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8 Best Places To Visit In Tawang

9 mins. read

Tawang, a charming and picturesque town in Arunachal Pradesh, finds its heavenly abode amidst the majestic Himalayas, standing tall at an astounding altitude of 10,000 feet. Considered the "new Ladakh" for avid bikers, this hidden gem is a sanctuary of adventure and tranquillity. With its breathtaking snow-drenched peaks, enchanting valleys, shimmering lakes, and lush forests, Tawang is sure to captivate your senses and offer an unparalleled sense of serenity on your Tawang tour packages. So, if you crave an extraordinary vacation that promises exhilaration and mental rejuvenation, a Tawang tour is an absolute must.

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Tawang

Tawang Valley, a spellbinding enclave, embraces the majestic Tibetan plateau to the north, the mesmerising landscapes of Bhutan to the southwest, and the ethereal Sela ranges to the east. Revered as 'Mon-Yul', this spectacular region has been lovingly nurtured by the indigenous Monpa tribe for centuries, manifesting in its resplendent history and vibrant culture. Pack your bags, book your tickets, and hotel to experience Tawang like never before. Moreover, discover Tawang tourism at its finest, where adventure intertwines with fervour and memories are etched against a backdrop of unmatched beauty. Here's a list of some of the most popular tourist destinations that will leave you spellbound when you are sightseeing in Tawang.

  1. Tawang Monastery
  2. Shonga-Tser lake
  3. Sela Pass
  4. Nuranang Falls
  5. Pankang Teng Tso Lake
  6. Tawang War Memorial
  7. Bum La Pass
  8. Jaswant Garh

Tawang Monastery

Tawang Monastery, known as the largest monastery in India, is a truly remarkable destination in Tawang. It is widely recognised as Galden Namgyal Lhatse and holds immense significance in the Mahayana Buddhism faith. The monastery, affiliated with the Gelugpa sect of Buddhism, is home to more than 300 monks and encompasses 17 gompas in the surrounding area. Its architectural splendour, dating back to the 16th century, offers incredible views of the Himalayan valley.

Visitors can marvel at the exquisite sketches and paintings of Bodhisattvas, as well as a silver silk casket dedicated to Goddess Shri Devi, among other remarkable works of art. The Losar festival, marking the beginning of the new year, is an especially auspicious and best time to visit Tawang Monastery.

Shonga-Tser lake

The Shonga-Tser Lake, located in Arunachal Pradesh, is known for its stunning beauty and fascinating origin story. This lovely lake came into existence as a result of a flash flood triggered by an earthquake in 1950. Interestingly, it gained the nickname "Madhuri Lake" because it served as the filming location for a song featuring the renowned Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit in the movie "Koyla".

Situated amidst snow-capped mountains, the lake offers a stunning vista that enchants visitors. Its serene environment and awe-inspiring landscape make it one of the sought-after tourist places in Tawang. Taking a leisurely stroll around the lake is a delightful experience, especially during the summer when its refreshing allure is at its peak. However, when the lake freezes over in the winter, it takes on a completely different aspect that is quite surreal to see.

Sela Pass

Sela pass

As you journey towards the irresistible city of Tawang, located just 80 kilometres away, allow yourself a moment of respite at Sela Pass. Take in the magical surroundings, and bask in the magnificence that surrounds you. It's a mind-blowing gem nestled within the majestic Himalayan vista. This amazing haven serves as a lifeline for the people of Arunachal Pradesh, seamlessly connecting them to the rest of the country. Be captivated by nature's finest gift to the Northeast as Sela Pass unveils its mystical allure amidst a snowy wonderland, offering panoramic views of the glorious eastern Himalayan range. A visit to Sela Pass requires an inner line permit, safeguarding the sensitivities of this extraordinary region.

As you traverse this rocky pass, you will stumble upon one of Arunachal's most stunning treasures - the ethereal Sela Lake. Situated at an altitude of a staggering 4170 metres, this natural marvel serves as a gateway to the hidden wonders that lie within the vast landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh. Set your sights on the frozen expanse of Sela Lake and marvel at the sheer splendour that unfolds before your eyes. Definitely one of the best tourist places in Tawang not to be missed on your next vacay!

