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Experience Divinity At These 7 Temples In Tirupati

6 mins. read

With so many places to visit near Tirupati, this historic town in southern Andhra Pradesh, is a pilgrim's paradise. The area is well-known for its numerous Hindu shrines, the most renowned of which is the Sri Venkateswara Swamy or Tirupati Balaji temple. Devotees from all over India and the world come to seek the Almighty's blessings at this temple town. Aside from religious institutions, Tirupati has a plethora of other locations to explore for nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and historians. A Tirupati tour isn't complete unless you see the other side of this exquisite town: peaceful, unspoilt, and stunningly gorgeous!

1. Venkateswara temple

Sri Venkateshwara Temple is Tirupati's most renowned and celebrated temple, with visitors and pilgrims flocking there all year. This is one of the world's holiest and richest temples, and millions of worshippers travel here to pay their respects.

Also known as the Tirupati Balaji Temple, is one of India's most renowned cultural sites. The temple is dedicated to the avatar of Vishnu, Venkateshwara, and is also known as the ‘Temple of Seven Hills.' It is located on the seventh peak of the Tirumala Hills in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Venkateshwara's other names are Srinivasa, Govinda, and Balaji. Owing to the significant amount of donations received by pilgrims, Tirupati Balaji temple is the world's wealthiest temple.

Every day, around 50,000 pilgrims visit the temple, which is a tremendous quantity. As a result, a comprehensive protocol has been devised and implemented, culminating in a visit to the temple for darshan.

2. Padmavathi temple

Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple is located near Tirupati is an ancient pilgrim and is the home of Goddess Padmavathi, Lord Venkateswara's spouse. Pilgrims believe that before entering the Lord's abode, they should ask Her Divine's blessing.

Padma Sarovaram, a huge lake, is located within the main temple. Bathing in its waters with complete dedication is regarded as heavenly, as this is the lake where Goddess Padmavathi is supposed to have appeared as a golden lotus blossom. On important occasions and major events, a large throng gathers to bathe and worship in the ancient waters of Padma Sarovaram. Miniature temples dedicated to various deities, such as Sri Krishna Swamy, may also be seen inside the site.

3. Iskon Temple

The ISKCON Temple at Tirupati is a prominent pilgrimage place in India and a centre for spreading Lord Krishna's ideology and the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.  The Swami is a follower of Lord Krishna's continuous line of successors and a renowned exponent of Vedic culture and theology.

Aside from being a significant religious location, the Iskcon Temple has a number of initiatives aimed at helping the disadvantaged. It is highly regarded as a prominent spiritual and social welfare organisation by students, researchers, theologians, and the general public.

4. Varahaswami Temple

The Sri Varahaswami Temple, which stands to the north of Sri Venkateswara Temple, is claimed to belong to Sri Adi varahaswami. This shrine is shrouded in mythology.

It is recommended that visitors to the Venkateswara temple first visit this temple. The explanation for this is also rooted in mythology, according to which Sri Varahaswami was the owner of the seven hills. He consented to give them to Sri Venkateswaraswami on the condition that he be worshipped as well. As a result, Sri Venkateswaraswami recommended that his devotees first see Sri Varahaswami and then him.

5. Kapila Theertham

Kapila Theertham near Tirupati is a renowned waterfall located inside Kapileswara Swamy Temple at the foot of Sheshadri Hills. This is a one-of-a-kind waterfall where water from streams and rivers falls from a height of more than 100 feet into a huge pond on the temple grounds. It is a must-see tourist attraction in Tirupati and a prominent pilgrimage site in the city.

The only Shiva temple in the area of Tirupati is Kapila Theertham. It is also one of the 108 holy teerthas (springs) on the Tirumala hills. The Siva lingam in this temple is constructed of brass. At the temple's entryway, a massive stone statue of a sitting bull Nandhi greets visitors, it is one of the most visited temples near Tirupati.

6. Govindarajan Swamy Temple

Govindaraja swamy is a well-known temple at Tirupati is an outstanding example of ancient south Indian architecture. It features a stunning outside gopura as well as an interior gopura. The oldest gopura, dated from the 14th century, includes sculptures depicting episodes from the Ramayana and Lord Krishna's life. The temple contains two major shrines, one for Lord Vishnu and one for Lord Krishna. Sri Govindaraja is the shrine to the north, Rukmini and Satyabhama's idols can also be found here. It is one of the most visited local temples in Tirupati.

7. Kodandarama Temple

Kodandarama Swami Temple is located in the heart of Tirupati town. This temple is built by the Cholas in the 10th century AD. The Anjaneyaswami temple, which is exactly the contrary, is a mini shrine within the temple complex. According to folklore, this temple commemorates Sri Rama's visit to Tirupathi. The celebration of Ugadi and Sri Ramanavami is honoured on a grand scale in this temple.

These temples in Tirupati take you on a journey of calm and happiness, assisting you in releasing bad emotions from your head. So, if you want to experience some divine pleasure, these temples in Tirupati should be on your must-see list when visiting Andhra Pradesh.

October 04, 2021


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