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Don’t Miss These Exciting Things To Do in Australia For a Memorable Vacation

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Australia, the world's smallest continent and largest island, is a haven for travellers. Boasting quirky wildlife and stunning landscapes, Australia's tourist attractions offer a comprehensive experience. The good thing about a trip to Australia is that whether you're exploring with loved ones or embarking on a solo adventure, you're bound to have a memorable vacation. With countless destinations to explore in this beautiful country, you can surely add this amazing destination to your bucket list. This nation is full of unique experiences and so many things to do; explore Australia.

Top Things to do and see in Australia

Below mentioned are the top things to do in Australia, from meetings with kangaroos to breathtaking island retreats.

  1. Visit Sydney
  2. Explore Melbourne
  3. Indulge in delectables
  4. Visit the Pink Lake
  5. Experience the unique wildlife
  6. Discover the vibrant culture and street art scene in Melbourne
  7. Explore the Great Barrier Reef
  8. Tour the iconic Uluru (Ayers Rock)
  9. Relax on the pristine beaches
  10. Don’t miss Skydiving

Visit Sydney

For many around the globe, Australia seems like a distant and exotic destination. And among its many treasures, Sydney, one of the renowned cities in Australia shines as its crown jewel. Boasting some of the planet's most stunning beaches, top-notch dining establishments, and unforgettable experiences, Sydney is a must-visit for all travellers. Nestled snugly around its most prized possession, Sydney Harbour, the city offers a plethora of attractions, including the iconic Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Luna Park, and Taronga Zoo. While numerous cities boast harbours, Sydney's charm is truly exceptional and must-see places/things in Australia.

Explore Melbourne


Melbourne is considered as the " metropolis " and the largest city of Victoria state. Melbourne, Australia's trendy metropolis, boasts sun-kissed beaches, diverse wildlife, delicious Aussie cuisine, renowned local fare, and a vibrant cultural scene. Melbourne earned the title of the world's most livable city in 2002. Since then, the city has been continuously voted for this title by the prestigious Economic Intelligence Organization for many years.

The city also boasts world-class museums and galleries, including the National Gallery of Victoria and the Melbourne Museum. Food enthusiasts can indulge in delicious cuisines from around the world in Melbourne's countless restaurants and cafes making it one of the best things to do in Australia.

Indulge in Delectables

With its fusion of global flavours and fresh local ingredients, Australia is a foodie's paradise and tourist things to do. Indulge in the freshest seafood straight from the ocean - try Sydney rock oysters, Moreton Bay bugs, or the amazing barramundi.

Treat yourself to macadamia nuts, mangoes, or berries picked ripe from Australian farms. Sample award-winning wines from the Hunter Valley, Barossa Valley, and Margaret River regions. With so much culinary diversity across this vast island continent, from native Aussie dishes to modern fusions, every food lover will find something tempting to try.

Visit the Pink Lake

Australia boasts an abundance of natural marvels, among the most remarkable of which are its pink lakes. In a world where mysteries are rare, the phenomenon of Australia's pink lakes remains a captivating wonder. Among these, Lake Hillier stands out for its vibrant hue, with only a narrow strip of sand separating it from the ocean. Situated on Middle Island within the Recherche Archipelago, Lake Hillier can be reached only by air or sea. Don’t Wait! Book your tour package and add this

Experience the unique wildlife

Get ready for once-in-a-lifetime, up-close encounters with Australia's most incredible native animals as well as exotic species from around the world. Located at a point right along the northern part of the harbour, the zoo is actually housed in a prime real estate area, the very luxurious suburbs of Mosman. The zoo organises a variety of fantastic events, such as the Roar and Snore, an overnight stay experience that also features a summer concert. There are so many things to do like experience the Lemur Walk-Through, Seal Show, Koala Encounter, and Sky Safari gondola. So, if you are a nature lover or thrill-seeker, this is a place that you should definitely include in your Australia tour package itinerary.

Discover the vibrant culture and street art scene in Melbourne

Experience the dynamic and eclectic culture of Melbourne, Australia's cultural capital, where every corner tells a story through vibrant street art. Wander through the city's laneways adorned with colourful murals and graffiti, showcasing the creativity and diversity of local artists. Explore iconic street art locations such as Hosier Lane and AC/DC Lane, where every turn reveals a new masterpiece waiting to be admired. Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere as talented street performers entertain passersby with their music and dance. Whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or simply seeking inspiration, Melbourne's street art scene promises an unforgettable journey into creativity and expression.

Explore the Great Barrier Reef

Some Facts about the Great Barrier Reef Australia

The Great Barrier Reef has long dazzled visitors with its enormity and marine biodiversity as the world's largest coral reef ecosystem. But the attention of many travellers is turning to the sublime Whitsunday Islands amidst the Reef to experience a blend of beauty and adventure. This archipelago of 74 islands central to the Great Barrier Reef offers diverse island experiences. Hamilton Island particularly captivates with its accessibility and breadth of offerings. For an all-encompassing island getaway, Hamilton Island brings spectacular Great Barrier Reef scenery, relaxation and activities together.

Tour the iconic Uluru

Uluru is where travellers can experience Australia's ancient past. With the Anangu people calling the region home for at least 30,000 years, this incredible red monolith is a spectacular focal point for this storied legacyUluru has towered over Australia’s Red Centre as a sacred site to the Anangu people for over 30,000 years. Rising to almost 350 metres, it's one of the largest sandstone monuments in the world making it one of the best things to see in Australia.

Relax on the Pristine Beaches

Australia boasts a diverse range of beaches, catering to various preferences and drawing visitors of all kinds. From world-renowned surf spots like Bondi Beach in Sydney to the pristine white sands of Rottnest Island in Western Australia, there's something for everyone along the coastline. Bondi Beach, in particular, is among the foremost things to see in Sydney, Australia which offers iconic sun-soaked sands, opportunities for surfing lessons, and a picturesque ocean pool at Icebergs. If water activities aren't your stuff to do in Australia, Bondi also offers plenty of boutique shops and dining options along its scenic shoreline.

Don’t miss skydiving

Skydiving ranks among the most exhilarating things to do offering an unparalleled sense of thrill and adventure. As you soar through the sky, you'll feel like you're on top of the world in every sense of the phrase. As skydiving is a tourist's thing to do in Australia, it offers a unique experience. Some of the best places for skydiving in Australia are Wollongong, Rottnest Island, Sydney, York, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Cairns.

Now that you're acquainted with the wonders awaiting you in Australia, it's time to plan your adventure and escape the routine of daily life. For a hassle-free experience, entrust Veena World as your travel companion, offering tailored tour packages to suit every traveller. Whether you're a couple seeking a romantic retreat, book Australia honeymoon packages from India for thrilling experiences. Our committed team is happy to address your inquiries and provide suggestions.

February 27, 2024


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