Nuranang Falls

One of the mesmerising things to do in Tawang that any visitor should not miss is visit the Nuranang Falls. Nestled deep within the enchanting Tawang forest, the remote and pristine location of Nuranang Falls offers a truly enthralling and untouched experience. This magnificent waterfall is one of the country's most breathtaking attractions, as a cascade of glistening white water plunges down a staggering height of approximately 100 metres. Unlike the well-trodden tourist paths, Nuranang Falls remains a hidden gem, exuding tranquillity and offbeat charm. Known locally as the BTK waterfall, the crystal-clear waters of the Bap Ten Kang entice visitors to immerse themselves in its revitalising embrace.

The surrounding landscape is adorned with towering hills, cloaked in lush foliage, and kissed by a gentle mist that caresses their summits, offering an atmosphere of unrivalled serenity and bliss. A notable attraction near the falls is the Hydel plant, which harnesses the power of the cascading water to generate electricity for the surrounding areas.

Pankang Teng Tso Lake

Pankang Teng Tso Lake, also known as Ptso Lake, is a truly remarkable destination in India, offering a serene and peaceful atmosphere along with crisp, fresh air and a vibrant ecosystem. The lake is enveloped by stunning rhododendron flowers, creating a delightful setting that is perfect for observing a wide variety of bird species.

For the best experience, the best time to plan a visit to this lake in Tawang is during the summer months when the weather is most favourable. Additionally, during the winter season, the lake freezes over, providing a thrilling skiing opportunity for both locals and tourists alike.

Tawang War Memorial

Situated atop the Tawang Chu Valley, the Tawang War Memorial stands tall at an impressive height of 40 feet, resembling a stupa. This striking monument, adorned with a multitude of colours, serves as a beautiful tribute to the brave Indian soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Indo-China war in 1962. Visitors can ascend a set of steep steps to reach the memorial and pay their respects to the 2420 soldiers whose names are forever etched in granite plates. Undoubtedly, a visit to this memorial is an absolute must when exploring Tawang, as it is considered one of the most captivating tourist places in Tawang.

Bum La Pass

Nestled high at a formidable altitude of 5000 m above sea level, Bum La Pass stands tall as the formidable Indo-China border, faithfully watched over by the valiant soldiers of the Indian Army. Amidst unforgiving terrain and relentless weather conditions, this pass holds significance as the very path through which the revered Dalai Lama crossed into Indian territory. Its remarkable fame is not only attributed to this historic event but also to its audacious appeal that magnetises daredevils seeking the thrill of conquering a treacherous road amidst extreme weather.

Yet, those intrepid enough to undertake this epic journey are rewarded with an exceptional sense of patriotism, awe-inspiring vistas, and the sight of stalwart soldiers safeguarding the region.

Jaswant Garh

Jaswant Garh is a place that definitely deserves to be on your itinerary of Tawang tour packages. Situated a mere 25 kilometres away from Tawang, Jaswant Garh stands as a poignant testament to the valorous soldiers who laid down their lives during the 1962 war. This glorious war memorial, adorned by a magnificent scenic backdrop, serves as a heartfelt tribute to their sacrifice. Named in honour of the gallant Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat, this hallowed site immortalises his indomitable spirit, as he, with his few soldiers, valiantly held off the enemy forces single-handedly for an astonishing 72 hours before succumbing to a bullet. In recognition of his unwavering courage, he was posthumously awarded the esteemed Maha Vir Chakra.


Having acquainted yourself with the serene and tranquil tourist places to explore in Tawang, it is now time to solidify your plans for an extraordinary and surreal vacation in this wonderful region. With Veena World tour packages, organise your vacation to Arunachal Pradesh, where you can revel in the awe-inspiring landscapes and magnificent vistas that this stunning state has to offer.

September 03, 2023


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