptures. Pateeswaram is a symbolic place of peace, tranquillity and mindfulness that resonates with God's worthiness.

Nature Escapes of Coimbatore

Monkey Falls

At a distance of 5 km from Aliyar Dam, situated on the Pollachi-Valparai road in the Anamalai Hills range, it is one of the magnificent waterfalls near Coimbatore, and among the best places to visit within nature. Enveloped between the evergreen forests, the falling water from the rocky mountain cliff creates a mesmerising scenery. As the name suggests, the best things to do near Coimbatore is to visit the flock of monkeys, for which visitors should be careful with their belongings. Taking a dip under the waterfall makes you feel like you are standing inside a waterpark with rain pouring over you. Nothing compares to losing yourself in the cool embrace of a natural waterfall, whether you're hoping to escape the heat or just to refresh your senses.

Velliangiri Mountains

The echoes of countless sages and seers, including the Adiyogi who walked the Velliangiri Mountain, the Kailash of the South, can be heard. Known as the “Sapthagiri” which translates as 7 mountains, these mountains are held and revered as the most spiritually powerful place on the planet - Mount Kailash, the legendary abode of Lord Shiva. The Shiva temple in Velliangiri is the most famous of all in the region. This spot is where lord Shiva performed his cosmic dance at the request of his consort Umadevi. Many seasonal rivers such as the Neelivaikal, Mayar or Andisunai traverse the hilly landscape of Velliangiri. These rivers translate into the best things to see in Coimbatore, overlooking cameras and drones while trekking through the mountain landscape.

Serene Retreats of Coimbatore

Anamalai Tiger Reserve

Every forest has a soul. Anamalai Tiger Reserve is the place where you are greeted with mysterious trails and surprising tales. Enjoy the opulence of nature through the bewildering strip of forest land situated on the Western Ghats. The place is primarily a sanctuary and national park to preserve the tigers from vulnerability. Apart from seeing the majestic Bengal tiger the sanctuary is home to a number of animals like Elephant, Indian Leopard, Nilgiri Tahr, Lion-tailed Macaque, Gaur, Nilgiri Langur, Sambar Deer, Sloth Bear Malabar Spiny Dormouse, the names go on. The Anamalai Tiger Reserve is the prime thing to visit in Coimbatore, which comprises a safari experience like no other amidst the tranquil surroundings. Botanical environmentalists can explore over 200 species, making the reserve a blooming area to be in.

Isha Yoga Centre

Isha Yoga Centre

Founded by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev visitors to the Isha Yoga Centre can deepen into the experience of self-love with free yoga sessions at the centre. Their sessions offer the timeless power of the mantra “Aum.” Yoga strengthens the mental and physical well-being of the human cycle and is included in fun activities in Coimbatore. The place could be a starting site for the world of yoga and its practices. Isha Foundation brings peace, dynamism, health and wellbeing which, is a tool to cope with the hectic pace of modern life. That’s not all! Bring in the practise of Isha Kriya through different Yoga Programmes for letting out inner growth and exploration.

Siruvani Waterfalls

Indulge in a rejuvenating retreat to the picturesque Siruvani Waterfalls, nestled amidst dense forests and offering a refreshing respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. Also called Kovai Kutralam Falls, this waterfall is formed by the Siruvani River on which a reservoir is built by the Kerala Government. The dam is world famous for its sweetness and is known as the second largest sweet water lake in the world. The best thing to do in Coimbatore is to visualise the panoramic view of the waterfall in the dense forest. Bathing under the steep rocks under the waterfall clears your worldly strain of city life. For direct transport, the forest department has provided free bus services that lead to the trekking points in the region.

Fun Things to Do in Coimbatore with Family

Black Thunder

Explore an unparalleled experience of thrills, excitement, adventure, and a captivating atmosphere at Black Thunder, Asia's top water theme park, located close to Ooty. This ideal vacation spot, tucked away in the picturesque slopes of the Nilgiri Hills, gives you an array of amazing water attractions, mind-blowing dry rides, boating, mud karting, leisure hotels, a resort, and much more. With a backdrop of the Nilgiris, Black Thunder Water Theme Park in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, is a place of unlimited fun and adventure. While on a visit to Coimbatore, the Black Thunder theme park would be an exotic experience for family and friends.

Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park

Embark on an exciting jungle safari through this expansive wildlife sanctuary, where you can spot diverse species of flora and fauna in their natural habitat. The sanctuary is spread over an altitude of 1400 metres in the western ghat areas of Pollachi, Valparai, and Udumalaipettai. Tourists could witness a number of wild animals like the tiger, panther, sloth bear, deer, porcupine, flying squirrel, jackal, pangolin, civet cat and birds like rocket-tailed drongo, re-whiskered bulbul, black-headed oriole, and various others. A fun thing to do in Coimbatore is walking down the forest. You will be surrounded by the merry notes of the chirping birds. If you are an enthusiast of seeing endangered animals then the sanctuary is a closed-knit place for amphibians like the Travancore Cane turtle, Marsh Crocodile, and the Common Indian monitor.

Romantic Things to Do in Coimbatore for Couples

Brookefields Mall

Do you love shopping? Treat your significant other to memorable things to do in Coimbatore for couples by going on a shopping spree or a romantic dinner date at this upscale mall, which offers a wide range of entertainment, dining, and retail options. Shop from the top brands, and choose from a spree of traditional clothes, home decorations and beauty products that will make your visit memorable with the one you love. Try authentic foods from select restaurants like the House of Candy, the South Indian Coffee House, Put Kadalai, and Amote which distinguish the local cuisine of Coimbatore. By creating your own South India tour package itinerary, a romantic evening with your significant other in the lovely ambience of the mall would change the Coimbatore travel experience.

Dhyanalinga Temple

For couples seeking spiritual solace, the best thing to do in Coimbatore city is to visit the Dhyanalinga Temple for a serene experience. Situated amidst lush greenery, the temple offers a peaceful ambience ideal for meditation and introspection. Even people who are not familiar with meditation can enter a deep level of reflection by simply sitting silently in the Dhyanalinga sphere for a short while. The temple was consecrated by Sadhguru, a place where the energies of all 7 seven chakras are raised to their peak. Dhyanalinga offers spiritual seekers the opportunity to perform spiritual practises with the utmost intimacy and karmic enthusiasm.

The Best Things to Do in Coimbatore City

Art and Culture: Fun activities in Coimbatore include visiting the rich cultural heritage, in which you can immerse yourself in the arts and culture by visiting places like the G. D. Naidu Museum and R. S Puram Cultural Association. These places showcase the rich culture and art of the city.

Street Food Adventure: The things to do in Coimbatore city are not finished without indulging in the delectable street food. Try out the local delicacies like Kovai Kozhakattai, Kovai Kachori, and Kovai bun Parotta at various food stalls around the area.

Textile Shopping: The textile industry in Coimbatore is renowned in India for offering clothes made out of high-quality silk, targeting casual wear to wedding clothes. Shoppers can choose from pure silk sarees, cotton sarees, and Kanchipuram which are made by local artisans in Coimbatore. For picking the best things to do in Coimbatore city, take a detour from your planned sightseeing and visit Poompuhar handicrafts, or the Shree Devi Textiles to purchase noteworthy artistic designs for your friends and family.

For those looking for the best things to do in Coimbatore, consider opting for customised tour packages that cater to your preferences and interests. Whether you're interested in cultural tours, wildlife safaris, or adventure activities, there's a package tailored to suit every traveller's needs.

Coimbatore is a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences waiting to be explored. The best things to see in Coimbatore are the ancient temples and scenic landscapes. From thrilling adventures and romantic getaways, the city offers a diverse array of attractions that promise to leave a lasting impression on every visitor. So book a Coimbatore tour package, pack your bags, embark on an unforgettable journey, and create memories that will last a lifetime in the charming city of Coimbatore!

April 10, 2024


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